聖闘士星矢 小宇宙幻想傳(ゾディアック ブレイブ)【台湾版】



玩唔到培養任務及素材收集。 Galaxy Tab. S2.就算隻game好玩都係廢物。 fix the game.

User Rating: ( 6,610 ratings )

Screenshot 聖闘士星矢 小宇宙幻想傳(ゾディアック ブレイブ)【台湾版】

聖闘士星矢 小宇宙幻想傳(ゾディアック ブレイブ)【台湾版】 screenshot
聖闘士星矢 小宇宙幻想傳(ゾディアック ブレイブ)【台湾版】 screenshot
聖闘士星矢 小宇宙幻想傳(ゾディアック ブレイブ)【台湾版】 screenshot
聖闘士星矢 小宇宙幻想傳(ゾディアック ブレイブ)【台湾版】 screenshot

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    App Name聖闘士星矢 小宇宙幻想傳(ゾディアック ブレイブ)【台湾版】
    DeveloperBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
    RequirementsAndroid 4.1 and up

    User reviews

    Y Emily September 29, 2017
    玩唔到培養任務及素材收集。 Galaxy Tab. S2.就算隻game好玩都係廢物。 fix the game.

    Edward Siu September 29, 2017
    抽角色率太太太低,抽6 x 10抽都出垃圾角。呃錢呃錢呃錢!!!

    Paxson Tam September 6, 2017
    loading all the time.耐性最大考驗!

    hell cat September 8, 2017

    Paul L September 12, 2017
    Way too flashy , 戰鬥畫面過分閃, 升級速度極慢

    Kinney Yan October 11, 2017
    Very good

    Kin Lung Tung August 24, 2017
    Brilliant game

    Bell Chan July 24, 2017
    吊莉老無,抽唔能到c紫坐,吊你班星齒game owner

    e so August 10, 2017

    UnknownJune 15, 2017

    Harvey Ma June 1, 2017
    love love

    Wai ping Poon May 15, 2017
    No No

    Mak Lai May 3, 2017

    Lai Eric April 3, 2017

    M Yeung April 19, 2017
    Awesome graphics, brings back childhood memories!!

    Kenny Shih May 2, 2017
    Love this game!! Brings back childhood memories ^^

    charles wong March 25, 2017

    Hans Liao March 9, 2017
    The response isn’t smooth, the loading time takes forever. Every now and then the game will just render itself unplayable from lagging too much or reasons unknown. All the minor characters are now the rulers of the game because Bandai decided to make them overlords. All the strong characters either costs a load of cash or they are weak on the battlefield.The Poseidon scam was bad, then all the scams followed by it were worse. Very disappointing. Why do you hate your loyal fans? Why do you want to drive your loyal fans away from the game?

    UnknownMarch 10, 2017

    wendy tse March 6, 2017
    永遠只抽到垃圾 ! 不知所謂

    Wong Marcus March 1, 2017
    Worst thing ever existed.

    Dante Kam February 26, 2017
    Don’t pay for this game!

    Henry cheng February 4, 2017

    Larry Chan February 15, 2017

    Trisha Lui February 12, 2017
    Graphics are great, loading is a bit slow, overall is great, especially for those who love saint seiya

    Jameel Minhas February 6, 2017
    This game is cool and i like it bc i love ur characters disign

    Chase BudderMinecraft February 16, 2017
    it’s a meh

    ipunk _ prayudy February 8, 2017
    like it

    Jacky So February 12, 2017
    Good game

    Dhie PoEnya February 7, 2017

    Dilon Tai January 15, 2017

    Raymond Lam December 29, 2016
    遊戲玩法沒新意,只是不停的打相同關卡,而抽獎的機會極低,如不是車田正美的fans, 一早已棄games, 講完。

    PLATO H January 13, 2017

    UnknownDecember 29, 2016
    你們公司連一次首十抽也不能送給初玩家(唔送會唔夠角色玩),你們叫人如何開局玩呢!? 是想趕走啲新玩家嗎? 差勁!!! 唔玩這遊戲囉。冇腦的營運方法。

    L.W. TSANG January 18, 2017

    Mark Chen December 20, 2016
    天馬流星拳!!BTW there’s a little problem lately I’ve purchase a few items in the store by didn’t show up in my “道具” please fix .appreciate it very much ,merry Christmas forever your loyal fan.

    Dom Won December 12, 2016
    Fairness much better than sumarai empire.Identical to the orginial. Great. report all cheaters to the email listed here.

    alan hui December 20, 2016
    I have performed hard reset on my phone, and now I want to play this game again everything lost.How can I receive the data back?

    MinCheng Shaw December 11, 2016
    I’m player “captpiggy” of the game, please contact me and allow me access back to the game with my original account

    UnknownDecember 20, 2016
    Does nothing about cheats!!