Army Commando Sniper 3D

Be an army sniper lone commando in an action packed commando adventure.


Sucks, when you can’t pass the first level because your dead after your first kill.You don’t even have a chance to aim at your next target.?

User Rating: ( 6,584 ratings )

Screenshot Army Commando Sniper 3D

Army Commando Sniper 3D screenshot
Army Commando Sniper 3D screenshot
Army Commando Sniper 3D screenshot
Army Commando Sniper 3D screenshot

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    – Army Commando Sniper 3D

    A shooting war intensifies between the militants of the Abadya Island and a lone commando elite sniper. Mike, the lone army sniper shooter takes out a terrorist by a head kill shot.

    “Mike” says the pilot to the sniper assassin, “This isn’t going to be a piece of cake, so take them out with your best sniper shot, you are the only gun shooter we could use help from as you are the most skilled shooter assassin we could think of. Go out there and prove that you are the still that sniper killer from the good old days”.

    Mike is an ex- army sniper assassin hired as a contract killer by a military agency which is known to hire modern sniper gunmen to embark on a commando adventure by taking out militants of the Abadya Island. Mike the sniper killer, descends on the ground from the helicopter and receives a go-ahead from the pilot to commence as a contract commando killer. Mike used to be a frontline commando leader in his old days of commando war fare. His combat killer sniper skills sharpened the most at that time. He reminisced about how he used to execute first time kill shot in his commando war days. He used to be the best gun shooter in his league, often known as the elite sniper. He throws away the cigarette, trudges as a lone army sniper shooter with his elite sniper gun. The glory days of being a frontline commando are long gone. Mike the sniper assassin is no longer the best gun shooter in his squad. He grimaces at his position as a contract killer, his overthrown shooting war glory days. His pride as a shooter assassin still shines bright though. That is the only reason why he thinks of this mission as a true commando adventure. His sniper shot skills are still razor sharp. The only thought that lingers now is filling his role as a combat killer sniper in the Abadya Island against the militants.

    Mike the contract commando killer is your prime character in this one of sniper shooting games. He must banish his thoughts of his past position of being a frontline commando in his squad and focus on being the lone army sniper that he truly is. He must fulfill his duty as a contract killer and act as a true shooter assassin. You must help mike use the best sniper shot in his arsenal of attacks of his modern sniper gun. There is nothing left to lose for a lone commando in the Abadya Island, for his pride still burns bright as a combat killer sniper.

    Key Features of Army Commando Sniper 3D

    – 6 Levels of commando war fare action.
    – Deadly gun with all modern sniper zoom in/out feature.
    – Ultimate sniper killer action.
    – Exciting shooting war environment.
    – Take out your enemies with head first kill shot.
    – Smooth 3D Graphics.
    – Optimized Game play

    Download Army Commando Sniper 3D to your collection of sniper shooting games and have fun being an awesome contract commando killer!!

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    App Name Army Commando Sniper 3D
    Developer 3Dee Space
    Requirements Android 2.3 and up
    Package com.threed.commando.shooter.sniper

    User reviews

    ScopeGaming January 29, 2017
    Sucks, when you can’t pass the first level because your dead after your first kill.You don’t even have a chance to aim at your next target.?

    Rene Santiago January 29, 2017
    Play for 5 seconds than a 40second ad don’t waste your time

    Jigme Tenzin January 10, 2017
    I liked it but In first and second level it was very easy but in third level it is very difficult why….?????

    sandeep singh April 8, 2017
    Very much adds no interest continue while playing

    Vishnu Bedge December 8, 2016
    I like this game

    Samantha Oman December 22, 2016
    Thanks it’s good

    Richard Birdwell February 24, 2017
    Like it so far.

    UnknownJanuary 4, 2017

    jackspiticeing 1 December 21, 2016

    Jackson Quianzon March 20, 2017

    Tejinder Kaur October 17, 2016
    After every min brake will come and bad quality . plzz don’t download

    Jomar Mag-aso November 27, 2016
    I’ll like it this game sniper commandos.

    Sharukh Pansare October 26, 2016

    Anacletojrp Torrefiel March 12, 2017
    Download this game

    Priya Manoj August 30, 2016
    It’s not working properly

    MUKESH CHAUHAN September 24, 2016

    the seeker August 26, 2016

    Jonas Schommer September 2, 2015
    SUCKS SUCKS SUCKSlevel 2 they don’t give enough time to kill 3 guys much less 5.No way to pass level 2

    gurram raju January 14, 2016
    I expected it s graphics r good, but time wasted game always stuck

    Reynald Catan November 23, 2015
    Hope its true can’t gave a nice game

    Ali Mousai April 17, 2016
    خوب این بازی توانسته، تقریبأ انتظارات کاربران متوقع امروزه روز را مرتفع کند، ارزش بازی کردن را دارد پس حالشوببر

    Aruna Botejue April 1, 2016

    Rollie Hanna November 22, 2015
    This game is awesome?

    Randolph Jones September 18, 2015

    david pineda November 23, 2015
    Too much!

    Naj- Nivek May 17, 2016
    Wow best apps

    Taufik 104 November 16, 2015
    iklan mulu…malezzz

    Melon April 15, 2016
    Won’t even open????

    Frank Steven Lopez June 21, 2016
    Its a good game

    Darrin Adams October 28, 2015
    Can’t win

    Kashish Sharma August 21, 2015

    Rich Allen August 7, 2015

    Kon phanit July 28, 2016

    A Google User February 17, 2016

    Ilobi Austin July 25, 2016
    The time allotted to the game when you go past level 2 is too short. You need to take aim before shoot, for crying out loud

    Pawan Singh June 26, 2015
    This game disturbs a lot with adv. After every 1 min….u cant play game. Better to not install

    Cat Man July 28, 2015
    Worst game ever. No sensitivity. A bunch of useless ads. You should be ashamed.

    Damian Brooks June 21, 2015
    This is the worst game ever full of ads interrupting my play am uninstaling imm.

    iwan el-liza July 4, 2015

    Dinesh Pandey July 11, 2015
    Very nice