Block Gun 3D: Haunted Hollow

Download now and enjoy the most terrifying FPS game ever created.


It doesnt want me to play remove this Usless app???????

User Rating: ( 16,259 ratings )

Screenshot Block Gun 3D: Haunted Hollow

Block Gun 3D: Haunted Hollow screenshot
Block Gun 3D: Haunted Hollow screenshot
Block Gun 3D: Haunted Hollow screenshot
Block Gun 3D: Haunted Hollow screenshot

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    Your worst nightmares come to life in this block style horror game! Fry Frankenstein, hunt the Headless Horseman, and cross a creepy corn maze in this survival first person shooter. Block Gun 3D: Haunted Hollow is the terrifying FPS action game for you! And it’s FREE!

    *** SURVIVE ***
    You find yourself lost in this Haunted Hollow. The undead monsters, zombies and ghosts of the underworld have awakened from their slumber. Repel wave after wave of creepy foes with your wits, quick reflexes and any weapon you can find! Will you hole up in the haunted house or try your luck in the maze? Only the tough survive! How long can you last the onslaught?!?

    Defeat your foes with precision! Vanquish the Hollow’s ghouls and their corpses will explode into a piles of colorful blocks! Collect the blocks and use them to craft upgrades and forge new mysterious weapons! Can you earn the coveted Wand of Power!?

    *** COMPETE & DEFEAT ***
    Track your best score locally! (Global coming soon!)

    The creatures of Haunted Hollow are coming…
    …are you ready???

    App NameBlock Gun 3D: Haunted Hollow
    DeveloperApp Holdings
    RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

    User reviews

    UnknownOctober 24, 2017
    It doesnt want me to play remove this Usless app???????

    UnknownOctober 20, 2017

    cindy redmond June 9, 2017
    Had to write review- This is one of the funnest games ive played as a block person. Its more geared towards kids but adults can have a fun time too!But the store doent work. …and yes I have stable internet connection. But thanks for great game easy controls and amusing monsters. I love shooting the ghosts out the air.Richard P.S.: this has nowhere the ads that many other games.And mostly you can just press back button of your phone and it closes them out. Thanks dev for a truly fun game. Does not frustrate you like other games.

    yeye14 711 June 8, 2017
    It kicks me off atthe beginning

    Andy Gill March 26, 2017
    I like guns

    UnknownJuly 15, 2017

    ImiGrapetion December 13, 2015
    1. I open the the game2. It tells me to download an app3. When the advert goes away, it says ‘Thank you for using our app. Have a great day!’4. Finally, almost instantly it goes off the game.

    BOMB KING January 11, 2016
    U shouldn’t download da game every time ⌚ I go to play it it lags ? and when I try to play it shows an add so don’t download this game

    Saly Nem November 23, 2015
    Its So Good And the Misic is so Creepy I love it. One Problem Is That sometimes It Doesnt Let Me Play, But Good Job Its great

    Violet Brant March 30, 2016
    Hated this game and it can not stop putting ads and every time I try to play a ad pops up this game can suck my left nutdon’t downloaded it it sucks

    HOT SAUCEEE February 2, 2016
    Everytime i Start the Game.A random Ad Pops Up and Dont kmow how to Close it.I tried Pressibg Back 2 Times Then i Exited the Game.

    Jason Sorenson May 11, 2016
    This ad shows up and never goes away plz fix this

    Cadin Bowmar April 16, 2016
    I can’t play this because too many adds come up and then the adds lag me out of my phone.STOP IT WITH THE ADDS!

    Mia Osorio May 29, 2016
    0% good 100% bad

    nerf wars and challanges November 9, 2015
    You know how many apps I deleted because this app is stupid and please do not get this app it just glitches all the time and you don’t even get to play it so please please please don’t give this app

    Carole Greensides December 7, 2015
    I did not press the start button and it crashed:(

    Basically Trash February 4, 2016
    How can I play this when Ads keep popping up and wont go away?!

    Jackie Tanner May 29, 2016
    When I start the game it pops up ad saying badoo

    Isaiah Raphael Almuena June 22, 2016
    Its not that I hate the game but the ads don’t go away at all but its a nice game

    Rio Johnson May 15, 2016
    How do i play the game when this add always pops UP fix it and ill give u 5 stars

    Stone fox June 16, 2016
    when i bery even downlod the game stufe pop out the game and takes me backe to playstore

    Laura Cruz April 6, 2016
    Keeps on crashing won’t let me play I don’t know why

    Mic Wood February 15, 2016
    Can’t play because it won’t pass the advert screen.Frustrates the kid.

    Tomas Solorzano January 16, 2016
    Can’t play. Only add pop ups

    Juan Valencia December 15, 2015
    Best game ever but it would be asome If you made it multiplayer on your game.If you could make it multiplayer that would be asome.

    Raymond Smith March 29, 2016
    this game is dumb and boring and its not even multiplayer and to many ADS!!!!!!

    Logan Scheider November 18, 2015
    It just takes you to an game of war fire age add don’t buy this piece of crap

    Samuel Garza September 21, 2016

    Lui Shirosagi February 6, 2017
    Its doesn’t work because when the ad goes away it crashes the game

    James m October 1, 2016
    This is a crappy company with a crappy app. All you see are apps and can never play.

    Marcus Marcus milan dabao December 26, 2015
    I Love it Though♡

    Its XxGamerTVxX!!!! July 11, 2016

    foxy 6499 November 15, 2016
    It’s the worst because it’s telling me to down lode some crap

    zain noodled January 16, 2016
    Actually its fun if you think staring at an advertisment you cant get rid of

    TheDestroyer OfYoutube January 24, 2016
    App sent me to home page

    William Downey April 29, 2016
    If I can you get a 0 and ——————————————–100000000000+000000+000.Jahajnsudjhdhd.Djdjndurncn n. H. N.N. N.N.N. N. Cuz. J. J.Is 92nd. N.J. ‘m. N.N.N. Nd. N. If fund guru.N.Nn.H. N I.Is. Inc. My name is william

    UnknownFebruary 25, 2017
    GUYS if you want to play this game without that ad popping up JUST TIRN OFF YOUR WIFI thank you and have a guud day ?

    Hot Pink Gameing Its August 3, 2016
    Ever time try to play a ad shows AND!!!!!! Wean get the ad off it says .thanks for using our app. And then it gos home

    Jon master June 17, 2016
    Dose not load just full of ads

    Mateo Mendoza January 23, 2016
    I didn’t even press enything and it crashed!?