Broken Dawn:Trauma HD

This version uses a higher resolution texture,fully matched device resolution


Great game, sadly I was playing non HD version. Now playing this. One thing game needs is – link to Google account. So we dont lose our saves.Also I would most likely been able to bring my save from non HD to HD version. Otherwise loving this game

User Rating: ( 11,987 ratings )

Screenshot Broken Dawn:Trauma HD

Broken Dawn:Trauma HD- screenshot thumbnail
Broken Dawn:Trauma HD- screenshot thumbnail
Broken Dawn:Trauma HD- screenshot thumbnail
Broken Dawn:Trauma HD- screenshot thumbnail

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    This HD version uses a higher resolution texture、fully matched device resolution,the picture quality more clear.

    The world was engulfed by mutants of unknown origin overnight.
    Cities fell one by one, and the survival of humanity waned.
    An extraterrestrial attack? Or a biological one? What does the truth matter?
    What’s important is to keep on the road of survival, in the dead cities where danger lurks around every corner……
    Broken Dawn:Trauma HD is a campaign expansion of Broken Dawn:a 3D RPG shooter with intense combat, immersive controls and polished graphics, with technical specs that edge out other titles of this genre on mobile.This HD version uses a higher resolution texture,fully matched device resolution,the picture quality more clear.
    *Real-time dynamic lighting
    *Excellent gameplay
    *Immersive combat
    *Rich battle campaign

    What’s New

    Fixed the problem of some device can not start the game.

    App Name Broken Dawn:Trauma HD
    Developer Hummingbird Mobile Games
    Requirements Android 3.0 and up

    User reviews

    Paul Whitton September 3, 2017
    Great game, sadly I was playing non HD version. Now playing this. One thing game needs is – link to Google account. So we dont lose our saves.Also I would most likely been able to bring my save from non HD to HD version. Otherwise loving this game

    Leigh Brooks July 20, 2017
    Great game. First levels easy enough to get weapons and gear then more challenging later. Simple concept makes it fun to play. Hope to see another sequel. Broken Dawn 3?

    Daniel Harrell March 29, 2017
    Fix the update!!!The new update is messing up the gameplay. Everytime an ad comes up it shuts down the sound with no way to adjust it and sometimes freezes the game. I have a high end performing device so all those with bootleg low budget devices complaining the game won’t start if you want to play games like these please upgrade because I don’t appreciate limiting my experience for those too cheap to upgrade. When the issue is fixed I’ll change my ratings.

    Sammy Fennell March 19, 2017
    I had to reset my phone and redownload this game and bought the armored player at lvl 5 and i am yousing the same account as the first time and have not recieved the character that i bought on this account as well as the other games that i bought in store have not been restored as of yet.

    haris hasram March 30, 2017
    Hello dev this game is absolutely superb but sometimes this game crash and need to start over the same stage again. I hope you can fix this A. S. A. P

    Karl B July 3, 2017
    The controls sometimes bug up which pisses me off. But except that, this game is awesome

    UnknownJune 3, 2017
    So far interesting. Had to lower rateing from 5 to 4 stars. Game keeps freezing in run and i lose all action points when i start game again.

    Brian Larson August 18, 2017
    Its a great game. Ive played the second one and loved it but I dont like that you have to keep purchasing things to get the VIP. The VIP’s should after the first one is unlocked should be able to be unlocked as well without having to always purchase gems.

    Josh Roesler July 29, 2017
    Love this game it’s awesome was not expecting much going into it but now I have played it awesome great game deves

    Becka Jordan October 3, 2017
    Liking the game alot so far, nice mix of fps and rpg. Still pretty new to the game so if i still like it a bit further down the road then will up my rating to 5* Like it enough to download the devs other games so that’s a compliment in itself.

    Dennis Giudici May 1, 2017
    Great game i hope to see more of this game.could you fix the control issue,theres alot of gliches in the movementother than that its a great game

    arif rassel May 13, 2017
    I have a question….. few days back I lost my phone. now, when I downloaded the game, I had to start over. is there any way to get back to my previous i.d.?

    Melody French June 4, 2017
    Totally love this only issue is now and again it crashes as I’m about to clear a level and have to start all over again.which is annoying

    Angel Olivencia August 25, 2017
    Graphic is awesome control outstanding enough said just play the game u won’t regretted if u r a RPG fan or gamer simple….

    Emerson Enriquez April 5, 2017
    Nice game. The sound of gunfire and walking sound off or not sync.

    morgan ukpabi April 9, 2017
    Fun game but becomes very monotonous quick. Game play and objectives are all the same in every stage. But all in all a fun game

    Nick Theis April 22, 2017
    About to have a real bad day coming thru that door!

    Greg Snodgrass October 11, 2017
    Wished instead of rocket launcher there was a electrical field charge like off of alien Zone

    Cornelius Kelvie October 17, 2017
    I would love if there is a static control for movement..what I meant was setting actually,where I can control all thesetup to my comfy needs..a great game,but sometimes this game crashed and the game close and go to my hp homescreen..please fix this for broken dawn 2 and tempest a fan of yr broken dawn franchise

    Kendall Tracy June 29, 2017
    Pretty good so far. Good graphics and frantic gameplay. I just the camera was better. Good job!

    Matthew Kensland March 20, 2017
    Awesome game I get started playing and can’t stop

    UnknownJune 6, 2017
    A bit laggy but still a nice time spender. Great job.

    Rena Bachtiar July 7, 2017
    U need to upgrade the control, sometimes it stuck..

    Shilajit Roy October 14, 2017
    Aswm game…but please update more characters,guns and armours.Also I like to say if u add more chapters den this game will be fantastic

    Kristapher Beatty May 11, 2017
    Great game have them all would love to see broken dawn 3

    Restu Ramadani September 10, 2017
    Great game, but energy based makes it less playable. Would be playing this all day long if there’s no energy system

    Muamer Music June 8, 2017
    Good little shooter to shoot some time

    Lillith Silverfang August 21, 2017
    Very addictive, only issue is it crashes once in a while

    Tee Mack October 13, 2017
    So far so good. I love this game! Wish you guys would make a console version. Main character is sexy. Great graphics.

    Jay Quijada April 9, 2017
    My phone is already overheating!

    Danilo Erispe June 8, 2017
    Gane is good.there is only one problem.the game crashes most of the time.pls fix this issue.

    Isaac owusu September 15, 2017
    This feels better…..we loving it…..well done…..if you’re able to add voice instead of only written it will be super cool.

    Mohammad Ali June 27, 2017
    It’s a simple n an interesting game. … perfect for guys like me

    Wyatt Lucas Johnson October 20, 2017
    Just love alien/zombie games period but these games are great time wasters

    francis michael Eguia June 20, 2017
    Girls and guns. What more can i ask for? Aside from good graphics. Easy controls. Lots of items. This is a great game to install.

    James Ingram March 22, 2017
    I’m only 2 levels in but so far I like the controls, graphics and the collectable options available

    Charles Herrion July 27, 2017
    I’m enjoying this game. The graphics are good, the gameplay is good, and the game is exciting. So far, so good. Thumbs up!

    Dewayne Davis August 3, 2017
    The game is so gooditmakes me feel like I’m there fighting myself I’m

    Adrian Rocero May 24, 2017
    Good game for now..hope there is no problem and issue when i go far for the next levels.

    kevin winfied,jr September 30, 2017
    Great game but needs Google account just in case I rest my cell phone


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