Colosseum Clash

Fight your way to glory in this free hectic and adorable arena survival game.


Cute graphics This game has real potential. Graphics and gameplay is good. Character attacks slow IMO, and lots of time died because of waiting him to attack. Also upgrade system should be polished as it takes a long time to grind coins.

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Screenshot Colosseum Clash

Colosseum Clash screenshot
Colosseum Clash screenshot
Colosseum Clash screenshot
Colosseum Clash screenshot

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    – Colosseum Clash –

    Survive as long as you can as you battle increasingly formidable waves of enemies in the Colosseum in this cute and quirky arena survival action game.

    Customize your player and take up your sword in crazy combat against Grunts, Thracians, Praetorians, and even the dreaded Minotaur in this free to play arena action game. Will you master survival to become the greatest gladiator of all time?

    – Free to play horde survival melee action
    – Collect experience to level up your combat skills.
    – Gain power-ups to double your strength, speed, or scoring.
    – Customize your player by choosing from many different stat-boosting costumes to suit your playing style.
    – Revive yourself to turn the tables on defeat.
    – Equip boosts to increase your effectiveness in the arena.
    – Once a day you may transform into the legendary Minotaur Gladiator; a force to be reckoned with.
    – Compete for worldwide renown on the global leaderboards.
    – Be rewarded with shiny coins and awesome armour for completing achievements.
    – Share your awesome scores with your friends and family on Facebook.

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    Some features in Colosseum Clash require the player to sign in via Google Play.
    Colosseum Clash contains in-app purchases. Items bought this way are stored locally.

    What’s New

    Gameplay tweaks

    App NameColosseum Clash
    DeveloperArtificial Insanity Games
    RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

    User reviews

    Kadir Tandoğan Tilki May 9, 2015
    This game has real potential. Graphics and gameplay is good. Character attacks slow IMO, and lots of time died because of waiting him to attack. Also upgrade system should be polished as it takes a long time to grind coins.

    Frankie Ridley January 9, 2015
    Easy to play and understand – I can see myself getting easily addicted to this game

    William Ahmadi January 27, 2015
    Played great. Not perfect but keeps me going. Lovely roman dungeon crawler.

    Ricardo Neves Alexandre December 29, 2014
    It could be named “Hit once and run to make room to hit once another time”.

    Juanita Parker December 25, 2014
    Really great game! Highly addictive. 5*

    Holly Owens February 17, 2015
    it would be better if the controls were easier, you cant move and attack at the same time

    Rhys Jones July 21, 2015
    Fun game and addicting, keeps. Me occupied for hours Great job team ?

    Lex Zvarovski January 10, 2015
    Simple game with not bad graphics. For those who love such kind of games quite good.

    logun smith January 6, 2017
    Like Moves dodge and weapons axes spears swords armory would be awesome

    Rory 2808 January 9, 2015
    My cousin goes to the Uni this game was developed in , and it’s great!

    Developer Artificial Insanity Games January 9, 2015 Thanks for the feedback! We actually developed this over a year after graduating. USW have just been nice enough to give us some publicity.

    Ugur Ister January 9, 2016
    the items add some depth to it

    tasha moore January 10, 2015
    Really good.Great graphics and very fun to play.

    Ted Thomas February 12, 2015
    I like it.

    Jor Y March 17, 2015
    Fun and addictive. Good looking graphics.

    Arshad siddiquie September 9, 2015
    Good app with lots of graphics.

    Andrey Ugolnik February 2, 2015
    …but nothing more.

    jordan williams January 10, 2015
    A fun simple game ?

    BARCODE B.O.B May 23, 2016
    It’s so goooooooood

    Joshua Hanek April 5, 2017

    flory manuel March 7, 2015
    Loved it

    Tom Davies December 15, 2014
    Totes would play this on my death bed.

    Jordan Christian December 11, 2014
    For a mobile game the control system is simple responsive and by far the most user friendly i have used on a mobile game. The simple yet addicting gameplay has kept me playing for hours! from the music to the enviroments eveything has been given a special attention to detail and it shows through! Good job guys, Great game!

    Ellis Thomas December 15, 2014
    I love this game with my entire being. It runs like a dream and I can’t leave my phone alone since downloading it. Very much looking forward to future updates.

    VanchaMarch93 December 12, 2014
    Really cute cartoony style art. Starts off easy, but soon gets quite a challenge!

    Sonny Lloyd December 11, 2014
    Game looks good. Fun to play. My 2 year old loved it too.

    RF DP December 11, 2014
    Can’t get off this game

    Hannah Davies December 10, 2014
    Really love the music and easy to use interface. Great game to challenge your friends with too!

    HammerLed April 17, 2015
    I really don’t have anything big to suggest, the game was just that great. The only little thing that I didn’t like was the extra character selection screen that appeared after I pressed the replay button.

    Adam Richards December 10, 2014
    Had the pleasure of trying this out before the end result, you’ll be glued to this for a long long time!

    Alan Gardner December 11, 2014
    Simple and addictive!

    Patrick November 19, 2015
    Super awesome super cool.I recommend it.

    M. Awaes Tabrez February 4, 2015
    Awesome 3d game! fantastic graphics and gameplay mechanics!

    Alex Shin August 17, 2015
    Very good,cute too.

    Aldrin Gonzales Gonzalea February 5, 2016

    Maxim Tvernev January 6, 2015