Cops Vs Robbers: Jail Break 2

Battle your way to victory as you war against mobs of escaped convicts


when it was loading it would go back to saying powered by unity hate the game

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Screenshot Cops Vs Robbers: Jail Break 2

Cops Vs Robbers: Jail Break 2 screenshot
Cops Vs Robbers: Jail Break 2 screenshot
Cops Vs Robbers: Jail Break 2 screenshot
Cops Vs Robbers: Jail Break 2 screenshot

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    In Cops Vs Robbers: Jail Break 2 you will face down notoriously deadly criminals after the penitentiary where you work is overcome by escapees. Three brothers return to the prison where they long ago made a daring escape and attack the building to free the inmates, instigating the ultimate revenge on the wardens who tortured them so many years ago…

    ★Intense Danger Lurks Around Every Corner★
    Thirty years ago the high-stakes prison confined to its own island far from civilization saw its first prison break when three brothers mysteriously disappeared from their cells. Although an intense and thorough investigation was conducted as to the means of escape and the possibility of survival, the brothers were presumed dead and the mystery enshrouding their demise became more of a legend than truth… until now.

    While no one knew what became of these men, the inspiration behind their escape was an even bigger secret. During their incarceration, the brothers became victims of a brutal ritual where scientists were allowed to perform torturous experiments on the inmates. Believing these men deserved worse than death for their crimes, a group of wardens allowed the torture in secret. After years of sustaining this torment, the brothers devised an escape that involved several years of patience and dedication. The result was freedom from their imprisonment.

    Now these brothers have returned to the scene of the crime and are prepared to deal the appropriate damage to the jail that once served them excruciating misery.

    ★Confront Deadly Foes and Navigate Tricky Obstacles★
    In Cops Vs Robbers: Jail Break 2 you play as a newbie warden, recently retired from the navy, when the jail in which you are employed is set upon by a small but devastating army of men. Chase the escaped inmates through a large metropolitan city. Track a slew of criminals as they take advantage of their freedom to pull off a major heist at a influential bank. Here the chase takes you to some underground vaults. Other tricky foes will lead you to a domestic abode where many escapees are hiding out under the radar, but when provoked, will fight for all it is worth to ensure they are not recaptured.

    ★Hone Your First Person Shooter Skills★
    This immersive 3D running and shooting action adventure is loaded with explosive combat, epic weapon selection and must-have perks. Enjoy retro-styled pixel art as you navigate immense territories. This block world style game is easy to play with user-friendly pad based controls and intuitive interface. Battle aggressive mobs and take advantage of hidden items as you blast through three unbelievably challenging levels.


    -Melee and firearm weapons
    -Speed, ammo and health pickups
    -Entity map
    -Hand-to-hand combat
    -Hidden items
    -Navigate obstacles
    -Play to survive
    -Competitive combats

    What’s New

    New User Interface
    Improved Controls
    Improved Radar now show enemies on different floors
    Daily Rewards
    Weapon Store
    Improved Weapon Pick-ups
    Several Bug and Balance Fixes

    App NameCops Vs Robbers: Jail Break 2
    DeveloperBattle Blockyverse Studio
    RequirementsAndroid 4.0.3 and up

    User reviews

    Dilisa Rivera September 25, 2017
    when it was loading it would go back to saying powered by unity hate the game

    Kevin Earp September 8, 2017
    I LOVE IT ITS MY BABY WITH 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Y

    Juan Ramirez September 18, 2017
    I like the police report and I camping and hiking with them

    Neon_Creeper 15Bluish September 9, 2017
    I is to hard on easy mode Ok!!

    UnknownSeptember 30, 2017
    I think its reaaly cool

    Shane Tuzon September 30, 2017
    It’s WTF.. Well that’s fantastic.

    UnknownOctober 1, 2017
    It kills ?

    roham ahmadyfard September 22, 2017
    Best app ever

    UnknownSeptember 18, 2017
    I would recommend this

    UnknownSeptember 28, 2017
    4 letters L.O.V.E

    rvanvelsan85 September 7, 2017

    UnknownOctober 15, 2017
    I am offIcally in love with this game. It’s awesome!!!!!

    Helen White September 10, 2017
    Awsomely awsome awsome

    Jordan Parham October 11, 2017
    Its okay

    rue lane September 30, 2017

    Scoot Mueller September 19, 2017

    pixel demons October 15, 2017
    Good game

    Mike Walker October 23, 2017
    Amazing OMG

    Brian Shifflett September 4, 2017
    its a very adicting game and its a time killer

    UnknownSeptember 1, 2017
    I love it

    Robbin Banks September 3, 2017

    olivia walsh September 3, 2017

    Red slayer August 29, 2017
    Its likeminecraft

    Leah Young August 29, 2017
    I enjoy it

    Tristan Reese August 24, 2017
    I thaught you broke out of prison

    Jaden the pro August 24, 2017
    This is the best game ever

    Miks Bayer August 4, 2017
    I freakenly hate it its a bad game it always lag my tablet you guys don’t download it

    lisa davis August 3, 2017
    Tiny bit less frustrating but brill game play and graphics

    Water Horse Juno August 20, 2017
    its bad and keep kreaping me if you play this when your a kid like 6 your kreaped by that game

    Frisky Dreemurr August 18, 2017
    I LOVE IT…well even though I’m a girl I still like these kind of games but sill..I LOVE IT!

    UnknownAugust 12, 2017
    I love this gamevery good thoughlevel 4 is hard

    Xavier Derouin August 6, 2017
    I love this game

    Judy Albrecht August 19, 2017
    It’s ok

    Bryson Duncan August 5, 2017

    Joe Mondragon August 19, 2017
    It is great

    Veronica Greene August 7, 2017

    Snow Bell August 9, 2017

    UnknownAugust 18, 2017

    Grewupwiththisstuff July 28, 2017
    It was okay I kind of hated it

    MODZ CLAN July 23, 2017
    If you download it it’s bad graphic so don’t download it