Counter Terrorist: Strike War

Counter Terrorist: Strike War Legend Game Mobile Versiyon Multiplayer


I will definitely rate it 5 stars if new maps are added to it… plz fix this hanging problem… it is worst of all. But overall, its a nice game.. liked it.. ?☺☺

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Screenshot Counter Terrorist: Strike War

Counter Terrorist: Strike War screenshot
Counter Terrorist: Strike War screenshot
Counter Terrorist: Strike War screenshot
Counter Terrorist: Strike War screenshot

    See Description

    Counter Terrorist: The Strike War game is a multi-player, armed battle game. Legendary episodes, all of the maps you’ve played with love.

    Game Features
    There are 20 different Heavy machine guns, pistols, pumped guns, rifles.
    Sound bombardment, hand bombardment, and so on.
    5 game maps
    2 different teams Terrorist vs Counter
    C4 bombing

    How to Play?
    First of all, you have to enter your name on the first entry to the game.
    You can then enter the language more clearly by selecting the language.
    – If you want to set up a new game, click on the set new room button.
    -If you want to login to any room, click on the Random Enter button.
    – When you enter it you can select the team you want to come face-to-face for the opponent team selection, you can start the game.
    -When the game starts you will see a market letter to buy weapons after a certain number of seconds. You can get bombs from weapons worth your money.
    – Every point you hit when you hit the enemy is subtracting money and life. You can make more money, especially by hitting the enemy head.
    -2 If other players die while playing the team, they have to wait for the ongoing players. You can let the player repeat the game faster by informing the player in the chat area where the enemy is from the camera part.

    How to Set Up a Private Room
    -If you want to play private with your friends, activate the special room option when setting up a new game. All you need to be careful about is the name of your room, the quality of the password. Your friends will have to give you the name of your room. Because the game you set up in the room list will not appear. If you are a friend to enter the game, you can enter the name of the room given to you by clicking on the enter button according to the room name in the first entry into the game and connect directly to your game. (Do not make simple words for your room name, it can be accessed by different users.)

    Counter Terrorist: If you want other favorite maps to be added to our Strike War game immediately, you can support it by giving 5 stars immediately. Good games!

    What’s New

    Errors Fixed, New Maps Added, Interface Changed, Optimization Made.
    We continue to develop. We look forward to your support.

    App NameCounter Terrorist: Strike War
    RequirementsAndroid 4.0 and up

    User reviews

    Mrs Saleem September 8, 2017
    I will definitely rate it 5 stars if new maps are added to it… plz fix this hanging problem… it is worst of all. But overall, its a nice game.. liked it.. ?☺☺

    Developer Sa-ka September 9, 2017 Thanks ?

    Alyx Beth October 19, 2017
    This game is one of the best cs in the app store. The only thing that is a slight bummer is that there is only 5 maps, but I can get over that for how much I love cs.

    saurabh choudhary September 15, 2017
    Why do u update ..If can’t make I t better..Previous version was so kool..Hated graphics..Plz improve…Plz Plz . Players look like cartoons Plz improve graphics

    Desy Rahma September 28, 2017
    okay, the places are really really at the counter strike game. the Dust, the iceland ext but….. no enemies no alleys, you are all alone arounding that places. so suck.

    ElOfficial Chino September 11, 2017
    This game has so much going for it this will be the next best fps game I love it and I just got it it reminds me to CS 1.6 it is amazing keep the game going u have my support

    UnknownOctober 3, 2017
    کدداره بازی توکامپیتوکدش رامیدونم ولی این رونمیدونم هرکاری کردم پیدانکردم لطفا کدش رابنویس منتظرم ۵ستاره میگیری اگه کدش باشه و۱۰نفربهت اضافه میکنم که ۵ستاره بده

    ahmad rasyid September 30, 2017

    marte saldaña October 4, 2017
    There are no rooms! The room list ia always empty!

    Kimyoo Suk October 6, 2017
    How can i add Bot players in the game.. I cant anything plus too much ads when i start and leave the game Plss add bots in the game I will really appreciate it.

    UnknownSeptember 10, 2017
    This game is awsome but server is not any time to play and new game

    UnknownSeptember 16, 2017
    This is amazing game but this coins is very short I request it to game coin is 3000

    Developer Sa-ka September 17, 2017 For counter strike As soon as you are done things will be ideal for you.

    tech info September 22, 2017
    more thrill if this game play with wireless keyboard and mouse connect with mobile

    DANIEL sunil September 12, 2017
    There is a few online after waiting 14 hours I got 1 player

    Fionn Kelly October 4, 2017
    I love it definitely deserves 5 stars

    UnknownSeptember 28, 2017
    Very bad game and its very to play this game

    harshavardhan kavathekar September 10, 2017
    add more map locations & more rifels improve more graphics game is good

    Developer Sa-ka September 10, 2017 The graphics are arranged according to the games you know.

    mohit mudigoudar October 7, 2017
    It’s a nice gameI enjoyed it

    UnknownSeptember 17, 2017
    Very bad game no control ????

    UnknownOctober 19, 2017
    It’s damn awesome man.

    Jason Stanly October 9, 2017
    It is nice but u should improve a little bit…

    Developer Sa-ka October 9, 2017 Ok Thanks

    Tomas Brazlauskas October 23, 2017
    Very nice game i feel like teenager again ? the only bad point is it doesn’t show my name

    Vahid Rashidi October 19, 2017
    بازیش چجور باز میشه هرکاری میکنم نمیره داخل بازی

    UnknownSeptember 25, 2017
    چرا هی میزنه کانکتینگ ولی نمیره تو!!!!

    Shahina Shaikh September 20, 2017
    Very Bad Game + Graphics + Controls I Don’t Like It……………………………………

    Dibya Ranjan Padhi October 14, 2017
    Unable to create a room and play

    Subhash S October 1, 2017
    Can’t join the rooms

    UnknownOctober 12, 2017
    Nasb nasod hamsh eror mide

    UnknownSeptember 16, 2017
    its still good

    ROMEO Badshah October 11, 2017
    We this is classical game

    paul deguzman September 14, 2017
    where the fu*knis the other player i cant connect

    gei bh October 5, 2017
    Nice game..but i cannot connect to my bluetooth controller..any suggestion????

    UnknownOctober 16, 2017
    کی تو کونتون

    Prixon Priz October 17, 2017
    This game is very similar to cs 1.6

    prakash joshi September 16, 2017
    Every time need connection

    Bilal Raza September 15, 2017
    Baddeat game ever

    UnknownSeptember 21, 2017
    this app is not play

    جواد رحمانی September 19, 2017
    عالیه کمی اسلو هس

    Akash Patwal October 18, 2017
    Ads spoil the fun

    Ibrahim Shaikh September 18, 2017
    Stupid game

    Developer Sa-ka September 18, 2017 Why?

    Anita Sharma October 13, 2017
    Wow what a game