Dead Effect

One of the most beautiful Zombie killing game!


Console quality experience in the palm of your hand. This game has changed my expectations and view of the just capabilities of mobile games. The graphics are incredible.Everything is very crisp and appealing. The game play is just as great. Just when you think it’s just gonna be a stale fps it throws a curve ball at you. It’s like doom, dead space put into one game. The bullet time mechanics are very enjoyable and have a visual appeal that only adds to the eye candy of this game. The controls are also very nice for the touch screen.

User Rating: ( 240,237 ratings )

Screenshot Dead Effect

Dead Effect screenshot
Dead Effect screenshot
Dead Effect screenshot
Dead Effect screenshot

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    Be careful, you need at least 160 MB FREE RAM to run the game.

    “Dead Effect is pretty awesome.” 9/10
    “Graphically, the game is top notch.” 4/5 Stars
    “Dead Effect […] strikes an impressive balance between humor and fear” 4/5

    ESS Meridian System: Wednesday September 7, 2045… 178 days of hibernation.
    Delta 3 Chamber, Active… Tissue and vital functions Check.
    Error! Disruption Detected… Critical Health Detected.
    3… 2… 1… Awakening!

    Something is not right, the hibernation pods are all empty. What is happening?

    You are an elite member of the Unit 13. Fight for your life in a SCI-FI FPS game that will send chills down your spine.

    • Grab your phone/tablet, get in control and bring infected horrors down. Your interface is zombie-shooting ready.
    • An epic single player campaign awaits you with more than 5 hours of story gameplay. Space is cold and full of horrors.
    • Throughout the campaign you will find new weapons and money to upgrade your armory.
    • Discover the mysteries of the ESS Meridian, and wander around its impressive environments with intense background music.
    • Use your special ability to slow down the time and defeat even the toughest enemies!
    • Will you take up the challenge and try to defeat all your enemies in survival mode arenas? Unlock all the achievements and get all the weapons available!


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    About inDev Brain:
    inDev is a super small indie developer leaded by experienced developers (who worked on many different PC, console and mobile titles such as Vietcong, Mafia 2, Cold War), enthusiasts and GAMERS above all. Brain is only part of a slightly more complex organism. Future is coming!
    Thank you for your support.

    About Bulkypix
    Created in 2008, BulkyPix is an international digital entertainment provider based in Paris and San Francisco. With close to 100 games in its portfolio, such as MyBrute, Autumn Dynasty, The SandBox and Saving Private Sheep, BulkyPix has gone on to become one of the leading players in the video games market for smartphones, touch tablets (iOS, Android, Samsung, WP7, etc.), PCs and Macs in less than four years. BulkyPix has also created a BtoB department, BulkyApps, in a bid to develop, produce and publish applications and games for such major groups as Véolia, Hachette, Siemens, Orange, Samsung, Antalis, TF1 and France Television. In the spring of 2012, BulkyPix secured funding from Axa Private Equity.

    What’s New

    – Unique loot drop system
    – Choice to turn auto-aim, auto-fire with automatic reload on or off
    – The option to change the game’s difficulty
    – Biohazard mode – survival mode
    – 2 new minibosses
    – New achievements
    – New leaderboards
    – Daily objectives
    – A miniboss at the end of every level
    – Accelerated speed of the main character
    – Support for MOGA
    New weapons:
    – Explosive and Electric grenades
    – Trip mines
    – Crossbow with explosive ammo
    – Chainsaw
    – Predator minigun
    – Future assault rifle

    App NameDead Effect
    DeveloperBadFly Interactive, a.s.
    RequirementsAndroid 2.3.3 and up

    User reviews

    greg douglas June 23, 2014
    This game has changed my expectations and view of the just capabilities of mobile games. The graphics are incredible.Everything is very crisp and appealing. The game play is just as great. Just when you think it’s just gonna be a stale fps it throws a curve ball at you. It’s like doom, dead space put into one game. The bullet time mechanics are very enjoyable and have a visual appeal that only adds to the eye candy of this game. The controls are also very nice for the touch screen.

    Giovanni Johnson October 13, 2014
    Yes, the game was amazing, and it deserves top star. The game pulled off everything I hoped it would. A great story, awesome gameplay, top notch action. It’s everything you’d want out of a FREE TO PLAY GAME! But for all of you people who still are playing the game, and hoping for an extraterrestrial ending, LOWER YOUR HOPES! There’s nothing, no ending.If you think I’m spoiling the story, I’m not, because there is none. At least before the ending I got a good lock on what the characters were aiming for.

    George Hartman November 9, 2015
    I played the first few levels today and so far this is the best game I’ve played on Android. It’s like a simplified hybrid of System Shock 2, Doom 3, and Dead Space. There’s also an NPC you’ll meet early on who sounds like a ridiculus impersonation of the Governator. Very cool. I didn’t have any issues getting it to run on maxed graphics settings. Definately worth checking out. I love it!

    Billy Marvin July 8, 2014
    I’ve been searching for a stand alone game like this one and this is it. The game feels like Death Space, Fear, Alien vs Predator. The environment in this game is amazing. Cheesy main character. Love the Ambience and the sound effects. This game is challenging fun and creepy when played at night. Better with a controller but good handle by touching the screen to play. Love it recommended who plays console a lot. And I’m playing this on my Tetra Note 7 and its amazing. 1 recommendation is to focus on Story.

    Xenophagia August 30, 2014
    So far, from what i have played this game is absolutely amazing!! The gameplay/ controls are phenomenal and the graphics are really stunning! Even better than a lot of console games I’ve seen. So far the story has been great too. The audio/soundtrack is stellar and really adds to the horror/sci-fi experience. The only thing preventing me from giving 5 stars is that if you die, you have to start the level from the beginning(unless you want to pay real money). But what can i say…the game is overall free!

    Zaethen KillJoy November 13, 2014
    You guys have an excellent game here but there are a couple issues that I and other people have noticed. You’re daily bonus doesn’t work. There are never any updates and nothing new. You’re game is basically a little brother to Dead Space but it’s still got the amazing graphics good storyline and badass weapons. The jumpscares were alright but weren’t too scary. Last but not least v your game crashes… A LOT. I’m not the only one who has experienced it either.

    Mr. Blackwell August 23, 2015
    The game lacks the ability to turn the music off, why? And can you put more weapons, like some light machine guns and some launchers, and maybe even some futuristic weapons like plasma rifles or rail guns? I have $2.7 million and 255 gold that I’ve been saving up and have nothing to do with it except for buy ammo, can you please put more weapons, and multiplayer? Then I’ll give it 5 stars

    VISAL NAIR June 27, 2014
    The stars given above is given by my little bro so don’t look it . For me the game is average the worste thing in this game is it’s start page . Aaaaa…….. ok but if the start page of the game isdeveloped it will be a nice game .°• OTHER WISE FOR GRAPH’s AND THE GAMEPLAY , SOUND EFFECT’s are good for low tec mobile user’s not me •°

    Charles Montgomery April 22, 2014
    Dead Effect is by far one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played. Graphics and FX are great. The way the zombies react and interact with you raises the hair on my neck! Could pass as a console game easily. No problems with the app yet. Zombies could drop more goodies, but all in all I’m extremely satisfied. Keep up the awesome work!!!

    Randall Jewett January 13, 2015
    A true 3D shooter that runs great on my phone! Love it! Guns are expensive to buy, but honestly if you upgrade the guns they give you during the story line, they work perfectly fine. Tip: don’t buy ammo, play the story line. One mission in the story line should replenish your ammo if you look hard enough. Save your money for weapon upgrades and guns.

    nilax jadav November 11, 2015
    GreAt Zombie shoOter gAmE..GreAt Graphics+ effects nd the main thing is its size is just “450 MB”..It’ssize is so far smaLLcomparing to ” Dead Trigger nd Dead Trigger 2″, which is same as this.. Main thing is there is no LANG..I m playing this on my Xiomi Redmi 1s. Nd its running SmoOth nd cOoL..

    D681 ZVJ June 4, 2014
    Love the level of detail and the smoothness. Controls are no problem at all. Gameplay was fair, there’s always loot and powerups where you need them.Now, fair criticism. You can’t turn music on or off. For a long time, you’re limited to pistol, rifle, and shotgun until you get to buy the explosives slot. Even then, you’d still be wishing for more variety beyond bullets, shell shot, and bombs. The environment itself gets old fast.Overall still 4/5.

    Matthew McHone February 14, 2014
    This game doesn’t get the credit it deserves, but in my opinion, it’s one of the best looking and in depth games I’ve played for Android. What really impresses me with this title is that despite having near console quality gameplay and presentation while opting for a free to play platform,it resist nickel and diming you with in app purchases in comparison to similar games (I’m looking at you, Dead Trigger 2). Finally, it’s the closest game I’ve seen on a mobile platform to capture the essence of a true survival horror title.

    Phriy McMead June 29, 2014
    No real problems on my droid as far as game play. Graphics are a little weak, I believe that with my phone, not sure. Wish weapon cost/upgrades were a little cheaper, defently wish the explosive slot was cheaper, or was givin just like the two handed weapon slot (givin at a serten lvl). All an All I enjoy playin. Keep up the good work!

    Bobby McKenzie February 19, 2014
    Now that this actually runs on my Nexus 5, I can say that it’s flat out amazing. Graphics and gameplay are just wonderful, but an option to increase the button size for screens that are high-res like the N5 would be nice. They’re hard to hit/keep track of.

    ninjaropes January 27, 2015
    This game is way better than I thought it would be.It’s not just a regular FPS.You have to explore a spaceship and complete objectives.You run into zombies along the way.There is an auto shoot mode that will shoot zombies if you just aim at them.The graphics and sound are pretty darn good. Highly recommended.Playing on Infinity quad core.

    hamza hashmi August 11, 2017
    This is the pinnacle of android gaming. Console quality game with on your mobile device. The game is very reminiscent of Doom 3. It contains the same type of environment and atmosphere. The controls are simple and easy to use. The graphics are the plus point here, the game is gorgeous to look at and runs smooth. Overall the best Android FPS I have played until now.

    Cristian Hidalgo February 13, 2014
    If you want to play the game on Android with MOGA,then:Your MOGA controller most be calibrated in’ MOGA Pivot ‘.Use sync B-MODE in manage controllers.-Switch your MOGA to [B] mode (orange).Wait a few seconds. Your MOGA will flash green if it’s properly synchronizedStart the game.Go to options >Gsmepad Options.You should see.’ Conected joystick : MOGA. Pro HID’ under the mapping label.Now you can play with your MOGA controller.*The controller doesn’t work in the menu, only in the game.

    Miles Love April 7, 2014
    I’m at the third stage and I like the game a lot. The graphics are on point and gameplay is great. When the update comes I hope it has controller support for the GameStop red samurai Bluetooth controller:-)… But.. There is a bad part. There is no exit game option and when u get to a boss if u die u must do the hole level over again from the beginning. Add a checkpoint system and I’ll give 5 stars.

    Shadow Trigger September 24, 2015
    Nice update!!!. And I just wonder that dead trigger has many downloads than dis game, it is just because dead effect is more challenging than dead trigger 1&2. A lot of people doesn’t like challenge, if u want pure challenge, download dis game but it has also nice graphics and lot of game modes. Just add multiplayer and few weapons to make this game perfect, I can’t also wait to download dead effect 2 which I think is more challenging than Dead effect 1, well done guys. ?

    Farrukh Shafique November 2, 2015
    Its the best game I have ever played in wireless devices.. it doesn’t need network connection… graphics are awesome… I recommend you this game if you like zombie or horror games… just try.. practice how to play and then you’ll enjoy it. Just set the touch pad and put the fire button above the arrow button to aim and fire efficiently…

    shaun love February 11, 2015
    The type of game I’ve been searching for great graphics and controls well plays like an actual video game and keeps you challenged throughout the game… I however don’t like the fact that there are no volume controls sometimes I’d rather hear my music instead and the lack of check points /option to save it sucks to get mid level and start over fix those and its a 5 star game

    Vedran Gracin February 13, 2014
    Look no further for Dead Effect is one of the best games I ever played on a mobile. It has a story, it has a soundtrack, excellent graphics and effects, it is progressive and fun and so genuine with fantastic controls and optimization. Also it is updated which such cool features every time, you can’t get enough of it. Download this masterpiece and support the creative team behind the game that truly cares about the players! Now if you’ll excuse, I’ll go b
    low off a few zombies into oblivion…booyah!

    Dibyendu Singha October 15, 2016
    OMG, I don’t have words to describe the experience of playing this game. It’s really addictive. Sometimes it gets really scary, but that is the ingredient that gives the game most of it’s taste(Mmm tasty!!). The only thing that needs to be improved is the purchasing section, everything is nearly impossible to purchase, please fix this, and all else is just pure golden gameplay. Keep the train runnin’ badfly fellas.

    Jesse Conway April 2, 2014
    Game play is awesome!Dope graphics!Haven’t had many issues at all on Galaxy 3 phone.Easy mode & atomatic shoot turned on. Too hard to get thru levels without.You can later decide to upgrade aiming & different abilities due to positive radiation poisoning.Best game/app I played so far.

    Sherbert World of Schlock February 14, 2014
    Think of this game as Doom 3 meets Dead Space. The earlier version of this game was very unbalanced and felt very incomplete. This new version made it more fun to play, added a ton of new content, and even added controller support. My only gripe is that you cant adjust the sensitivity of your gamepad sticks.

    Wouter October 22, 2015
    Awesome game, would love to see more sci-fi energy based weapons and add a multiplayer to it, would be so cool. More (melee) weapons would be epic too. As well as more dismemberment. Saw you actually put all that in Dead Effect 2, can’t wait till it’s on Google Play!

    Lillie C Nation July 3, 2015
    I would give it a big fat 0 but couldn’t ! Promising at first but i got maybe into the second mission and it kept kicking me off the game and then I would have to start over again. This happened 8 times in a row ! I tried everything to get it to work !

    woo yuefeng February 18, 2014
    But i can’t go and like the fb page to get the reward from the game it self. Even though i have like the fb page using my fb account still nothing happen. Even thought through ingame i press the allow button then nothing happen and it went back to the game screen showing the like button Plz help im using htc one sv

    Joe Poole December 31, 2014
    Resident Evil meets Dead Space in this heart pumping thriller! Storyline is outstanding, graphics are great, action is intense, voice acting is spot on, controls are simple, and music/sound effects really set the mood. Game play is challenging and there are multiple game modes for high replay ability. Game progresses well even without IAP’s. Things are much improved with latest update.The only downside is having to start level all over if you die unless you have gold. On my top 5 list!

    Michael Thomas June 13, 2015
    In a way it has the feeling and music of Quake. Runs perfect, even with graphics on full. I have a ZTE awe, a very minimal phone, and runs perfect. Plenty of options for customizing. Just wish it had option to always run instead of having to push up all the way on movement. But thats a very minor problem;-).There is just no complaints really about this game at all. GREAT JOB…Im at stage 4 now and no problem. Has very good story line, creepy feeling.Its Quake meets Alien, the movie.. ?

    Khalid Al Fakhouri June 22, 2016
    Oh my god. This is one of the best zombie FPS I’ve ever played. It’s amazing. Unlike most, with unlimited Zombies and ammo, it’s pockets of the undead at a time, and you have to scavenge ammo from the environment. The environment was different with each level, and felt like a space ship. The story was good The A I was a bit hard to adapt to, which just added to its charm. I definitely recommend this to every fan of Zombies ever.The only negative was the voice acting, especially for the woman.

    steven myburgh March 14, 2016
    Actually its the best (zombie) mobile game ever thanks. If more people know about this game they wouldnt even wan to play dead trigger 1 and 2 anymore because this is better graphics and better missions. Awesome thanks. Thanks for dead effect 2 also.. its like this game but 10× better.

    PolynesianPride Bubz November 21, 2014
    I like it, its a good game to play. Realistic looking zombies and graphics are awesome. Just sucks how you can’t have that option to buy upgraded weapons. If that ever becomes possible than that one last star will be added

    Quante Brinson June 29, 2014
    Awesome graphics, good game, not over powered zombies like other games, and fun. The only issue i have is that the fire button is too small. There are times where im in panic mode and have to hip fire but my thumb misses the tiny fire button. If the fire button was bigger then BAM 5 stars

    Jonny Deth July 28, 2015
    Too drawn out for a mobile game. If you want to plug into HDMI and run a gamepad fair enough but something about the
    gameplay is just off and I suppose it’s the gradual buildup. I’ve grown out of console gaming so for me mobile gaming is best when there’s minimal build up and you are addressing the objective of a level within 3 to 5 minutes. In terms of console quality shooters on Android this is then probably #1 but I’ll stick with Dead Trigger 2 for the best of both worlds.

    erna sully February 9, 2015
    Despite its shitty title. This game deliver a bunch of first memories of Doom3, and of course Half-Life and dead space aswell. Too much zombie will kill you. People sick of this Z themed game. A Good to go game if you liked it!

    Basel Khaled March 2, 2014
    the graphics rock and controls are awesome! but srs the price for the guns are to much i mean like 310k + its hard to earn money. ans when you kill a mini boss you should get some money or atleast a gun better loot from big bosses too please. money should also be earned from killing zs please read this and hope you atleast put some of the stuff i said please read GREAT GAME 4 stars for now if you put one of the things in next update 5 stars RECUMMAND THIS GAME FOR YOU PEOPLE

    Jacob Jacobucci February 27, 2014
    The first time i downloaded it i played the first mission and it would crash everytime i tried to play the second. I reinstalled it and played the first three and the fourth wouldnt load. Id give it five stars if i could play the rest of the game, plz fix!

    Tyler Wieman July 17, 2014
    My only issue is that it will not detect my moga controller. Everything else is great and the game itself is fun. I would like it better if I could use moga to have better aim and not fire accidentally when I’m looking around. Please look into this. Thank you for this really good game!! And please keep more filming for it ?