Extreme Ninja Fighting

The most extreme fast paced action packed fighting game !!


It’s a good start Fun game, but man only like 4 characters? All we need is like 10 characters for it to be like the first smash. Hell, I wouldn’t mind paying you guys for this game if you could add characters and maybe another few stages. Online is a great idea too. Anyway fun start guys, hopefully you continue to update.

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———— Extreme Ninja Fighting ———–

Fight against different opponents in a jumpy world platformer using punches,kicks,throwing knifes ,dashes and execute special moves of each character . Enjoy the game which takes up only 6mb of your storage !!

[ Watch gameplay video at given youtube link to know more ]

The game is in alpha stages and is subject to changes .

Gameplay instructions :
– Up button for jump
– Side arrows for left/right movement
– X for normal attack
– Y for knife throw
– B for super dash

Special Attacks :
– R + X [Special Attack 1]– R + Y [Special Attack 2]– L + X [Special Attack 3]– L + Y [Special Attack 4] [Game only uses one interstitial ad at the start ]

App NameExtreme Ninja Fighting
DeveloperUltimate 2016
RequirementsAndroid 2.2 and up

User reviews

Chris Shuman July 1, 2016
Fun game, but man only like 4 characters? All we need is like 10 characters for it to be like the first smash. Hell, I wouldn’t mind paying you guys for this game if you could add characters and maybe another few stages. Online is a great idea too. Anyway fun start guys, hopefully you continue to update.

Joshua Lukasi July 26, 2016
1.) Add a story line 2.) Add more characters and new techniques for each character 3.) Make Naurto’s techniques better like add in Naurto’s ability where he becomes the nine tails and put in Naurto’s Shuriken Rassanga 4.) New character idea add in Itatachi and his sharingan abilities to use genjutsu and his ability to attack while being in a crow form

Soomin Lim July 31, 2016
I think this is a great idea for a game. But after playing it for a few days, I found that the controls (moving most of all) were very difficult. So if you fix the control scheme, I think this game would be brilliant.

starlz gaminyg March 15, 2016
Sausake is sooooo OP like reallyam not saying take him don’t do that or else I will rate one star back maybe add the hokagge make him very OP and expsive because that’s fire like this game sooooooooooooo much but not to much because my mom is sad

A Google User November 13, 2016
It’s always messing up. Maybe you should try it though. It probably would work for you so install it! Go ahead.By the way it’s a awesome game.You can pick through naruto kakashi kiba and choji oh yeah sasuke. So you can do resengan and chidori. Bye human.

Decade September 17, 2017
The game is great at first but then I realized that in the versus, a character at the hardest difficulty can defeat another character, so if you can make characters stronger, also the control kinda suck, when I react and tap, sometimes my player does not even move, so yeah fix that please. Also I saw that Naruto is kinda OP in vs so make Naruto less op, maybe add more characters from other anime’ s like SAO characters, Attack on titan characters

Armaud Peterson May 8, 2016
A lot of ppl are rude when they review all I’m asking for is more characters and fix a couple of glitches.

Joshua Moore March 27, 2016
Is there anyway you can create an Mmo/RPG With Naruto? Make the gameplay like the story up to the ten tails. All I’ve seen that look good are card games, or tactical moves; I just wanna see realistic animated similarities to Naruto the anime, please consider this for Adventurous gamers.~

MaX AtTaCk May 4, 2017
Really great game. Add the online mode & make it a beta so more ppl will play. Make the sprites look better & add a friends list for ppl to add friends. Update this game asap. It has great potential to become a hit game.

Matthew Vega March 11, 2016
I like this game its good and fun here’s a couple ways you could make it better add more characters a few more arenas and a harder difficulty and then it’s golden

SWIFT December 17, 2016
Ive been looking for a simple game like this for a long time i love naruto im really looking forward to online there just needs to be more ninjas like sakura lee orochimaru or guy but other wise keep making updates please?☺?

angrygorilla 22 May 24, 2016
This game is fun but a fewthings #1 add more characters at least 15 #2 add more stages at least 6 or 7 #3 add a 2v2 and a 3v3 gamemode

brent chapman September 10, 2016
Bad graphics not many characters controls seem to have bugs. Like the mortal combat feel it has. If had better graphics and characters I would give 5 stars!!!

EJGamingXD June 23, 2016
Hi! So i liked your game so much. I wish that you can add Multiplayer, Online, More characters like the Hokages and more. The ads don’t disturb me. Please response.

Itka Maax April 25, 2016
Good game but putting the jump button on the left would be a bit easier to move around, also add a few more characters then 5 star rating easily

Lungelo Samkelo November 29, 2016
I love it so much it’s one of the best naruto games i’ve seen.the clones last longer that is the best part I like.I don’t regret downloading the game.but add more characters and make the giant toad to last longer. Please!!

Bhanu Kovvali March 13, 2016
This game has so many ads you idiots im getting angry when ads are coming in middle of game and disturbing the game pls fix this about this bloody hell of ads

Planning Department June 18, 2016
Good but the characters not great beacause the memorials of thousands and youtubers ios putbochop and grimes memory games and pitchibow

mr.spider monkey July 18, 2017
Best game ever I can’t wait for the online to come I’m so excited so you think you can give Naruto’s power modes like Buju mode and sage mode or something but yeah I love the pixelated art

Ronald Williams November 11, 2016
I do still enjoy this game, but do u mind adding multiplayer? I want to fight real players

Serukyas Tewadiho February 6, 2017
What I mean is even the animation is not good better if you can turn into bijuu mode using naruto or use your kyuubi and also add all the kages and add other characters and all powers.

jeff hardy July 2, 2016
Can you add boruto neji gaara hinata sarada itachi pain minato and shimaru

XX_FLAMEGOD 840_XX December 16, 2016
This is one of the best naruto fighting games i have ever played on mobile one suggestion I would have is more characters and maybe a few more stages

Kimberly Ezelle March 17, 2016
But plz make the online section come sooner that will make a lot of ppl even more happy and also add more players from naruto shippuden

Unknown Z April 28, 2016
Last year i played this online and i had so much and I understand why u had to make it look like a gameboy game

Dewayneshine May 8, 2016
Should have every character from the show and a online great ninja war like a 10v10

boomgaming October 28, 2016
IT’S coll and all but it will be better if u putted online alreadyI was waiting for a while so plz put online

yahiat0ur3 يحيى December 19, 2016
But after I read the info of the game I loved itbut more characters and jutsus please

kurosaki kazumi July 17, 2016
I really liked this game!its awesome.but if u put more charecter n place it will be cooler….anyway keep up the good work.

Krimzon Kamikaze October 3, 2016
Loved the game. All it needs is more characters and more character voices not only sasukes chidori. Im also waiting fo the multiplayer

ThomasMC – Minecraft May 11, 2016
Great game but it says you can use ninjitsusand I don’t know how plz reply.

Nick Bhola December 20, 2016
Very nice game. I like the cute graphics. You should make the controls a bit larger. Maybe you should make Lee, Neji, or Gaara playable next.

Project ZXDX March 11, 2017
We need more characters like Zabuza Haku Shino Shikamaru Ino Jiraiya Itachi Kisame Dosu Lee Kankuro Gaara Sakura Hinata so yeah

Anitra Lyte December 13, 2016
You Guys shodmake more games like This your other games are mostly running and jumping but not all

Kareen Irving-williams December 9, 2016
You should add multiplayer and more characters please then that’s the best or most definitely second best Naruto game on play store

Leo The Animator June 28, 2016
I was looking for a game like this and now i found it i cant wait for online to come also theirs no ad’s

Nonis John June 26, 2016
I like this game so much. Please add other character like hinata,neji,tenten,shino,rocklee and other akatsuki member. Thanks

Zionizaiah Roberts August 24, 2016
Add online all ready you know how long its been saying coming soon come on already

Jaron Henderson May 12, 2016
How do I increase the button size because on my note 4 the controls are really tiny

Jailen Whittington April 13, 2016
I really wanted to play with people online so when I get to play online I’ll give u five stars pronto