The best air combat game i have ever played in my life. Still I think the easy mode should actually be easy any not very difficult. The second mission of rescue op, I think that the helicopter is not meant for combat but only for rescue. And I hate to say this, the fighting and aiming part really sucks. The sub keeps on firing like it has guns fitted in every direction and every cm. But I say one thing. This is one of the best mobile game I have on my handset.

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    Version 2.3
    – First three missions are unlocked for a in depth immersive experience before the player takes a crack at the Zaruzian Air Force
    – A bug sorted out in Air to Air Tanking mission

    This is the Official Indian Air Force 3D Air Combat Mobile Game. Live the life of an Indian Air Force Combat Pilot and Fly for India!

    ‘Guardians’ is the most realistic and graphic rich mobile air combat game on Android, which breaks the cliche by bringing the first Campaign based air combat game play on the mobile platform. It also features an addictive multiplayer for exciting mobile vs mobile combat. It sets new benchmark in graphic and game play optimization techniques and has the most elaborate collection of flying missions ever seen on a mobile platform.

    – ‘BEST INDIAN GAME OF 2014’ on Windows mobile app store by Microsoft India
    – ”Top [email protected] Winner ‘ award from UNITY 3D for WP

    – Very Realistic Mission Profiles
    – Highly detailed aircraft models and other assets
    – Featuring multiple fighter, transport and helicopter aircraft of the IAF
    – Easy to learn training mission for new flyers
    – Ten Operational Missions featuring various IAF roles
    – The most advanced multiplayer in the world for mobile to mobile combat on your local WiFi network
    – Advanced air combat depictions with modern air to air and air to ground weapons
    – Uncluttered Head Up Display optimized to display relevant information
    – Optimized for low to medium end smartphones
    – First mobile game to be officially based on the Indian Air Force

    Training : Learn to fly & master the SU30MKI
    Anti Piracy : Fly a SU30MKI & Stop pirates from taking over Indian ships
    Rescue : Fly a Mi17V5 to rescue civilians from a burning oil rig and combat enemy assets
    Combat extraction – Fly a Special Ops C130 and extract a VIP from behind enemy lines
    Combat Air Patrol – Fly a Mirage2000 and defend your base against enemy strike aircraft
    High Value Asset protection – Fly a SU30MKI/ M2000/ Tejas to defend an IAF Phalcon AWACS against enemy fighters
    Air to Air Refueling – Carry our an AAR mision in a M2000 and an IL78 tanker
    Counter Air – Fly a Jaguar and strike the enemy’s war making capability
    Anti tank – Fly a Mi35/ LCH to stop an enemy armoured onslaught against FLOT
    Surgical Strike – Fly a M2000 to undertake a surgical strike to destroy the enemy top leadership
    Area Defence – Fly a SU30MKI to defend a major Indian city against a last ditch desperate attempt by the enemy air power to inflict ctastrophic damage in India

    MISSIONS – Multiplayer
    Play Man Vs Man multiplayer missions over various terrains in the following aircraft –
    Light Combat Helicopter (LCH)

    Whats new in the latest version –
    – First three missions are unlocked on popular demand.
    – Airbrakes for added speed management in training/ combat mission
    – Gravity effect during landing with increased player immersion & realism
    – Night Vision Combat
    – Air to Air Missiles and Auto Locking radar
    – Realistic unguided Bomb delivery
    – Varying enemy AI
    – Cockpit and nose views added to the existing arcade view
    – Added difficulty levels – Easy, Medium Hard
    – Player profile will feature award of ranks in IAF, based on points achieved at the end of the game
    – Multiplayer over local WiFi network

    Play the Game. Join the Mission!


    What’s New

    – Special limited period Indian Independence Day edition with Su30 of the Indian Air Force in the Indian Tricolor livery.
    – Free game wallpapers available for download at

    DeveloperThreye: Military Games
    RequirementsAndroid 2.0.1 and up

    User reviews

    Pratik K May 25, 2017
    The best air combat game i have ever played in my life. Still I think the easy mode should actually be easy any not very difficult. The second mission of rescue op, I think that the helicopter is not meant for combat but only for rescue. And I hate to say this, the fighting and aiming part really sucks. The sub keeps on firing like it has guns fitted in every direction and every cm. But I say one thing. This is one of the best mobile game I have on my handset.

    Abhay Bhave October 26, 2016
    Hello. First off, thanks for this amazing game. Not seen a single glitch in my gameplay. Works perfectly, and is tough and satisfying. My suggestions : 1. When cockpit and nose views are unlocked, I would have loved to get them in repeat gameplay of previous missions as well. 2. All tutorial walkthrough is mandatory each time, not just first. e.g. if I don’t switch view in Goalkeeper, mission isn’t over even after good landing. Same with missile misguider in unwanted guest. Overall a great game though ✌?

    Anurag Rao February 2, 2016
    Its interesting to see that I downloaded it the second time and I came to know that there have been lots and lots of improvements in the game overall. There are more aircrafts than the last time and graphically, its better. So congrats, but I have one samll issue regardong the last levels as they are a too tough all of a sudden, compared to the previous missions, especially The chopper interception to save the defense train staion is really hard for me. Plz give me trick to cross the level. Plz

    Manjunath V January 25, 2017
    Awesome game.. I completed all the levels, at one point I thought it’s impossible to complete it. Final level is awesome, defending all alone wherein I dogfight with many aircrafts. I love the way inventors have used aircrafts like Su 30, tejas, mirage, Jaguar, lch etc in this game which are actually used by Indian air force in reality. As level increases the duty of the pilot changes.. I special like war sequence narrated and the process of defending country from the enemy. Jai hind!!!.

    Samved Iyer September 15, 2017
    My uncle is a Wing Commander in the Indian Air Force. And this game is FANTASTIC. IT BEATS ALL OTHER AIR COMBAT GAMES!! To other raters, it is your fault that you cannot land the aircraft, because I did it easily. Just a few requests. Please do add a stealth aircraft and a dangerous mission which requires a stealth aircraft. (Both bomber and fighter). And also please add helicopter training. Another amazing idea: PLZ ADD LASER WEAPONS. Rest all is excellent. Amazing flying experience.

    Manoj Sai January 2, 2016
    I can say that the best air combat game I ever played on mobile. I’m eagerly waiting for the new update and new missions. Please update as soon as possible. I want to share a problem… Multiplayer mode isn’t working well. Everything gets disturbed in multiplayer mode as we can’t control the air ship and fighter plane. Please fix this. I love to give 5 stars. Thankyou therye and Indian Air force for giving us such an awesome game. Thankyou so much.

    Saif Ali February 6, 2016
    Heartfelt gratefulness to the developers. This is by far the best air combat game on the androidplatform. The Indian Air Force has always been out there to protect our motherland against fearsome enemies and this particular game is a testament to their patriotism. For me, they are more than Guardians.They fly to slay, they slay to serve. Jai Mata Di, let’s touch the sky with Glory!!

    Manish Chavan August 17, 2016
    This game with all its stages and modern warplanes are nice. Tejas is awesome.Please make a new version with the choice of different combinations of hardpoints(just like Gunship Battle). Also if the older aircrafts like Gnats,Maruts and Mig21 are included for the older era missions as the IAF had fought in the past the game series will be something that no other game will be able to stand to compare.

    mayank sahu October 30, 2016
    I have played call of duty, medal of honour and many action games involving aircraft missions but I must say that the level of reality the developers have tried to create and the experience user gets while landing the plane is very good. No in game purchases, simple objectives, descent graphics. A game of its own standards…..

    SUNIL KUMAR June 12, 2017
    The best game I have ever played. ButI find it very difficult to land the C-130 in 3rd level. Will anybody tell me how can one land safely to take the garuds and Zaruzian’s prime minister back to plane? I am not going for next level without crossing the 3rd.Any body can help

    Danny Green November 1, 2015
    The app totally is awesome especially that short storyline. Would’ve given it 5 stars if it weren’t for the sudden restart of the app by itself. It just crashes then restarts after that part of mission where you get to rescue the Zaruzian pm. After the using the gatling gun, the game crashes. I hope you get to fix this asap or else I’m deleting it to free up some space.

    Peacekeepers ID : 001 October 21, 2015
    It’s an awesome game … Words don’t even explain how awesome it is. But I have a lot of trouble with controlling the airplane . Each time Ipress calibration so it’ll even out but it’s still hard to control. I am addictive to games like this and other games have better controls then this one. Work on the controls and it’s motion sense and it’ll be perfect.

    Nakul Dalakoti September 3, 2016
    Awesome game… I always wanted to fly for IAF and this game has given me a chance to do the same. I give this game a 5 star. Missions are really challenging and they describe they challenges faced by our air warriors. Please add more missions and more aircraft like Rafale as the Rafale Deal has been finalised. Also add planes like A330 MRTT,MiG 29 and MiG 27

    Aneek Sanyal August 15, 2015
    Being an Indian, it is my pleasure to see a full game dedicated to one of the pride of our nation, Indian Air Force….well built game…realistic gameplay and satisfying graphics….. But controls are way too hard to master for a beginner….sometimes it it very frustrating too…..devs, plz update game controls….and a very big salute to you for your effort….

    Hardik Vyas March 5, 2016
    Great game by IAF, but following glitches needs to be attended. 1. Camera view changer and Landing gear soft buttons doesn’t work properly all the time. 2. Mission 9 in single player mode takes way to long to load ,some times forces to re start the app.

    Doug Smith September 2, 2015
    Take off, shoot and land. Shall i say more. Awsome game so download it. Graphics are great and accelorate it kicks vibs phone to let you know. Great game peops keep it up. Ill take any hints anything to offer as love this game. Only racists wont keep it. How do i get best plane?

    Arpit Yadav August 16, 2015
    I not able to play this game on my Karbonn machone. The plane only takes right and left turn but never senses the up and down command. I played this game on my old mobile and it was perfect. Pls sort out.

    Ayush Saxena July 17, 2017
    I just installed it,, after installation, other downloading (don’t know what) started…I left it running…. On 98% it says failed to download…But the game was on my phone… I open it… The initial introduction came and then the window open with the logo of game and a button play below it…But nothing happens on clicking on the button other than a sound….Please help

    Rishi Chatterjee February 27, 2017
    1. Plz plz plz, get a pitch<>yaw button on screen… 2. Only bullets & unguided rockets should be unlimited… 3. Want Helina, or some Air-Ground guided for gunships… 4. Make that Submarine immune go bullets… PS: That jaguar act like a stealth aircraft, should it be SAMed if it flew too high?!

    Krishiv Bhanushali September 16, 2016
    It’s good game I got this from my friend umesh reshikh I searched this game in my dad’s mobile phone but no way it unplied can any one tell what means unplied!!!!!!!!!!!! Because it was repeating the word……..But at last I got this game after doing search and waiting of 1 year… But is a superb game 111111111111 will be also less for it,is there any option where you can show the options on 1 crore daullarstars is there

    Sujit Kumar Singh January 21, 2017
    Nicely developed game with great graphics and gameplay experience.Awesome control but needs some improvement. In motion control plane doesn’t decline easily at speed above 600. I had to do vertical loop to decline. While landing with speed as low as stalling velocity plane bounces back.

    Sam Bhat April 14, 2017
    Request to evry player of this game, please ask for online multiplayer. Its the most realistic air combat game no doubt about that. Addition of online multiplayer is gonna make this game undisputed king of ACM games.I just can’t c such a good physics engine wasted. Hope u work it out

    Anand Chandran August 16, 2015
    Playing this on my nexus 6. The ailerons and tail rudders are going nuts and flapping about. Increasing the sensitivity makes it worse and reducing it makes it unplayable. It was not like this before the new version came out. Please help.

    Raghavendra Peddi August 16, 2015
    Though the game is good it can be better. Many sluggish controls like landing gear , pause, break, calibrate do not respond very quick. You have to repeatedly press it for responding. Also I’m not sure if it’s my problem but landing is very difficult. Tried many times but not able to land. Please fix and it would be 5 star game

    omkar kushte October 7, 2015
    I just loved this game but one technical problem I found is on lvl 9 the plane looses it’s handling in motion controls…it works only on vertically upward direction on both down n up motion plz fix…Xperia Z1

    Sid T November 29, 2015
    Loved the controls. Didn’t have to calibrate anything and worked flawlessly. No crashes yet. Difficult in the beginning, but you’ll get the hand fast. Tip: try to control using phone movement and accelerometer, and not on-screen controls

    Arjon Jay Almonte September 30, 2016
    It’s awesome but how am I suppose to fly like a combat pilot if there is no cockpit camera view? Please add it in the next update and also why it’s lagging when I’m diving towards the enemy? That’s why I can’t dive bomb properly

    Jack jjj December 6, 2015
    I played this game. I liked it graphicsgood . But need more improvements . Can’t lock on target and landing also have problems.When landing runwayhas to be wide when aircraft near to it but this not happening. If put more featuresand improvement Indians will love this game. Keep up good work guys.

    Nisarg Shah July 3, 2016
    It’s a very good games with nice graphics… However I’m facing problems while connecting with other devices. I can’t play multi-player game with my friends. Please fix the issue. It’s definitely a five star game..

    arun kashyap October 23, 2016
    I just loved playing it finished it off in just 4 days… that’s the sad part there are only a few missions… add more levels and new thrilling missions and please update the gameplay and improve the aircraft stability… I’m waiting for a UPDATE for this game.

    karthick R October 8, 2016
    Not interesting to play multiplayer Battle, Bcz it couldn’t show opponent dead count, there is no target, etc…. So please implement those options ASAP.

    Siva KK November 30, 2015
    This is an excellent game. Indian gamers would love it. But the problem here is you don’t have walkthrough videos available over the internet like other popular games. If the developers could release them then it would be great.

    Ankit Tiwari November 21, 2015
    In level 3, where I fly the C130 hercules into zaruzian territory, the crash site is never found. I searched for half an hour in the exact same direction as the game suggests. The issue was present 1 year ago and is still present when I installed this app almost 1 year later. Funny thing is, the issue is there only on my phone, xperia SP. When I play on my friend’s mobile, there is no such issue. Can’t figure out why?

    Developer Threye: Military Games December 22, 2014 In such a case, hold phone in playing position and calibrate. Thereafter get aircraft nose to come down towards horizon

    Nayneesh Joshi August 18, 2015
    By far the best game on Android. Unlike other pathetic games this is a game everyone will love to play. The challenges are just Awesome. Keeps binded. A real bend of IAF. HATS OFF. Threye good job keep it up. Would love see other such games coming from you.

    aravind subhagan June 17, 2017
    ?????? Proud to be an Indian, to be a part of this app which is, brilliantly created by our Indian Air Force. Its just awesome! Unbelievably awesome. The controls, missions ,gameplay etc. The only thing i miss and would like to see is our flag in the opening credits and also a game music which changes the tune during engaging and challenging scenes like an attack or playin in stealth mode etc.JAI HIND

    Akshit Jain July 1, 2016
    The tank buster level is the most hard level of this game. I have destroyed half of the tanks but I crashed. And the tanks are so powerful. They die in two missiles and are very fast. There are so many tanks which r attacking on our base. I can’t do it in the game but SOLUTE TO THE INDIAN AIR FORCE who protects our country from enemies. They are really touching the skeis with Glory. From me q BIG SOLUTE TO TUEM from me

    Sourabh Rajpurohit taravat January 10, 2017
    I always hated games deficient control and game booting. But I found this very interesting it’s awesome should add more combat mission and stages should update as more.Thisis awesome game finest control and graphics . Great job IAF

    Siddharth Shukla May 31, 2016
    Best Fighter Aircraft control game I ever played. The missions are awesome and gives insight of IAF daily duties. The way you earn ranks and stars is awesome. LCA Tejas and HAL attack helicopters are included which is just superb. Looking for more missions and a updated version if possible. Include Aircraft carrier landing missions if you can. I would love to virtuaaly land on INS Vikramaditya and INS Virat. Thank you Indian Air Force and developers.

    Himanshu Tomar March 10, 2016
    This gaming app is good but needs improvement. Controlling aircraft during landing is very bad as compared to other similar gaming app and few more controls can be added for the same like flaps. Other things that bothers me is the unlimited supply of weapons to the aircraft. Please limit them to play as in real scenario. Rest is good.

    Himanshu Shekhar September 28, 2016
    I have on screen navigation keys and they dont hide while playing which makes the view smaller. Next is a big issue- Plane doesnt make a nose down/vertical down movement or is very slow doing that movement sometimes. Previous version that i played 7 month ago or so was way better. Please fix this