Iron Wars

A gorgeous 3D shooter featuring domination, CTF and a variety of levels and weapons


Samsung galaxy s2 I love this game and I hope you add lots of new features like earning iron bucks after winning a match. But please fix the problem where I bought all the maps but now, in multiplayer, labaratory and underground aren’t there. And in quick play, on laboratory is missing even thought I bought all the maps for quick play and network. Fix this problem and you guys get 5 stars. But I love this game and you guys did an amazing job. ?

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Get ready for a 3D battle like no other! Our best selling game is now free!

Iron Wars

A 3D shooter that supports simultaneous multiplayer game on any of the following devices: Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac OS, Windows.

Your goal is to survive in labyrinths full of aggressive armed balls. The game is perfect for those who like shoot-and-run games. You will love the simplicity of the game and catch on to the levels and action very quickly.


★ 30+ levels in campaign mode!
★ 9 different maps
★ 3 game modes (death match, team death match, domination)
★ local multiplayer via Wi-Fi ( including interconnection with iPhone/ iPad / Mac / Windows version )!
★ full range of weapons – from pistol and shotgun to plasma gun and rocket launcher!
★ smart bots! The enemies in Iron Wars are very smart, and will come looking for you.


You can use the directional pad to control movement. Pressing the RIGHT red button will fire your chosen weapon. Select new weapons you collect along the way, by swiping your finger on the bottom right hand side of the screen, below the firing button. Keep your ammunition stocked by gathering the appropriate colored ammo boxes along the way.

Remember to gather shield strength as you travel, so you can take more damage in battle.



What’s New

– new map for your gaming pleasure (laboratory)
– Bug Fixing
– Added a new location

App NameIron Wars
DeveloperTap Mobile LTD
RequirementsAndroid 2.0.1 and up

User reviews

Jerry Turcios August 24, 2013
I love this game and I hope you add lots of new features like earning iron bucks after winning a match. But please fix the problem where I bought all the maps but now, in multiplayer, labaratory and underground aren’t there. And in quick play, on laboratory is missing even thought I bought all the maps for quick play and network. Fix this problem and you guys get 5 stars. But I love this game and you guys did an amazing job. ?

Brian Kolins December 9, 2014
I loved the game on my old phone, but on my new phone, note4, the controls are just too small, and everything is on the edge so hard to hit the buttons quickly. Couldn’t find a way to move the controls and gun selection to better fit new larger phone. If that can be fixed will give 5 stars again.

A Google User July 30, 2012
This game is good, but it’s really unresponsive. For an instance, at the menu I have to press the campaign or options or anything button countless times for it to run. It’s not that it’s laggy, when I touch the icons it does read but it just won’t process unless I keep on pressing it for a long time. This happens too in game, I tried to move around and shoot but nothing happens. It only works like once out of ten times? It’s a really good game but this makes it poor.

Randall Jewett October 20, 2014
Campaign can be frustrating in team battle if the CPU that’s on your team isn’t pulling it’s weight, and otherwise it doesn’t seem to require much skill. It has an auto lock on, so you don’t even have to ask your gun, you roll around and tap the fire button as fast as you can.

Dmitrij Kr September 4, 2015
Does anyone know how to run the game on Android 5.1.1? As soon as I launch it, an error pops on “Unfortunately, IronWars has stopped working.”

John Stewart July 21, 2014
I had a missile launcher and that thing that has moderate rate of fire and moderate damage. Then i accidentally deleted the app. If i could restore my payment i would give 5 star. Thanks!

Tim Matthews March 15, 2014
Went to play a multiplayer game and found out that I had to buy the maps. Couldn’t play. Uninstalling. Would have been nice if the dev could have clearly stated that you couldn’t play multiplayer without first purchasing maps. Download specifically for multiplayer purposes.

A Google User October 18, 2012
Could have a better movement stick (One that positions on your finger like GunBros or GTA3). Loads of fun though, runs flawlessly on Samsung Galaxy S-III, although it gets strange lag spikes on Asus Nexus 7 (On 1.8GHz OC’d CPU on Interactive Governor, 560MHz GPU, (Tegra-3 HD) Motley-kernel and SmoothROM 4.1.2).

John-E Hagan April 28, 2014
This game truly made me feel better about smartphone/tablet games. The menu buttons don’t work right and obviously need bug fixes, this keeps me from renaming my character from, Anonymous, and its also the only thing keeping me from giving that 5th star, but the game play is incredible. I love it.

yash deshmukh November 12, 2016
I love it….Multiplayer offline.. ???? but it doesn’t respond now.. ???. 12 nov 2016- yeah now its gooood to play ??

A Google User July 21, 2012
Pros: – Very fluid gameplay! – Single player campaign size is very big but a tad repetitive. – Local multiplayer is arguably the game’s best feature. – Good weapon varietyCons: – game doesn’t start on the first attempt several times – $2.00 to unlock multiplayer is a dollar too much considering people might purchase other things later on. – swiping to change weapons and targets don’t work and is annoying – maps could be better. Some looks too bland while others have paths that are too narrow for mobiles

– Itskarma March 1, 2013
Every single i try dowloading it says error491 .. and it sucks like bad because i really did enjoy playing it i was so far and i deleted it and tryed to reinstall it and this is wat it gives me.. please helpp and fixx :/

Kua Chin Ho May 27, 2014
The menu takes farrrr too long to load. To even start playing, you need 2-3mins of loading time. Pleassse fix this. The game is already pretty good.

A Google User November 4, 2015
When I try to open the game it automatically closes and says there has been an error.I have a galaxy s6.

A Google User June 28, 2013
Great game, addictive, but i found the lack of multiplayer support for my tf101 quite dissapointing. When the update for the multiplayer comes out will change review to 5 stars. btw how do i restore in-game purchases, i bought all the maps and now i have to buy them again?

Matthew Lopez September 26, 2014
It keeps lagging and I don’t get how to earn money I’m in chspeter three with no money

SOMDATT PATEL November 12, 2016
It isn’t responding well. Such a waste of data. I suggest don’t install this.

A Google User August 7, 2012
Hope can fix the resolution fit proper on the screen and if every machine ball have a ability like speed or att will be more challenging.Otherwise its great… since I will doing further purchasing I hope it fit perfect…

A Google User April 9, 2012
This is a fun game, although it does lag when respawning. Not a major issue until the latest update. Now the game lags a great deal more than it did. ?

Minenash Last Name July 20, 2016
I looked at the last update, it was in 2012. That’s probably why the new devices won’t work with it. It’s too bad,i love this game.

Jared Stapleton June 5, 2013
Best way to describe the outcome of this game. Zero skill or strategy, match will simply end. Weapon system is also characteristically pointless.

A Google User April 5, 2012
**Update-Seriously, how are updates to this game being issued without fixing the one problem that is preventing so many people from playing it??? Come on man!** Start button wont fit on my screen either so I can’t even play the game! Please update..

A Google User June 16, 2012
I dont know if its my phone or the game. When it says loading it fills up but wont start People are complaining about the start button so it may be that Please Update

Ramon Herrera March 8, 2013
Simple yet fun shooter. Easy to lay and a lot of fun. 2 dollars for the all maps for online multiplayer is not bad, but it would have been nice if the they were free. Overall, I give it a 4 star. Make multiplayer and maps free, and I will give this game a 5 star.

Owen Thompson April 21, 2013
1: the minigun causes unnecessary lag. 2: I can’t seem to earn any money in the game.

Pierson Fish January 4, 2014
This game is really coo the host and join is a little tricky but for the most part the game is really fun. To bad u have to use really money to make it really fun.

A Google User June 17, 2012
Great game guys! Lots of fun, nice graphics, and cool ideas. I like that you can collect weapons, health and Shields as you go. Just needs online multiplayer!

A Google User August 5, 2012
Had none of the problems listed below, so addictive I wasted a hole night’s charging in one hit, in all the type of game i’ve been looking for for my HTC, and free to boot, good work guy’s and or girls….. I would say it’s a must have game.

Unbox the Item!! August 6, 2017
I used to play it on my old phone, but now on the galaxy s6 edge it just doesn’t work, it doesn’t open. Please fix it.

Jhay Natanauan July 31, 2013
after i exit this game.. ill never able to play it again??? And even installation is very hard…. always package is invalid.. …-_-!

Neeraj kumar September 19, 2015
Not working in my nexus 6 and galaxy s6 edge+ mobile unfortunately closed. what is the problem??

A Google User May 11, 2012
I can’t play this game because the start button, like everyone else has said does not fit on my screen.Severely disappointed here.HTC EVO 3d

David Koehler-Stanescu December 29, 2012
A truly free game, nota freemium like so many others. Looks great, is very fun, and runs fairly smoothly (lag spikes every now and then, but they don’t happen often)

A Google User June 21, 2012
Maps are great guns are good heaps of ammo auto aim works well most of the time. It sometimes locks on to a bot while another one is closer.

sachin patel August 16, 2015
I have wasted my 46 mb. When i click on it .it shows error that iron war stop working

Ahmad Alameh September 6, 2015
Please how to fix it. When iam opening it,it says unfortunately stoped. How ti fix that

Adam Shettle August 28, 2015
I click to open the app and immediately receive and error message saying Iron Wars has stopped. Tried reinstalling and got the same error.

Muhammad Syauqi March 8, 2013
I can’t see the loading and IRONWAR word. Please fix it

Tony Qi June 22, 2013
If you could make more maps or weapons and game modes I would giveyou five stars otherwise keep up the good work.

Clarence Bernal April 14, 2015
Good game but the game is too big it doesn’t fit on my phone pls fix it and add more weapon and character