The Official Mobile Game of JAILBREAK Movie. Beat em up, If you give up you die


Sorry But this game is really seriously horible. Not fun and so bored. Controll not fluentl. Graphic low like hell. Gameply fighting skill is lackly. Hope you will be can make a new game kind of mmorpg 3d in style of Khmer. Thank

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JAILBREAK The Game- screenshot thumbnail
JAILBREAK The Game- screenshot thumbnail
JAILBREAK The Game- screenshot thumbnail
JAILBREAK The Game- screenshot thumbnail

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    The Official Mobile Game of JAILBREAK Movie. Beat ’em up, If you give up you die.

    A group of Cambodian Special Task Force Officers are sent to Prei Kla prison where are detained the country’s top criminals. What starts as a simple escort mission will soon turn into chaos as the prisoners take over the prison grounds. Trapped in the building, the Police, our heroes will have to fight their way out for survival, or die trying.
    The prisoners trying to kill the polices and guards and capture the Playboy who worth $200k offered by the Madame – The Leader of the Butterfly Gang.

    “JAILBREAK The Game” set in a beat ’em up fighting style using kick, knee, elbow and fists punch combined with Khmer Bokator Martial Arts to clear all the enemies on your way.

    You can also pickup STING drink to boost energy:
    – Sting Red can : Increase health
    – Sting Red Bottle : Increase Attack
    – Sting Yellow : Increase Defense

    Not only kick, knee, elbow and fists punch or Bokator, you can also pickup objects like Chair, Gas Barrel to throw onto the enemy. Pickup baton or Stick to hit the enemy.

    In Jailbreak The Game there are 2 modes for you to play:

    ***Campaign Mode***

    You will play as the Police to capture the playboy, and fight again the prisoners and the big bosses such as
    – Gecko Gang’s Leader- Scar
    – Scorpion Gang’s Leader- Bolo
    – The Cannibal
    – The Shadow
    – And The Madame

    There are 3 great police you can choose:
    – Jean Paul : Bokator – Punch and Kick
    – Tharoth : Bokator – Slide
    – Dara : Bokator – Knee and Elbow

    ***Online Multiplayer Mode***

    Here you can be a good guy or a bad guy. It’s a rumble last one standing match. Open for all, which a room can have from 2 to 4 players fighting against each other.

    Sign in and link to Facebook account is optional. If you want to save and sync your earned coins and play cross devices/platforms, you will need to link to your Facebook account.

    JAILBREAK The Game is out of the box, natively supported for Bluetooth controller.

    Let’s Beat ’em up.

    *Internet Connection is required in order to play the game, either in campaign or multiplayer mode.

    What’s New

    – New: Added 4 new characters to the game (1 character could be played in both Campaign and Online mode)
    – New: Added 2 more multiplayer maps
    – Fixed: Bugs in Online Multiplayer mode
    – Fixed: Bugs in Campaign mode
    – Fixed: Lower Laurence’s HP and Damage

    App Name JAILBREAK The Game
    Developer DirexPlay
    Requirements Android 4.0.3 and up
    Package com.DirexplayLab.JAILBREAKTheGame

    User reviews

    Bunna SVR July 14, 2017
    Sorry But this game is really seriously horible. Not fun and so bored. Controll not fluentl. Graphic low like hell. Gameply fighting skill is lackly. Hope you will be can make a new game kind of mmorpg 3d in style of Khmer. Thank

    Developer DirexPlay July 14, 2017 Thanks for your feedback. Sorry that this game is not working for you.

    Erick Emanuel April 14, 2017
    The control was very poor. You cannot hit the enemy when he too close.Why the character always move forward while punching.The button feels little bit slow response

    Prom Vichethnearyodom March 28, 2017
    Pls get more cool update character like perk mi ak crean the guy wairing white cloth dancingcreate team match online and made the character cheaper in cambodia kid cant use money you know so made the charecter cheaper pls I love this game pls rate it five star if you love it and if you are khmer

    MOD1T MOD1T May 1, 2017
    This game works with a xbox 360 controller, the game it’s self has rather oversized yet decently animated half human half manga looking graphics, all I am able to ascertain so far about the game it’s self is a. I found it hard not to get beaten to death lol and b. you carry sticks to smack opponents to pulp with yet can’t seem to get a hit in that often, also it appears objects can be picked up and thrown at enemies so it’s like a big blown up version animation equivalent of streets of rage a bit like a manga beats of rage, difficulty 8/10 in my eyes, but worth a play as controller enabled games are too few and far between and others selling games here aren’t tending to disclose if they are controller enabled games so I am trying to do a bit of that work for others so they don’t have to install games to find they can’t play using a controller>

    Developer DirexPlay May 6, 2017 Thanks very much.
    We appreciate your feedback.

    Matthew Rutherford May 27, 2017
    Terrible. I don’t think you should have made this game! DO NOT INSTALL PERSON READING MY REVIEW!!!

    Developer DirexPlay July 8, 2017 Sorry, what is the problem are you facing? Don’t just shout out loud to people to not install the game without any reasons.

    Abhinav Kumar March 18, 2017
    It doesn’t connect to the server even when the internet is at full speed worst experience.. Waste of time downloading it

    Aaron Underwood September 28, 2017
    Just sat there loading wouldnt even load up gave it plenty and plenty of time but not worth it. Dont download youll delete just like i did.

    somebody who hates Jacob Paul vlogs April 14, 2017
    Does not work says that the connection does not work and I live in America

    Khmer Original Song July 23, 2017
    I give you four star because are have the great music background and good graphics but about controller should improve that it still have some issues in your error

    Developer DirexPlay July 23, 2017 Thanks for your support and feedback.

    UnknownApril 3, 2017
    bakwas game always error ?????faltu game idiot ????????????????takla

    anmol aggarwal March 14, 2017
    Error hi show karti rehti game network ka

    Master Ten Ten September 7, 2017
    Very good game I love it. One thing I like the most about that game is the control support.I play it with my ps3 controller

    Todd Pate April 9, 2017

    UnknownMarch 12, 2017
    i love to play this games cause i love bokator fighters and i also love to play 2d games like this.

    Ro By March 23, 2017
    Thanks for making this game Direx Play this is my favorite game(From=EJsloy555) in the game

    Phanna Mab March 16, 2017
    ខ្ញុំចង់បាន ប៊ូតុង រមាលខ្លួន មួយ

    Ma Dona July 30, 2017
    ចូលចិត្ដ អក្សរខ្មែរនិយាយខ្មែរ (ល្អ??) សូមផលិត ហ្គេមបែបនេះអោយបាន

    Derick Roche March 25, 2017
    No server – cannot connect (can’t play any modes that might be available)

    deck spike Spike September 10, 2017
    This is so hard but its so awesome

    Mages waran April 14, 2017
    I did connect serverHa

    Oudom Heng March 17, 2017
    I just really like it

    Bunheng Cheng May 31, 2017
    Cannot play online

    Grace Buitre October 20, 2017
    The game is awesome, I cannotunderstandThai

    Nuon Dara March 8, 2017
    Best Fighting Game

    Baljinder Jaswal April 28, 2017
    Notconnect fuddu game

    Seng Visal March 15, 2017
    Khmer so good

    RAD1B GAMER March 9, 2017
    no server connection

    Justin Hok July 25, 2017
    The game is interesting…but need to add some other moves…

    Sok Yun October 11, 2017
    I like it.

    Prem Baskel June 11, 2017
    this game is so good

    kun limeng April 24, 2017
    loy na

    Taileak Pav March 18, 2017

    godpainpvp pvp April 7, 2017

    Trash Glam March 27, 2017

    john cena June 12, 2017
    I love this game

    UnknownApril 28, 2017
    Good Game

    Sam Sovannarith July 8, 2017

    Tong leang Kon khmer July 17, 2017

    G 7 April 28, 2017

    Myron Lashley March 29, 2017


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