Killer Shooter Crime

Attention sniper forces. Pull the trigger to make kill shot!


Its really racist all your doing is shooting black people off rooftops! This is just offensive and clearly the guys who made this are racist and are maybe wanting to shoot actual black people in the future… off rooftops!! God bless America not

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Screenshot Killer Shooter Crime

Killer Shooter Crime screenshot
Killer Shooter Crime screenshot
Killer Shooter Crime screenshot
Killer Shooter Crime screenshot

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    Killer Shooter Crime is the most thrilling and dangerous first person shooter sniper shooting game. United with other elite SWAT sniper force to infiltrate a mob of evil syndicates and high-profile targets. Sniper, it’s time to load out your weapons.

    You are a well-trained elite member of special weapon and tactics team. Arm yourself with machine guns, sniper rifles and other deadly weapons, you will navigate secret missions across the globe to eliminate terrorists and syndicates that get the way of world peace. In this challenging FPS Killer Shooter Crime, we put some new features such as the laser shooting, zoom in and identify terrorists and realistic weather condition add the new challenges to complete missions. Hold your breath, pull the trigger and let the bullets fly!

    -Numerous action missions to complete
    -Stunning optimized HD graphics brings you an insane feeling of shooting experience
    -SWAT forces, elite snipers, armored vehicles and many more enemy classes
    -CHALLENGES and SURVIVAL tournament capture you very exciting and thrilling sniper headshots

    -Shoot sniper rifles, railguns, assault refiles and top-secret weapons to choose from
    -Gather components to expand your sniper team
    -Optional and full customize weapons and equipment

    -Each enemy unique and challenging to shoot and kill due to its varied AI behavior
    -Join in the special events to get extra rewards

    Killer Shooter Crime Features:
    -action packed sniper shooting game
    -free FPS gameplay
    -boasting spectacular graphics and cool animation
    -breathtaking music and sound effects
    -realistic weather conditions and new challenges added to your missions
    -complicated situation, hijacked buildings and cross firing
    -intense battle scene and challenging missions
    -play as elite SWAT killer to save the world
    -each level with different missions to complete

    Show no mercy and use deadly force on criminals and terrorists!

    What’s New

    – New Task
    – Modify Scene problems
    – Modify the game fluency
    – Modify weapon damage property

    App NameKiller Shooter Crime
    DeveloperGun4Assassin Apps
    RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

    User reviews

    UnknownApril 22, 2017
    Its really racist all your doing is shooting black people off rooftops! This is just offensive and clearly the guys who made this are racist and are maybe wanting to shoot actual black people in the future… off rooftops!! God bless America not

    Justin Yakopatz January 7, 2017
    What a pile of garbage.Far too simple and repetative, right up to the moment when it lags so bad that you can do nothing until the timer runs out.Where in the world was this made?The broken grammer in the level descriptions makes me want to reach into the web and choke someone.First time I have been so dissapointed with an app, that I took the time to leave negative feedback before simply uninstalling.I’ve uninstalled a lot of crap, but this was a very special pile of crap.Don’t do it.

    RAJEEV BAGARI December 7, 2016
    I just dwld this game today and complete all 20 levels with 3 stars. Please add some other levels with some hard & different type of missions. Not so much change in Range & accuracy in top rifles.

    Aryan najili September 21, 2016
    I like it but time is too short to kill 5 enemies… Hope fix the time 30s to 60s

    Joe Velez August 29, 2016
    Has anyone noticed that most of the “gangsters” r black? And the shooter is black. Black on black crime, wait let me politically correct.Afro Americanon afro American crime

    UnknownAugust 28, 2016
    The thing is if we shoot it to its head thet guy will blow up i dont realy know what was happening first time

    Jillian Sequeira March 2, 2017
    30 mins is a really short time to short 5 people. And if u wanna continue watch a 20 second add. Rubbish! Graphics are good and even the controls. Just fix time.

    ScopeGaming October 4, 2016
    I’m having so much fun with this game that I hate to put it down. Excellent game and I’ll be honoured to rate this game (5) stars. Mission accomplished.☺

    ankit sharma February 15, 2017
    How can opponent do not fire back show up any moment if someone shot dead it should bit tricky to find and shot him out else what the fun in just firing up

    MADHU BABU B September 18, 2016
    Get ready for a whole bunch of advertisements.. Even a just born can finish these 20 levels. Nothing more to explore. Waste of time and data on this..

    Stone ocean006 May 25, 2017
    In all honesty the game is a solid three stars the controls can be a bit jerky at times and it gets much harder when trying to take out 3 enemies because of the timer , but it’s enjoyable and the graphics are ok

    Juescharan Narjinary October 16, 2016
    Hopeless game ever played. No real shooting technic and confused information

    P VAMSI December 11, 2016
    Worst game I never seen its sturking every time and please dont download it and waste your mb its my advice

    Aimal Khan September 10, 2016
    Very tough to follow the instructions at some levels

    SpY C E R B E R U S December 29, 2016
    Lol… Looks like they’ve copied down the NPCs from GTA SAN ANDREAS….rockstar must be pretty angry by now?

    Glen Hunt January 31, 2017
    I am still having a little trouble with my hands and touch screen but as for the game it has to be one of the best I have ever seen or had the pleasure of play

    Nitesh Jain September 1, 2016
    I’ve finish this game in 20 min & only 20 lvl is there plz make more lvl’sso it make more funnw uninstalling it

    thakursahab singh September 14, 2016
    The shot was actually the best even it shows slow motion when u shot perfectly (Y)

    UnknownOctober 6, 2016
    Really nothing to post on Youtube about. But if your bored here is a game to keep you busy.

    Saksham Sharma December 14, 2016
    There are no enemies in the ch-10

    Deepali Sarwan March 21, 2017
    Where the hell is traitor in police station I played 30times same level …but where the hell is traitor. Nd no red arrow nothing

    AbdulRahim AlRahbi December 5, 2016
    Why do we have to shoot black people? I played two level and all what I shoot it is black people.Is it racism game or action game .

    YOUTUBE TOPPER September 7, 2016
    Itz can’t complete 20 above stages .. Bcz time is not good am un installing

    Pramod Kumar December 1, 2016
    Only 20 stage even a kid can clear those stages

    Sharon Louria February 11, 2017
    Mouse sensitivity is terrible. Can u introduce a setting where it can be adjusted please?

    R vEe September 26, 2016
    How to clear its 10th level …dun noe whom i hv to kill…!! Overoll its awsm

    Neelu Sivani April 1, 2017
    It’s not much challenging.. Include some more difficult level

    Sukhbir Singh Matharu December 16, 2016
    It is a stupid time waste game Never install this it hangs too much

    Baron Fromage November 8, 2016
    I mean…..A 30 second advert for a easy level where the bag guys do nothing?

    Matthew Amos November 4, 2016
    More than anything else it need a currently browsing

    Adarsh Chaudhary November 1, 2016
    This game is really fun and exiting to play .First of all this game is very cool beeekar

    arash kamandar January 30, 2017
    دوتاستاره کم دادم وقتش کمه برای کشتن10نفرواسلحه های جدیدبااولین اسلحه تفاوتی نمیکندحتی کلاش بهترازدومی وسومی است

    legendary Cowboys December 23, 2016
    Make more games of this please I love it I’m serious please I will reat it

    Avinash Kumar September 21, 2016
    Bad game there are no any new stage after stage 20

    Marchallo Groenewaldt September 28, 2016
    It’s details is awesome if you love action games pick this one

    Russ Roque August 28, 2016
    Chapter 15 glitches so bad that its unplayable.

    Daniel Jennings February 8, 2017
    It’s ok but why not make it so you can sell womens car and mens and you be the crime

    Bimal Parija December 14, 2016
    It is easy to complete first 5 levels.Make it little bid difficult to cross it.

    Lets play COC September 21, 2016
    Good game but after every game no matter you lose or win you have to see one ad

    Mahir Gaba September 24, 2016
    But only 20 level and some guns I have finished it.please increase levels