Knights & Dragons – Action RPG

Get ready for the holidays-Festive updates! Battle monsters and dragons. Best RPG!


Don’t waste your time. Any new armors you get will be useless in a matter of months. So either you spend real money to keep up, or get left behind. The whole game revolves around you hitting a button every 3-4 seconds…

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Screenshot Knights & Dragons – Action RPG

Knights & Dragons - Action RPG screenshot
Knights & Dragons - Action RPG screenshot
Knights & Dragons - Action RPG screenshot
Knights & Dragons - Action RPG screenshot

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    Knights & Dragons is a non-stop action role playing game with endless battles against mythical creatures in a massive action-packed RPG adventure!

    Battle the Dark Prince & his monsters with a brave army of knights in epic role playing game action. As the Knight Commander, collect powerful heroes, craft armor with rare elements, embark on legendary quests & join a multiplayer guild to protect your kingdom!

    *NEW Battle Pets!*
    Pets have joined the fight for glory! Hunt, train and raise heroic companions to aid your knights in battle.


    – Alliances with up to 5 other knights ready you for battle with rival kingdoms
    – Raid dungeon boss monsters with your Alliance for rare loot
    – Heroes rise – Customize each knight with fusion armor & devastating weapons

    – Duel in RPG battles with mystic enemies
    – Fight monsters, dragons, knights and more on a world-spanning adventure
    – Gladiators level up, perform devastating massacre attacks & earn new armor

    – Collect virtual pets by using bait to attract rare & more powerful pets
    – Pets power-up your attack and defense abilities as their strength grows
    – Battle your pets alongside your knights to increase critical attacks, deal burning damage & improve your defense

    – Craft fusion armor by battling epic dungeon boss monsters for elements
    – Fusion lets you use elements to craft specialized weapons & stunning armor
    – Armor with the power of 5 elements: Fire, Water, Spirit, Earth & Air

    – Elements combine to forge stunning new armor sets
    – Battle fantasy creatures to earn crafting elements
    – Glory goes to the kingdom with the best armory

    – Dragons assault your city! Battle mystical monsters to defend your home
    – Monsters & dragons challenge your gladiator in epic battle sequences
    – Mythical creatures from hydras to dark knights raid your kingdom

    – Guilds up the fun! Join or create an alliance to earn massive rewards
    – PVP games let you duel rivals & clash in intense versus battles
    – PVP leaderboards rank you against rival kingdoms in 3 modes

    – Role Play as the Knight Commander and rise with epic heroes against a dark army of monsters & dragons
    – Battle in role playing game combat with customizable knights
    – Fantasy RPG duels with massive monsters & mythical creatures

    Battle evil to save the kingdom & become a legend in Knights & Dragons, the epic free RPG story that pits you & your guild against legions of monster legends! Challenge gladiators in multiplayer battle games, use fusion to craft the best castle armory, & defeat the Dark Prince once and for all!

    Your kingdom calls! Download Knights & Dragons today!

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    What’s New

    – Heroic Mode leaderboard calculation bug-fix
    – Daily Login bug-fix

    App NameKnights & Dragons – Action RPG
    DeveloperFunzio Games, Inc
    RequirementsAndroid 4.0 and up

    User reviews

    Steve S October 11, 2017
    Don’t waste your time. Any new armors you get will be useless in a matter of months. So either you spend real money to keep up, or get left behind. The whole game revolves around you hitting a button every 3-4 seconds…

    Matt W October 10, 2017
    Good game, quite addicting. Enter my code if you want some decent starting armor WBD-BCW-WWY. Level 95.Only thing I would suggest the developer put in the game is a global chat system, it would make playing a bit more lively.

    chris burnett October 14, 2017
    This game is fun and quite addicting, but right now they are having issues where the rewards don’t pay out and rewards you have earned disappear. So be careful spending money on it. I spent 140$ on a war and I still don’t have 2 of the best rewards I earned from it. So I’d rate higher but that’s a big problem. If you’re paying good money for something you should get your stuff

    Jackzz Gaming October 14, 2017
    After playing this game for a while I think it has gotten a bit stale because all of the updates are basically armors. Which just make the Armor’s more powerful than the last update.

    Misfit Harris October 17, 2017
    Negligent, and incompetent support staff. No assistance with issues what so ever!! Does not value thier players.

    Mark Lauchlan October 13, 2017
    Good game to play, best played when your in a guild, the campaign is a bit short but they bring out heroic mode at events which will challenge the most determined player the ranking system is fairly fair but to win a event you will need to spend money for the gems.

    Kenneth Ford October 12, 2017
    Some of my strongest armors and matching rings and amulets went missing after the last update. Still waiting in response from support

    Cicek Akyildiz October 13, 2017
    Great game love the events but plz fix the tournament people have the tournament i see the news plz fix the tournament it says there is no active tournament for 4 weeks now plz plz fix

    Echoed Melody October 11, 2017
    I love this game despite the gap between paid players and non paid players, but despite that with free gems I find keeping up to be pretty easy despite not being able to get more powerful sets

    Gary Langley October 15, 2017
    The game is awsome you can do everything almost immediatly the only wait time is not long and is very fun to play, but please add castle space and numbers to experience bar

    Tiffany Klingensmith October 20, 2017
    Love it me and my husband play it every day several times a day so we can do the Guild wars and stuff..he has been playing it for abt 3 years now and has gotten me addicted to it

    Justin Hatch October 19, 2017
    I don’t know quite yet, doesn’t have me horny as of yet but the tip is starting to tingle a bit…

    Lj Masing October 17, 2017
    This is a best game of all my gaming history for ten years and when I played it for the first time I already became one of the top 100 guild alright easy gaming and strong armors awesome

    Rico Elstrok October 21, 2017
    Amazing game! So far this game is just completely fantastic.Add my code when you start to get free stuff! WBQ-NMR-MMX

    Dazai Osamu October 23, 2017
    It’s a really fun game I’m addicted to it only one small problem i wish i get better armor

    Shane Barsby October 16, 2017
    Great Game, but you need to be committed to get ahead.Recommend watching daily videos for free gems.You will need them.

    Roku79 October 23, 2017
    I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!

    Secret Agent October 15, 2017
    Fun for sure. Not a pay to win if you’re lucky lol

    thegammingkiller //roblox October 12, 2017
    Can make the heroic mode longer because it is hard to get sf but other easily can get it

    Aj Hatton October 16, 2017
    I’ve loved this game for years I have to restart alot but it get more fun each time!!!!

    Van Heyden October 13, 2017
    Love this game have been playing a long time and still play it every day

    Brenton Venezia October 19, 2017
    This is a very addictive and fun game very good to pass the time has very cool monsters and armorsets

    Kyle Wamsley October 20, 2017
    Meh, typical freemium game.

    STEVE TJ 101 October 14, 2017

    Travis Rohde October 22, 2017
    Very fun and challenges that progress as u go

    UnknownOctober 20, 2017
    It is a nise gameme

    Vickie Sharma October 16, 2017
    Excellent the armor looks so cool ?? and I love the guilds and event’s

    Mystical Potato October 11, 2017
    Very addicting game and easy to get through if you grind

    Eddie Gammon October 17, 2017
    I been playing for over 4 years and still loving it : )

    Musa Khawaja October 19, 2017
    It is pretty goodbut u need to buy a lot of gems

    Danial Newman-Moore October 15, 2017
    Good game, don’t even need to spend to get better

    apprenticelol price October 23, 2017
    Great game gets harder each time that’s why it’s my favourite games

    UnknownOctober 23, 2017
    Its a great game you have to use your mind

    Kaitlyn mcmurray October 16, 2017
    Very addicting game

    UnknownOctober 16, 2017
    I like this game

    Taylor Notice October 16, 2017
    Been playing for years

    Aeonian Ideal October 20, 2017
    Tis dank.

    CCM.Gaming October 16, 2017
    Best game ever I love this game so much

    Sincy Mike October 12, 2017
    Greatjobwith the game and I play thisall the time

    iOceans4Breaze October 14, 2017
    It ispires me to play more game lik3 this