Leap Day

A jumping game with a brand new level every day.


The game was fun, I had a blast playing it last year. I just installed it on my new phone and it won’t open at all. I wish you can fix this!

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Leap Day screenshot
Leap Day screenshot
Leap Day screenshot
Leap Day screenshot

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    Leap Day is a fast paced action platformer with a brand new level every day!
    …no really EVERY DAY!
    …like until the END OF TIME!

    • A brand new level you can finish every day!
    • Set in a different location every day!
    • Everyone will have exactly the same level every day!
    • Different traps every day!
    • Different monsters every day!
    • Finish the day and get a gold trophy stamp on your calendar… every day! (As long as your good enough!)
    • Did we get across there’s a ton of new stuff every day?


    • Simple one touch gameplay in portrait orientation. A perfect platformer on the go!
    • A colourful and stunning pixel art world. Retro nostalgia is a go!
    • A real labour of love from the whole Nitrome team!

    -Important information-
    This game contains third party advertising and cross promotion for other nitrome games, both which can be removed via a one time In App Purchase.

    What’s New

    Prepare yourself for the Nitrome invasion as 10 of our most iconic characters have decided to add themselves to Leap Days new prize system!
    -Unlock 10 new playable characters in Leap Day each from a different Nitrome game!
    -30 new selfie poses to unlock and show of your spoils to your friends!
    -The prize system has been overhauled to be truly random… you never know what you’re going to get next!
    -This update addresses bugs that occurred in the previous update to some users

    App NameLeap Day
    RequirementsAndroid 4.0 and up

    User reviews

    Frosty Shadowz October 23, 2017
    The game was fun, I had a blast playing it last year. I just installed it on my new phone and it won’t open at all. I wish you can fix this!

    TheCubeHamste r October 24, 2017
    The game was very fun until the recent overhauls. Loaded fast on Pixel before, but it now stays on the red splash screen without loading at all.

    Jeremy Sass October 23, 2017
    Consistently fun and challenging!

    Kevin Gawlik October 17, 2017
    Great game, been playing it for awhile. The one issue I have is that ever since I got the paid version of the game, the loadup has had really bad freezing issues that require restarts to get it to load. Now I am unable to load the game at all, please fix nitrome

    Spade Z October 22, 2017
    it’s pretty cool. but my prize meter is glitched and I can’t get any prizes

    Developer Nitrome October 23, 2017 Hi Spade Z, have you tried clicking on the prize icon at the end of the bar or could you let us know more details of what is happening? We are looking to make this more obvious in the future.

    Christy Smith October 23, 2017
    I’ve been playing this game for a year and a half and love the game itself but recently the ads have gotten really annoying, to the point where I almost want to quit playing.

    firefoxgaming October 16, 2017
    It doesn’t open 80% of the time and it crashes all the time

    Max Barnett October 17, 2017
    Loved it, but this update broke it and it won’t open ?

    Bjarki Öfjörð October 17, 2017
    New update made it stop on the splash screen

    El Avocado October 19, 2017
    There is too many adsplease reduce the amount of ads

    Developer Nitrome October 23, 2017 Hi El Avocado, if you buy premium you get a no-Ad experience, hopefully this will help you enjoy the game

    Kelly Colleran October 16, 2017
    Ads You can’t skip them

    Stephano Lopez October 21, 2017
    Some of the levels are impossible

    Developer Nitrome October 23, 2017 Hi Stephano, we are sorry you are finding the game tough, we have made it difficult and it is not for every one but all levels can be completed, they may just be very hard. Stick with it, we believe in you!

    Ahjay Sall October 21, 2017
    it is frozen at the main menu

    Developer Nitrome October 23, 2017 Hi Ahjay, sorry you are having issues, can you let us know what you see on screen when it freezes or let us know what part of the game you were in?

    Claudia Hartman October 20, 2017
    Doesn’t open

    Developer Nitrome October 23, 2017 Hi Claudia, have you tried updating your Android OS to a newer version?

    Lavender Bleach October 19, 2017
    Very nice and super addictive 10/10 game

    Developer Nitrome October 23, 2017 ???

    Tony Wang October 8, 2017
    Used to be my all time supporter for this addictive game and must play everyday without a chance to skip. Continue this habit since day 1 tilt now. But due to recent update I decided to stop playing
    this as there are not 1 but 2 unskippable ads keep pop up while I enjoy my game. I know you guys are doing hard to look for some sponsors for your game but please please do take care of us and do not spoil the enjoyment of this great game. This is really amistake to force us click/see your ads. Until you guys do something for this to revert back the changes else I believe you will be loosing lot of your supporters at least I will be one of them.

    Jack Philips October 3, 2017
    Ads get in the way, now they have chosen to adopt unskippable ads with videos or those interactive games, and they now shove banners in your face to buy their overpriced escape from intrusive ads. 5 bucks is pretty steep for a game I can only play once a day to progress.

    Máté Róbert Mészáros October 10, 2017
    Nice game, but buggy: instead of new characters I get duplicate selfies. This is problem when the reward system is based on getting access new graphical content. I will give 2 additional stars for fixing this issue. My last star will be for the controls: they are sluggish at times (laggy). In a game where timing the jumps is the only mechanic, this is unfair.

    Jayden Evetts October 5, 2017
    So great, I recommend paying for ad free, it’s worth it especially at half price. Really challenging and simple at the same time, and makes you rage really hard sometimes. I love the unique idea of having a level everyday, keeps you coming back.

    Edward October 13, 2017
    Hi, there is a bug where it insta kill the character. After the character died and respawn, pressing purple button to spawn limited time purple platform insta killed the character no matter what. I’m using Samsung Galaxy s7 edge if it helps ?

    Zachary Lane October 6, 2017
    Got all the all stars on October 7th 2017! Max at lvl 182 I think. It just says the word “maximum”. Do I hold the 100% speedrun record for Leap day??Thanks for all the new characters Nitrome. Sir Gylbard and Tucker are the best.

    Jason Bourne October 5, 2017
    Why does there have to be selfies because i work so freaking hard to get a new character just to get ripped off. Fix this then i will give 5 stars

    Benjamin wall October 5, 2017
    Oh my lord – yes I know it’s a free-to-play game but receiving an ad every five or so tries, when you reach a hard part meaning you dies very quickly, is very annoying. I should not have to pay to maintain my enjoyment of this game

    Steve Ferro October 6, 2017
    Used to love this game, but the developers clearly value $$ from ads more than getting rid of the worsening lagging. The more intrusive JUNK you add, the more it lags. Not fun anymore! Done with this developer.

    Joël Knufman October 15, 2017
    Too many ads that can be in the way. You can die at points you shouldn’t be able to die at which is very frustrating. After 3 levels it’s more so a frustrating game than a fun one.

    Geek Squid October 7, 2017
    This game was almost perfect in my opinion. It wasn’t too complicated, but it still provides a challenge. It got new levels constantly, and if you ever got stuck on one you could just wait a day for a new level to try. In the meantime you could backtrack and try levels you missed the first time around. Additions of new enenies, level themes, and hazards are spaced far enough apart to avoid being overwhelming but still close enough to keep things from getting stale for very long. Unfortunately, after the most recent update I have been unable to launch Leap Day. I’d highly recommend the game to anybody who can currently run it, and I’d not have hesitated to give it 5 stars if I were able to launch it.

    Tomasz Luckos October 14, 2017
    The levels are easy until you get to an impossible obstacle. Just frustrating and not challenging. Deinstalled

    Samuel Bustillos October 14, 2017
    Yeah so I used to play this game a while back and now I have none of my thing my profile was backed up and I’m level 18 as well as the fact that I perfectly complete a level and it gives me no “xp” at all

    David Birkett October 8, 2017
    Used to be a good game now with all of the adds and the lags and the prioritization of sponcered characters make me dislike it

    Grimly ydoC October 7, 2017
    I like everything but how they scrap old levels and put a lazer up ur ass and call it “harder”

    Amirul Hussein October 4, 2017
    I cant get my old character but it continues on with all my character having selfies instead of having the character back.

    Jakeolope101 xD October 12, 2017
    Every 3 days a really hard level comes out ?

    UnknownOctober 12, 2017
    It lagged so I purposely died over and over

    Zach Berry October 15, 2017
    It continues to kick me out of the game.

    A internet meme October 15, 2017
    Love it but I downloaded your other apps and I don’t know how to get the characters from those…games

    Jason Kloepping October 8, 2017
    I thought the prizes were supposed to be random I have got the guy with the briefcase like 5 times in a row

    salamence hd October 2, 2017
    Good game but it need’s daily rewards.

    Joy Melhem October 5, 2017
    Used to like this game before the unskippable ads

    That ugly miner October 10, 2017
    New level every day for pixels it has great character and enemys

    RunMasterZTomoon z8p October 8, 2017
    Great app I really likes it the 8 bit was so creative and I love it??