Legend of Norland – 3D ARPG

A 3D legendary action game, create your own league of legend on mobile!


Has problems! You give and get stamina thru friends gifts. Find friends doesn’t work 100+ request no response. After a month of play and spending money to upgrade to VIP 3 it no longer allows my to sign into my server. It recommends one my character in on. No recourse BEWARE

User Rating: ( 43,111 ratings )

Screenshot Legend of Norland – 3D ARPG

Legend of Norland - 3D ARPG screenshot
Legend of Norland - 3D ARPG screenshot
Legend of Norland - 3D ARPG screenshot
Legend of Norland - 3D ARPG screenshot

    See Description

    Legend of Norland, a MOBA&ARPG for mobile, is now making huge waves in the whole world. See what’s different!

    -A deep and immersive multimedia story experience! Match and combine numerous abilities to fit dungeon!
    -3V3 online battle against millions of other players! Collect heroes, weapons and defeat your enemies in this Action game for free!

    ●Master Art Team
    -Beautifully rendered fully 3D graphics
    -The art team has taken part in the development of The Elder Scrolls, League of Legends and a bunch of well-known masterworks.

    ●Training System
    -Train and equip your heroes as you see fit, and customize your own team.
    -Switch them during combat and enjoy the frantic combo!

    ●3V3 Battle – Mass Brawl
    -Who’s the strongest? Crush tons of enemies and destroy towers. Your journey to glory begins here!

    ●Special Quick Time Event
    -Slide quickly to cast the exclusive ultimate ability!
    Saving Norland, expeling darkness, become the final champion in arena.
    All of these and more are waiting in your Legend of Norland journey.

    Feel free to contact us:
    @WeChat: LONMOBILE

    What’s New

    New functions:
    1. The brand new Land of Curse now opens.
    2. The mystic merchant will visit your town and brings you a lot of rare stuff with unbelievable discounts!
    3. The equipment enchant max level up to 16, awaken level up to 70, and the ability can level up to 5!
    1. The sold out items will be moved to the end of the list in the store.
    2. Add a button to spin 10 times in the Lucky Wheel.
    3. The quest can be completed when blitzing the stages.
    Other bug fixes.

    App NameLegend of Norland – 3D ARPG
    RequirementsAndroid 3.0 and up

    User reviews

    David Dickemper April 3, 2017
    Has problems! You give and get stamina thru friends gifts. Find friends doesn’t work 100+ request no response. After a month of play and spending money to upgrade to VIP 3 it no longer allows my to sign into my server. It recommends one my character in on. No recourse BEWARE

    J Zed September 14, 2017
    It doesn’t even let me in the game.. Keeps saying “network unstable, please retry”. Network unstable my arse. That’s horseshit. My service is good, it’s 60Mbps with 9ms ping n it’s stable. I’ve uninstalled n re-installed but no changes whatsoever, I’m afraid. Pathetic!!!

    Jordon Akins November 19, 2016
    Why r servers on in my home where i play daily and for the second day its been disconnecting me before loading game even after news feed i hit confirm boom error message disconnected me for 48 hours is there a problem with my lg lk7

    Peter June Delariarte November 21, 2016
    Been playing this for 3 days, and it is really cool game, i just got addicted to it i spent some money to brought the package ang to be a VIP but now i cannot log in!! Its force closing always when click the confirm or start the game!!!! There’s some players have the same problem as me and it just rejected? U dont even entertain the ratings, pls fix this issue so that we can play again!!!!! Pls i need response as soon as possible!!!

    Derek Miller July 14, 2017
    1 star only. I try to start the game and claims “unstable network” yeah.. that’s with the game. No other games I play have any trouble loading. Fix your game so people can actually log in.

    UnknownDecember 1, 2016
    Works now and love the game.Update: stopped working again. Crashes at login screen and no available fix. I’ve spent way too much money on this game to not be able to effin play it. I haven’t been able to play at all and im losing things in game i was supposed to be able to get. This happens far too often!reimburse me for all of my time and money now lost. Fix this!!!

    David Kepner April 27, 2017
    T1Gamer needs to reimburse all VIP players.There was less than a 24hr warning to closing the game…You haven’t even updated App/Play store to say the same thing.T1Gamer Dev’s are only in things for the money.Hopefully a more intelligent and practical Dev Team will pick up this IP or make something relatively close.

    Dixon Osure January 18, 2017
    OK so from the first animation things are looking awesome and I can’t wait to try it. But I can’t play cause I keep getting a ‘Network unstable’ error message!:( I’m using low speed WiFi and it’s good enough for other online games. Why not this one??? Can this be fixed cause I forsee the same happening to me even with high speed connection based on the fact that other games play great on my low speed WiFi. Please consider. Thank you.

    Mbah Gendut May 17, 2017
    Cannot conect to sever… Not good cannot play.. DONT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME.. YOU WILL NOT CONECT TO SERVER.. USELESS AND WASTING TIME.. So stupid stupid stupidddd…. Dont post a new game if your server not ready.. What a waste and so stupidddddd… Hate it.. Google please delete this game…

    Maciej Szymanowski November 20, 2016
    Good game but you never know if you would be able to login to your server. So far I can’t login for 2 days now. Error: Can’t connect. Try again later. I have spent some money in this game and it is not fair that I can’t play. Can we claim money back?

    Robert Wood April 27, 2017
    Almost a year into the game and now cannot connect to seever. This is why normal people quit these games. Dump time and money in and then they stop workinf, get nerffedor shut down. Client up to date and my device rocks. Your servers aren’t

    kenneth nicholson September 6, 2017
    Can’t really review it since I never got to open and test it. For the past 2 days I’ve tried on several DEVICES. WiFi and 3g and I still get the same error saying network unstable. Then it asks if I want to try again.It does thisboth on WiFi and 3g as stated.I have zero issues with any other apps doing this. I know it is NOT my network.If the game is in maintenance then fine but say THAT!!!Don’t just put a generic message saying unstable network.

    Cheweth Siv May 10, 2017
    I didn’t get to play it say” network unstable, pleaseretry. I retry so many times it’sstill the same problem. Please fix it. If fix in 5 days I’ll delete the app. Untill that day.

    Xian Romano April 14, 2017
    Devs are bunch of scammers. They left the game and left us. Tsk tsk I wasted time and effort in this game. Notice to all : DO NOT INSTALL THIS GAME NOR BUY IN-GAME STUFF HERE. YOU WILL DEFINITELY REGRET IF YOU DO!!

    Shawn Faber December 29, 2016
    First off I like the game, however the servers are crashing all the time and the programmers have several issues the cannot fix.They have taken on a new game and basically abandoned this one.I recommend looking elsewhere for fun.

    Hugh Samu October 27, 2016
    After this upgrade which i did 10 mins ago, i can no longer access any servers. This game is fantastic and has amazing graphics and game play is fun…if only i could go back to playing the game. Will rate 5 stars IF i can get back into the game otherwise looks like another game to uninstall due to too many upgrades which doesnt help the game, since you cant play it.

    Life Glass July 17, 2017
    Idk if I would like it or not. “Connecting to sever… Network unstable, retry!” Or something like that. And so I retried several times but that didn’t work. So I restarted the game and THEN retried and that didn’t work either.My network connection is fine. 3 bars at the least, and I can’t recall having a permanent network problem like this with any other rpg that required it.

    Bulter Wilberforce November 8, 2016
    Sorry guys but your server connection is ever bad.. I downloaded this game yesterday night.. But I can’t play it… My mobile phone network is good.. Your server connection is ever bad so l can’t play it… So do something about it please….

    UnknownApril 1, 2017
    Servers are down. It has been 4 days. No notice whatsoever. This isn’t the first time. I think they ran away with all the money from top players, which can easily be hundreds thousand of us dollars. They also don’t respond on their FB page. The developers of this game are scammers. Shame…I like the game ?

    anthony mcdevitt May 22, 2017
    By default, this gets 0 stars. I can not even play the damn game. No matter what connection my phone is on, 3g/4g/wifi (right next to damn router) it just always says “network unstable”. Even worse, this is a long known issue and for me at least the standard fix doesn’t work. (Btw, “fix” is tip restart phone and clear cache, then should work for 10 mins). I’ve read this game is riddled with many other coding errors.So if you guys want too fix this issue, so I can actually try the game…

    ephraim thiumai October 7, 2017
    every time I tried to sign in it says ‘network unstable. please retry!’ I’ve been playing this game for over a month, but now I can’t even sign in. what’s wrong with the server. I have 4G connection on my phone. pliz fix this

    Panou Vang November 20, 2016
    Quite an addictive game but the server has been down for the past 2 days. Please fix this, I really do not want my data and hours worth of playing to be deleted.

    Porco Rosso October 27, 2016
    I can’t log in after the update. I always get the error “Log in failed. Please try another server”. I tried different server but still got the same error. Will go for 5 star once this issue is resolve.

    HeLdin PB January 2, 2017
    More than 24 hours cant log in ?, so lucky there is no 0 star rate. Server down too often ???, Lets give them 1 star for their awesome effort to fix this ?

    Developer T1Gamer January 3, 2017 Sorry for the inconvenience. We’ve fixed the problem with server connections.

    Chris Garcia June 13, 2017
    Network unstable please retry!That’s the message I get when I open the app. I have high-speed internet and I am able to play every other game except this one. It’s not a problem on my end.

    Sorananda Magar Thapa September 4, 2017
    Do not download this game. I’m using 4G network with 5-21mbps. I downloaded this game but when I tried to open it, it says “Unstable Network”. But at the same time when I play “Mobile Legend” or “Heroes Evolved” or Modern Combat it works very smoothly.

    scott warner May 7, 2017
    It would be a great game of the company didn’t take your money then shut the server down and never contact or answer your questions about what happened.Don’t know why Google play still allows this company after the people that have been f**.c.k.e.d over…

    David hill June 15, 2017
    Can’t play it. It always says network unstable. Even tho my internet is good enough for something like this.. will give better review if someone can help me fix this

    Nicolas Winter May 1, 2017
    So i cant connect now just keeps saying unstable server no matter where. Been playing since 10k players top 4 in server top 30 overall. Wth fix it or uninstall. Crimsonred

    Elvan Haezar December 21, 2016
    Server, devs, and game are crap. Doesn’t care about player who report anything. Very slow response. And the game Server is suck, so many times its down, and worse gm / devs are keep in silent. Feels like abandoned game.

    Dominic Arrington November 15, 2016
    Was charged twice for one purchase and developers swears the received one payment when Google play store confirms two payments less than a minute apart! Developers refuse to refund my money or even give me item’s for the extra charge! According to them it doesn’t exist! You’ve been warned!!!

    Emmanuel Deuzan April 30, 2017
    I can’t even get onto the game to play it says I have unstable connection when I know for a fact I don’t. Refuses to let me on. Into this issue is repaired I won’t change my rating of this game

    Dueronnimo Doe January 18, 2017
    Don’t know where all the 5 stars are coming from but, this is just another game…..Nothing unique or amazing about it……..The main screen when you are in town makes it feel like you are in a casino and the main focus is to get you to do some spending….Today’s gamers are being ruined by all of this pay 2 play nonsense…..Gaming of yesterday was so much better, only pure SKILL got you by in yesterday’s gaming scene..Today’s gamers are DOOMED!!!!!!

    katalina917 November 19, 2016
    I love the game but its stopped working now. It keeps telling me “connection failed. please try later” I’ve been trying to play for 2 days now and it just wont run. Please fix it/help me

    William Olkovick February 11, 2017
    Game is not bad, but lack of a substantial update has lead to dead servers and as a result a dead game populated by hangers on. Same thing is happening to War of Horde, sadly.

    Hugh Seet November 28, 2016
    i cant login to game now. this is a good game. but seriously u guys have to solve the poor connection issue. is not just unable connect to server, it keeps reconnecting while playing and its the most frustrating part

    MGT&T April 27, 2017
    Got everyone’s money then shut down the game. i am expecting a refund or I will take matters. This is not how you do things… Its not even a.joke for.guys that spent their monthly income in this “game”

    Dan Hoyt August 4, 2017
    I great game… WHICH I HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO PLAY IN MONTHS!!! I just wanna play this game, I’ve even spent money in game, but every time I try to log in now, it always says network unstable. My connection is fine. Both wifi and cellular are strong and I’m still unable to log in. Please fix this Already!!!

    Ezreal Jev June 29, 2017
    Network unstable, please retry??!! Why I cant play this game?? I have a strong network! All me online games works except this game! Please fix this problem…

    Hitman4sale December 21, 2016
    This was an ok game until they couldn’t figure out how to make it playable. My server has been down multiple days. For a pay to win game, they should probably invest some of that money we constantly throw at them to building a working product. It’s bad enough that there is no new content released, but this connection issue is inexcusable. If you are wondering why the game is rated so high, they are using a 3rd party service to create fake profiles to give it 5 stars. Take note of the names of the raters.