Metal Soldiers 2

Lock ‘n Load! Get your weapons ready for the ultimate action game!


Why isnt there an option to get more life/to heal? ALSO, a few glitches need to ve worked out. Decent game though

User Rating: ( 89,824 ratings )

Screenshot Metal Soldiers 2

Metal Soldiers 2 screenshot
Metal Soldiers 2 screenshot
Metal Soldiers 2 screenshot
Metal Soldiers 2 screenshot

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    Lock ‘n Load! Get your weapons ready for the ultimate action game. Metal Soldiers 2 combines the adrenaline of platform-style games with the action of 2d shooters. Use the pad to move around and tap to jump and shoot. Use different guns and grenades too!

    Get yourself into a Battle Tank, a Power Mech or even a Helicopter to battle the rebel forces throughout 15 challenging missions.

    Be careful though, the rebels got some serious new equipment. Engage into amazing tank battles or in ground-to-air tank-helicopter combats. There is a lot of shooting to be done with the new vehicles and enemies.

    Blow up all enemies in Metal Soldiers 2! Kill them all in this amazing shooter game.

    What are you waiting for? Download Metal Soldier 2 now and let the shooting begin!

    – New mission mode.
    – Use MS2 vehicles.
    – Battle against enemy tanks and choppers.
    – Different characters to choose.
    – Lots of enemies to fight.
    – Classic weapon designs.
    – Amazing gameplay.

    What’s New

    – New Character
    – 5 new levels
    – Daily gift implemented!
    – New notifications so you don’t miss important benefits!

    App NameMetal Soldiers 2
    RequirementsAndroid 3.0 and up

    User reviews

    Dewey Ai October 23, 2017
    Why isnt there an option to get more life/to heal? ALSO, a few glitches need to ve worked out. Decent game though

    Moiden Kunhi October 21, 2017
    Awesome game.BUT 30level end more than level needed

    UnknownOctober 20, 2017
    Fun. Needs a smoother button config. And a better layout

    Ashis Sharan October 21, 2017
    I’m really excited to see and have fun

    herry vankulo October 21, 2017
    Game tai banyakan iklan.

    Arian Sayel October 22, 2017
    Thise game is very enjoyble

    Ram singh Maravi October 23, 2017
    Bahooot acchhha game h

    Kenji Hunter October 23, 2017
    i love it because it reminds me of kill shot bravo!.

    Simer Kaur October 22, 2017
    Jump isruning slow

    Lucy Wanjiku October 21, 2017
    Íts awesome

    UnknownOctober 19, 2017
    Not bad

    UnknownOctober 22, 2017
    Stages are very short…

    Anggoro Adi Ramadhani October 22, 2017
    Awesome game

    Syed Tariq October 24, 2017
    s for thi

    Martin Kettleborough October 21, 2017
    Very very good

    Martin Jhonatan October 21, 2017
    Good ???????????????????????????????????:-D ? O:-) :'( :-! :-$

    Johnny Walia October 23, 2017

    Emrah Kürüm October 22, 2017
    Game is fun but too maby adds. Every time I die I need to watch an add and I can not close it for 3 seconds. Controls are too close to each other (he jumps when I need him to shoot or opposite). And sometimes he stacks looking up. I had fun but deleted right after I finish all 30 episodes (it is too short). Endless game is good but your given time is too short (after dying because of time for the 10th time it becomes boring).

    Imtiaz Ali Syed October 9, 2017
    Good game, simple and addictive.However, a few times this game got hung and froze 2 handsets, Redmi Note 3 and Mi Max 2, nothing major but game stops working and freezes

    Deadly Fighter October 10, 2017
    Game for 2 yr or less age kids. Controling very BAD. Some were cheat seting, ur life lost by bad control so u watch ads for continuing game.

    AYUSH TIWARI October 7, 2017
    Great time killer and awesome old school concept used. Great job play 365 please make metal soldiers 3 asap ☺

    Gajendran Ravindran October 16, 2017
    Actually game is superb ever played in mobile although there are levels up-to 30 only, please increase more levels.

    ` ʼ October 7, 2017
    Does not let you play without watching ads. Am currently in contact with Google as this does follow the Google guidelines for publishing apps to the play store.

    Alin Gheaja October 14, 2017
    The music is very annoying after a couple of levels.

    Ahmad Diaa October 16, 2017
    It’s awesome however it’s 30 levels only. Please update and add more levels

    abhira abi October 3, 2017
    This is very good and super game this gropic so impressed

    Rajarshi Dey October 4, 2017
    This is a very good war game everybody should try it….

    Jahmi-EL Rahim-Cuffee October 5, 2017
    Awesome 80,s 90,s type play.. it’s great

    UnknownOctober 3, 2017
    Awesome war game everybody should try it.

    Chong Li Jin October 13, 2017
    Not good… ??? too many billboards…. just delete it

    UnknownOctober 16, 2017
    Nice compare to other games but i completed 30 levels now i am just playing enrless

    Himanshu Jha October 14, 2017
    My Device is Galaxy S8 This game doesn’t support on my device

    Saboor Ashiq October 7, 2017
    Nice but not tooo much

    UnknownOctober 4, 2017
    This game is not a good

    Bachagak Khushteep October 9, 2017
    Very good Game .but the level is to short.

    Maria Carvajal October 7, 2017
    It’sso cool !

    Rizal Abdie October 5, 2017
    Super short level and full of ads

    Banu Priyan October 18, 2017
    Super. But easy

    Abdull Bani October 8, 2017
    Eh. Some parts are b.s. besides that, ehh

    ibrahem Naji October 3, 2017
    Until now it’s awesome