Morden Air Combat(3D)

most advanced combat aircraft as you experience


Awesome game! (missing some features) Up to the Stage 2 and so far in loving this game. It crashes every now and then. 3 times so far but it’s not so bad cause the levels are short anyway. I’d love if you could add Google Play support so we can get achievements to compete with our friends and backup our saves when we switch phones. Otherwise keep up the good work!

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Screenshot Morden Air Combat(3D)

Morden Air Combat(3D) screenshot
Morden Air Combat(3D) screenshot
Morden Air Combat(3D) screenshot
Morden Air Combat(3D) screenshot

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    There is an open war between two countries, you as a pilot representing the air force war helicopter to destroy the air plans, warships, tanks and military vehicles of enemy forces. Dominate the skies and master the world’s most advanced combat aircraft as you experience the best looking, most action packed jet fighting game for Google Play.

    Players will command their fighters to conduct a final decisive air battle with the enormous enemies in the sky. It feels like you
    are fighting in the real hail of bullets. If you are an experienced pilot – test your fighting skills, fighting on the rigid rules of our tournaments with those who already have significant experience in the management of helicopter gunships. Not only you could show your clever fighting way to your enemy but also you got varied weapons to fight in any situation.

    – Smooth game control
    – Realistic aircraft combat game with 3D graphics
    – Feature levels bring you fun
    – Experience the thrill of a fighter jet chase!
    – Vivid music is in harmony with the game
    – Add different game scenes and power-ups
    – Day, night, rainy and storm, they will automatically change while playing the game.

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    App NameMorden Air Combat(3D)
    DeveloperFurun Wang
    RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

    User reviews

    Ibrahim Khalil November 18, 2015
    Up to the Stage 2 and so far in loving this game. It crashes every now and then. 3 times so far but it’s not so bad cause the levels are short anyway. I’d love if you could add Google Play support so we can get achievements to compete with our friends and backup our saves when we switch phones. Otherwise keep up the good work!

    Alfonzo mari Pancho September 23, 2015
    I downloaded it maybe a week ago and I am very pleased with everything on the game. I love this game! People who keep complaining about crashing maybe needs to change their phone. Lol. Game running smoothly on my phone. Im using lenovo a7000. NO LAG, NO CRASHING. Others who are complaining maybe cant get to stage 4 and cant get 3 stars on mission. I am already on my way to getting the f-32 and currently on stage 4, all mission 3 star. Keep up the good work on making awesome game guys!!!!

    Andrew Wells September 12, 2015
    As soon as I looked at this game I had high hopes. More 5 stars than 1 stars. But then… it happened. I start the game all excited like a boy on Christmas. But only to find that I have coal in my stocking. “But I was good this year.” I say confused. And a voice says, “You were good but I didnt want you to have a good experience. Happy April Fools.” But its Christmas. This game takes that good feeling away. Don’t download it. Take your Christmas back and rate this game to its true term. A pile of coal. Simple as simple gets it doesn’t work. Before you publish a game guys. Make sure it works for everything.

    RaKeril’s Gaming June 15, 2015
    It looks good. Only got about 5 minutes of playing but trying to customize the settings froze the game. Can’t back out of the settings either without closing the game. Also too many ads. If this changes, I might come back. Great effort guys. Please keep working on it. It has my interest. I’m a pro on Ace Combat games. I want that title here too. but I can’t do it without the needed changes.

    Herman Parra October 1, 2015
    Like I said the advertisements are ridiculous, I know free apps have to make money but but the amount of advertisements in this app are abusive. Also the controls are very close to my thermal sensitive buttons so when I exit the app I lose whatever progress and whatever mission I am in because it resets.

    Steve Andrade October 30, 2016
    Playing on high end device. Crashes on slow and choppy title screen. Bombarded with ads as soon as you open it with no pay option to remove them. Got three ads in under one minute. More freemium nickel and diming crap. If you can’t AT THE VERY LEAST pay to remove all ads from the get-go, it isn’t worth keeping installed. I’ll take a pass.

    Johnny Wentzlaff June 8, 2015
    This game would honestly be the best game on Google play if it weren’t for the awful controls. The tilt control is iffy, it malfunctions sometimes but the touch really is awful you are steering with you’d left thumb but when ever you press misses or your cannon it jolts and is just the most annoying thing ever. NEEDS TO BE FIXED. (Also there’s a typo on restart)

    Sebbas_602 Az September 8, 2015
    Once I’m playing for about 15 seconds it crashes sometimes after 2 min or so but always loses progress and kicks me back to the home screen on my phone I even Uninstalled and reinstalled but the same problem.. will rate 5 stars if fixed

    Modees Doddes January 12, 2017
    What a crisessthis guy did with the graphic setting.Once you try to change the graphic quality the game is gone forever.Black screen. Unresponsive. Freeze. And totally usless. Also there is no profile saving which means any progrees is lost and can’t be restore . Just deleted and ignore this game for good.

    Todd Pongratz September 11, 2015
    Lots of guys are having problems, I have not had any issues. Free and I don’t have to buy upgrades. Yes it would be nice to be able to mix up the missions abit with ground attacks. All in all a great game.The tilt on my phone works just like a joy stick Great physics.5 Stars if it had ground missions. I’m addicted,good job ?

    Deni Randle September 27, 2015
    I like this game, graphics are better than most but, it needs more like air-sea and air to ground battles. Maybe add some landing sequences at the base and some carrier landings and take-offs. And maybe even some bombing runs and bomber escort mission. Do this and fix the glitches like the freezing and crashing issues and it will be 5 stars from me…

    Juan Paulo Vargas June 19, 2015
    Most of the time the missile button becomes the joystick while I am turning, banking which will kill you because you can not even make the correct turn and dodge missile locks. Game crashes when i use machinegun sometimes it just crashes.

    azahari yi November 1, 2015
    I’ve finished stage 2 with 3*. Brilliantly air flight dogfight. But there’s a problem in the option menu. Where’s the exit/back? It would be better if music & soundcan be adjusted. Totally this game is brilliant. I fully recommend to those who love air flight war.

    Mar-mar Johnson April 16, 2016
    Best flying game ever and I had another flying games and I was really cool and I get that. But that’s what he needs $5 but there’s one is the best one I ever had yeah and I had lots of them but the last one. But this one needs $5 because it’s that bad I’m not deleting that unless I get more space but I don’t need one because I’m not downloading anything else but that’s too much information is just that just gave me the best game ever to download it please please please please give it 5 Stars got their company that made it had a good job on it.

    UnknownJune 7, 2016
    The game was OK despite the constant ads. The weapon load times and quick point earning was what I expect any game to do, but when it just cut off, I said I loaded it for nothing. I hate games that do that. I never got the chance to see if their was ground targets.

    Mark Ferdinand Bangloy June 21, 2015
    Gameplay is good… but the controls?… pathetic honestly… like the touch control?… very awful… just like when turning then you fire missiles, it jerks the other way around and it is very irritating… please fix it… the game crashes frequently and can you fix the game in a way that you can quit the game with an exit button or by pressing ”back”?… it 8s very irritating everytime… but as I have said, the gameplay is good… but the game needs A LOT of improvements…

    Mihai Contiu November 5, 2015
    This game s*cks.!!! And big!! First of all i barelly can play because of crashes..and start a lvl and then re and re and replay over again cause the game closes in the middle of level and no chance to finish the mission. Fix this bug or what the hell this game has. The i will play it and review my ratting. !!! FIX THE GAME!!

    รภเPξŔ March 31, 2016
    If you want a good jet fighter gamed/l modern combat team match. This MC3D is a joke, terrible controls, terrible missile lock that constantly crashes, terrible lag & no support. Could have been something good.

    carlos thompson November 2, 2015
    Can we get some more levels? Just bought the best jet and only used it for the final level on stage 4. The main menu and level selection screens are alway seems slow.. the game itself runs smoothlythough.

    neng gualnam January 15, 2016
    Good Graphic, and Simply flying around is ok. But Once the Enemies Jet appers its will stuck. And once they are out of the target zone, it come back to Normal speed. I dont know why the game stuck when we nees the most… I Dont see any Logic….

    Bryan Ince October 3, 2015
    Theres alot of audio bugs, and the game lags so badly you cant even aim correctly or see the enemy. If not for these problems I’d give it a 4* rating

    Corey Loucious July 13, 2015
    It’s a good game and I am sure that you could actually charge for this game.The only problems that I see are that no one is going to pay for a game that does not load.This game shuts down every 30 seconds and the ads show up every 45 seconds.That is why I can only give 3 stars for this game.

    Wilfredo Funes September 15, 2015
    It starts and once I start playing it crashes after a minute into the game. Needs serious bug fixes on note 4. Please fix it seems like a great game!

    Alex Tanowitz January 7, 2016
    However, as someone who absolutely adores that franchise, I would prefer a little more control over my aircraft. Maybe a mode where you turn when you roll, and one where you could just roll. Probably a larger selection of planes as well. This game has a lot of potential, and I would like to see where you go with this

    Duane Scott November 11, 2015
    I have an LG Tribute 2 with the 5.1.1 Android OS, and the only issue for me is that, the game closes whenever I try to use the machine gun. But it’s not a major issue since the missiles keep reloading so you can still shoot down enemy planes from a distance, but not up close, you need the machine gun for that. But it’s still worth a 5 star rating.

    Son Pham April 14, 2016
    Game freezes when I change the graphics settings which I had to force close it. The fantastic(highest) setting causes extreme lag which makes the game useless. I am running a Galaxy S7 and it lags? Something is wrong with the game here. Had to use lower graphics settings for it to run. Great sound and graphics, especially realistic sky and landscape. Fun game play. Allow it to land and take off. Please the fix the
    issue. Thanks

    Haisham Naseer May 28, 2016
    The gameplay was awesome. I really enjoyed playing this game. But everytime I go to the main menu, it kinda gets slow.. But then again when I’m on the mission its back to normal. I love this game, so I’m looking forward to play the updated one with the bugs fixed. Good luck.

    karan singh rana December 24, 2015
    From the beginning it Hangs. I am able to play Gta San Andreas on my phone but it 48 MB game hang like a 4GB game please Uninstalled it from play store

    Gary Kuyper July 28, 2015
    On Android- after the ad, when starting I’m stuck in the clouds spinning in circles, staring at the water below. A load screen would have been sufficient… ?

    D R Rao July 24, 2015
    It’s not being opened in my device. I fed up with game. Simple shows ocean n clouds. That’s all. Installed two and and uninstalled. Now I am uninstalling it. My device is ASUS zenfone 5.

    Javier Pena May 21, 2015
    Could be an awesome game but it just freezes up so much as to be unplayable. I would still say it’s better than any mobile jet fighter game I have seen. On the verge of greatness just needs a little work.

    Matthew Allen May 27, 2015
    Soon as I click on a menu adverts pop up. Very fustrating. Plus keeps going back to play store to open the app. Would not recommend installing this game.

    Danny Blaze May 6, 2015
    Grafíx and game play are not that amazing for the resources they use. controls could use improvement with the evasive manuvers. Add buttons for them maybe, or at least they should recognize the gestures better. The up and down ones both do manuvers that pull up, only one just pulls up for a short climb and levels off, kinda useless. Other does a full 180deg. turn around, great for dogfights but its difficult to activate. Need to center plane maybe. And the side gestures should also turn around for stalking

    HASKE A JOSEPH September 8, 2015
    How about different land scapes jungle, sea, deserts etc and a visible change in the surrounding simulating speed. When flying can’t tell how close to ground or an obstacle one is. We’ll love a FPV, flying it like a drone is boring…. Want to sit in the cockpit

    Blood Mutt July 14, 2015
    This game went from pretty good to terrible. I had just beaten stage 2 mission 18 when it crashed I went back on and I had lost all my save data and had to start over. Don’t download.

    Mohammed Ali July 21, 2015
    Good game but I swear the adds they have on it are just ridiculously ridiculous, every time you start the game there’s an add then when you chose what you want to do there’s an add and after when you shoot the enemy there’s an add and when you try too upgrade your plane there’s an add and….. It’s really ridiculous. Good game but the adds they have on it made me delete it

    zhao Zhao Yi Cong May 18, 2017
    Its really fantastic, almost realistic and by far the best aie combat game I have come across on Play Store. The game itself doesnt lag, its the user’s phone that lags. Stop blaming it on this game.

    James Odinson October 16, 2015
    I download this game on 2015 Moto X Play and its unplayable with the lag. Love this type of game so I hope it gets a fix, 0/5

    Zaenal Aripin August 19, 2015
    But the screen is blinking in the menu screen and buying planes. Kinda bugging, sadly. ? hope it can be fixed.. im using ace 3 btw

    Josh Robertson May 31, 2015
    Who made this game? Lmao! Yal cant even spell mission complete? I failed the mission and it says mission complite? Haha nice try. I would call it effort if it was… Has potential though. Pat on the back folks.