Can Santaro rescue the princess from the evil Onmyoji?


I really like it It’s an awesome game but one problem it lags way too much please fix it pronto cuz I enjoy playing n I’m playing on a galaxy tab 4 don’t think this game would lag on a tab if it can even play modern combat 5 with no problems

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    The traditional Japanese mounted archery “Yabusame” has been reborn as a major action game!

    Play through the adventures of “legendary” child samurai Nasu Santaro, who arrows were said to be able to reach the moon even as a baby!

    Gallop through a huge world trying to rescue the princess from the clutches of the evil Onmyoji!

    In this new type of horizontal scrolling action game, tap to shoot an arrow, and flick to make your horse jump, aiming for the goal!

    Using your device’s capabilities to its fullest, and with a system that allows single finger play, you can adventure through a huge world with its own special style and beautifully crafted graphics.

    And did we mention the crazy boss battles?

    A dragon running wild… Monster birds dancing through the sky… And an evil god sealed away… Can you escape certain death from the vicious evil that comes to attack you?

    You’ll have a blast playing this major action game that goes beyond your average smart phone game; it’s the real deal!

    *Explanation of Yabusame
    This ceremonial art is part of Japan’s cultural heritage. While galloping on horseback, arrows are shot at targets. It is one of the primary disciplines for samurai.

    *With the free version of “Samurai Santaro” ads will be displayed. Everything else is exactly the same.

    What’s New

    – Chapter3 clash bug fix.

    RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

    User reviews

    Onaldo Ballesteros March 20, 2015
    It’s an awesome game but one problem it lags way too much please fix it pronto cuz I enjoy playing n I’m playing on a galaxy tab 4 don’t think this game would lag on a tab if it can even play modern combat 5 with no problems

    Gina Anderson November 7, 2015
    But has a bit of stuttering which can be annoying, galaxy tab 4

    He-Jin Kim July 13, 2016
    So I purchased it to remove ads. Now all of a sudden adds are back… also all my progress is gone??? A refund would be the least!

    UdibU OqipO August 15, 2014
    Really great game.. best of its kindimo. Even boss fights!

    Asha St. James January 24, 2016
    Lets hope there are ZERO technical issues mmkayyyyyy?

    Suryo Hermawan, Utomo July 25, 2014
    So fun play it. But it seems so hard

    Peter Vuong May 27, 2014
    Veryfun a Lilrepetitive but nice smoothgood graphics type of reaction type game.Good job!

    Omar Shareef August 25, 2014
    Great Concept ! One of its kind. Stunning graphics, good physics, fitting audio and a twist to a bit generic old folktale. All together, its fusion of fun time and a funky experience. Absolutely Stunning !!

    Greg Morales June 9, 2014
    thought it was gonna be easy and boring but it really fun

    labib hossain January 24, 2015
    This game keeps me buzzing on my s5 and also one of the best casuals of all time!

    Robert Cheng January 15, 2015
    Opened the game up and all my save data was gone.If it comes back I’ll change this back to 5 stars.

    edwin elias June 7, 2014
    Remind me of amaterasu on my ol ps2. Good concept and enjoyable. Might be playing it for the whole night

    KP Tay October 1, 2015
    Easy and addictive game. Wish there is daily or weekly bonus. Also the game will auto clear my score & restart to the beginning. It happened 4 times.

    Reev Robledo November 4, 2014
    I love this game…but it has crashed twice erasing my progress. I’m using a Zenfone 6, which more than exceeds the system requirements. Please update. ?

    Theodore Chriss September 26, 2015
    Great game, great graphics, great everything to distract me while my wife is nagging.

    fr4nart January 25, 2015
    Nice and fun game.. i think its to early to give 5 star, I don’t now the hole game. So far so good.

    Alpha Madhu May 17, 2014
    Loving the game so far. Good graphics and solid gameplay.

    dijon fletcher July 16, 2014
    Boss battles are fun too

    Deon Garner July 15, 2014
    Pretty cool but lags alot

    Khalid Hashmi January 20, 2017
    The artstyle and sounddesign is beautiful. And its really easy to pick up. Good mobile game, worth a shot

    Bobby M October 30, 2014
    Simple game play with quick reaction time

    Let it Be August 1, 2014
    nice graphic ,nice story ,nice gameplay and lovely soundtrack .. I really love the theme song! :3

    Mayuk roy October 28, 2014
    Very simple to play but hard to master. Awesome game and a real joy to pass the time with this samurai.

    Todd Tomko May 23, 2014
    So fun and addicting easy to get coins fun to play

    Mohit Vashisht June 15, 2014
    Great game, good graphics and nice controls. Just tap and shoot bosses

    Ricky Marini June 15, 2014
    Cool game. Shooting arrows at its best. Nice!! ?

    D Flat Minor January 5, 2016
    Not much of a phone game player, but this is an excellent game!

    Scott Abramczyk May 29, 2014
    Heard about this game on the podcast “Android App Addicts”. It is simple , fun and pretty to look at.

    Ty Games October 26, 2014
    So cool I love it

    John Wo November 11, 2014
    The best part are the boss battles and the last boss is amazing hard but amazing.

    Punished Snake July 24, 2014
    Fun way to kill time

    Rey Meyer February 17, 2016
    We need more samurai games in the app store.

    Eugene Onuoha December 1, 2014
    So far this game has been awesome from graphics to gameplay. Kudos to the developers

    Jenn Hall July 16, 2014
    All I can say is WOW!!!

    Benton Frisse November 19, 2015
    A great time killer. Fun, clean graphics, east controls!

    Zubsss DeVeev July 3, 2014
    Love it…,drives me wow and it way more fun to go with..,its splendid

    Rudy Sia July 31, 2014
    good games for waste my time

    Zaiman Lin August 9, 2014
    The game is cool and really so fun, it really worth my time

    Khairul Anwar July 7, 2014
    its fun . cant stop playing

    Liam The Dragon Pirate August 25, 2014
    I still love the game but dude it didn’t save my game