Play as a Samurai and defend your village against hordes of attacking zombies!


Completed whole game and finished zombie side I love this game.I just completed the whole game.I just kept getting free glu credits and that really save my butts back there.I just hope u keep updating this game and it is sweet and ya know I think ya should lower the prices.And Glu make samurai vs zombies 2 easier cause I’m stuck on a level so hope u enjoy my comment and here’s a smiley face for the good work u made. ? I just finished the zombie side and I’m so happy! Just keep up the good work

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Play as the heroic Samurai and defend your village against hordes of attacking zombies! Recruit allies and build defenses to stop them!

STRATEGIC GAMEPLAY: set up your defenses against hordes of zombies!

WORK WITH ALLIES: get some help in the store with farmers, warriors, archers and much more!

WIN BIG IN MINI GAMES: play Pachinko to earn rare items!

UPGRADE YOUR SAMURAI: Become more powerful by acquiring better weapons, defenses and magical abilities!

This game plays great on a big screen TV using MHL technology. Check out for more details.

– This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your Google account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.
-This game is not intended for children.
– Please buy carefully.
– Advertising appears in this game.
– This game may permit users to interact with one another (e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging) depending on the availability of these features. Linking to social networking sites are not intended for persons in violation of the applicable rules of such social networking sites.
– A network connection is required to play.
– For information about how Glu collects and uses your data, please read our privacy policy at:
– If you have a problem with this game, please use the game’s “Help” feature.

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What’s New

➤ Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance

RequirementsAndroid 2.1 and up

User reviews

Roy M February 22, 2014
I love this game.I just completed the whole game.I just kept getting free glu credits and that really save my butts back there.I just hope u keep updating this game and it is sweet and ya know I think ya should lower the prices.And Glu make samurai vs zombies 2 easier cause I’m stuck on a level so hope u enjoy my comment and here’s a smiley face for the good work u made. ? I just finished the zombie side and I’m so happy! Just keep up the good work

James Riley January 25, 2013
Very exiting game with a captivating story and immersive gameplay. I have owned this game for a number of days and it has been utterly de-bugged: it hasn’t crashed once. Plus its free, and doesn’t rely on you spending a single penny as the gradual increase in difficulty doesnt make the game impossible yet it makes it challenging to a playable degree.Android Gold in my opinion XD

A Google User December 2, 2013
What have you done? You have messed it up. My heath is gone, and you gave it a huge story line. This isn’t samurai jack! I think a story line is nice, however when you change practically everything just to give it something it didn’t really need that’s poor decision making on your part. I think it probably got plenty of game play with out all the recently added changes.

Abhishek Jain February 12, 2013
Its a great n addictive game. I play it on my MacBook pro, I’ve played it on iOS n now playing it on my android phone. Its simply amazing. Great work guys!!! Edit: I am taking back my 5 star rating, just because of the notification spam I am receiving from this game. This game is good, but why do you have to spam push notifications. Whenever I restarts the phone, I get lots of notifications. Why can’t you understand, I DON”T WANT TO PLAY THE GAME EVERYTIME? Uninstalling the game now. Please fix this in next version.

UnknownDecember 25, 2015
This was one of my favorite games on my iPod Touch.I now have a Droid Turbo and wanted to download it onto the phone.It downloads just fine, but it will not work.Every time I open the app it goes to a download screen, but then immediately crashes.Please fix this!I love this game!Thank you!

Jon Beck March 9, 2013
Get past the first few levels to really get what’s going on. Also, the mini game included is a nice diversion! Edit (2/9/13): The app sticks on the loading screen after I select either classic or zombies rising. The music plays, but all I see is the load screen. I’m on an HTC EVO 4G.

Mak Zaini July 24, 2013
SAMURAI Fun And Addictive, Cool This Is My Idea 1=Make 2 katana on hero, kunai… 2=Give Armo Suit,Samurai Mask… 3=Make More Skill Like Ligthning Blade or Unstoppable skill..NOW, For ZOMBIE 1=Devil Skill that Explosive the human from range. 2=Make Dark Eye so can throught the human to hell…. 3=make zombie soldiers that have 3 hand with katana 3 brain…

Aki Nati February 12, 2013
…all the time. It’s not possible to play the game more than 10 minutes because it crashes… I would appreciate to see this fixed with the next update cause the game seems to be a good timekiller ;DTherefor I can only 1 star =(

A Google User August 22, 2013
Getting glu credits in game is not easy.. Game forces us to buy them else u have to try many times to complete that particular stage, which sucks!! Make this awesome game little more easy plz in getting much credits and better powers more easily and not to make us try a level to complete in so many tries !

Eshwar Chaitanya April 24, 2014
One of the best and addictive games so far. But after approaching wave 38, its pretty difficult to progress without purchase. Although they deserve the money after giving such an awesome game for free, you can’t expect every user to purchase credits at all levels ?

A Google User January 19, 2013
Great game. Where’s the for-pay version that will get rid of all the annoying spam for GLU credits, spam for downloading other GLU games, and similar crap. Just give me a nice, self-contained single player game I can waste a few hours on, instead of this spam for virtual currency I have no desire to pay for.

Gareth Wilgar-Farr March 20, 2014
It was maybe my favourite mobile game. Then I twice lost all progress. Twice I completed the Samurai quest only to lose everything simply because Glu couldn’t be bothered to include cloud save in this game as they have in the sequel. I grately prefer this game though. I’d start it for a third time if had peace of mind that the game is backed up in the cloud.Get on it Glu I lost so so many Glu coins I could almost blub ?

Bryan Mark April 17, 2015
Great game but they need to fix the buying of GLU an Coins.?.
It wont let me buy any!!WHY CANT I BUY GLU OR SILVER COINS I HAVE NUMEROUS GOOGLE PLAY CARDS JUST READY TO USE!!!PLEASE talk to me guys because I love to support great games with money!?

Kevin C November 27, 2014
Fun & then more fun. Good thing to have when passing away time. Graphics are cool & sound effects are funny. Being the Zombie is challenging.But it gives a bit of enjoyment being the villain lol. Leveling up is a challenge. Bonus rounds are fun devastation. Explosive graphics of blood & bones everywhere. It gets more challenging the higher the level. My addiction level has increased. Hopefully higher levels offer more bang

roveen carlo March 17, 2013
game is addictive and i am done with all levels. all of a sudden the game froze and im back to zero. i spent glu coins to make my hero stronger and now everything is gone. holy crap. by the way i used to have 5 stars but i decided to make it 1 because of that. fix it and i mght change my review to 5

Hari Christian April 5, 2013
This is should be nice game. However i’m sorry to give 1 star.I only can play 1 level. After that always stuck in loading screen.I tried clear data cache but cannot help. The game start over with level 1 and again after that i got stuck in loading screenMy device: Google Nexus 7 OS: Jelly Bean 4.2.1 App version: 3.4.0

A Google User June 1, 2013
I first thought that it was going to be like plants versus zombies, but it is way different. The graphics are pretty cool and it looks great. Side scrolled sorta 3D-ish, fun. Too bad no way to save progress from one device to another. Just about impossible to finish the 40-50 levels without paying for revives.

Aaron Winterhalter January 18, 2013
No problems on HTC . Fun and simple. The thing I really like is if you use the right strategy and make the correct decisions in the game you can make progress without having to use and real world currency for power ups. I made it to level 40 and I made some bad choices with my leveling.

Kendall Kroll May 25, 2013
I loved this game but my problem is any time I get glu credits from playing consecutive days in a row or from battles i never get them. I always have zero. Idk if all the games that have glu credits are made by same people but this is happening to every game I play that has glu credits…

Marquitta Mims January 14, 2013
Great game! Helps me pass the time at work lol. No complaints, the ads aren’t that bad and don’t freeze the game for me. I just don’t know how the sushi plate or tea pots really come into play. I recently beat the last level, whew, and love the fact I can replay any level I pick!

Robert Watson November 6, 2013
This game’s is brilliant and I hate to complain, but when I play as zombie samurai the humans are badly over powered, I mean if you have a shield in front ofyou (as zombie) then it’s almost impossible to get passed, its as if his shield becomes reinforced. Apart from this a GREAT game.

Robert Rouhman July 4, 2016
Best game in the world.every one give it a chance well was untill it wont let me even log on its stupid how you need wifi to play this game i try that and it still dont work plus i downloaded it out of my mobile data it cant load appairently

A Google User January 20, 2013
*Level up your farmers to full. The little guys will save the day*I rate for free 5 glu credits! Lol But overall its a good game, I have beaten the game 3 times without buying so its very possible witbout buying creds.

A Google User November 10, 2015
Its very fun. Just dont like how you have to pay for game money. Stupid. Give me the ole fashion games back. Would pay for game instead of paying for in game money! Will un-install because of this. Stupid marketing, out to get our money. They will make more money off you in no time by making you buy in game money when it would have cost you only $3-4 to buy from them.Stupid still…

Torilynn DeLaRosa March 8, 2013
This game used to be my favorite until I got to level 36 spent a lot of glu credits to upgrade all my stuff to the max and then it all just disappeared. I’m lvl 1 again. Don’t waste your time or your glu credits

NN Faca May 17, 2013
An excelent game, entertaining, adictive… But now when I start it up, the intro starts, and then the screen just goes black. Please fix that and then you will get the 5-star rating you deserve!!! Please, just update it, I am alredy past lvl 50, i don want to loose the progress….

edy tini February 22, 2014
After winning until level 47, the game suddenly got into black screen and after that I cant continue to play the game. After reinstall the game,all the data vanished..pls fix the bug otherwise it wasting our time to play it..

A Google User May 16, 2013
I love this game but all my glu credits are gone after the update! Whhhhhhy? Now they are giving us free glu credits but when i checked it out your credit card will be charged $9.99 MONTHLY if you avail it, how could this be free if theres a charge? This is not right!

A Google User December 26, 2013
Reinstalled the game in hope to get all my earned and purchased content back where the hell did it all go?! Stupid game glitch is ripping me off!!I want the credits I paid and earned back!! Dont waste any real cash on these brand gamesas they will ripp you off

Chris Rasmussen May 5, 2015
I used to play this a long time ago on my ipod, but I wanted to try it on my Note 3. The app doesn’t even open. This is probably a 4 or 5 star game if i could actually play it! I’ve tried all the troubleshooting I could and no fix yet.

Christopher Van Dress August 8, 2014
I love this game but its way to hard. The bosses are over powered and so are the zombies. The samuri’s troops are terrible and it costs alot of money to upgrade weapons. And it’s hard for you to get glu credits because they dont give you many. Pls fix.

Indrek Vakrõõm April 19, 2013
It’s a fun game. Really enjoy the gameplay but got a some lag here and there but nothing big. Though the first time I Tried to play it crashed on me but after turning off my phone and back on it’s working again. So far.. Awesome game

shiv dash August 22, 2016
It is not working micromax canvas fire A4. So please do something game makers that it will work on my phone. When I open the game it shows unfortunately samurai vs zombiedefense has stopped. So please do something. I have played the second part of this game after that I became a great fan of this game. The second part was Working well in my phone. Please,please,please do something

Derek Nixon March 20, 2017
I think your games are very very good keep up the good .but I wish that your credits where not so expensive which makes it very hard to upgrade his weapons etc as I do not have any incomeplease be kind to those that have no money at all. I have bone cancer and am stuck in a chair all day long with only yourgame as company have thought to us that are not well please. all the best Derek Nixon .

Andrei Stalbe April 5, 2014
Downloaded the game then played on my Galaxy Note 3 until level 40+. It crashed few times on the way until one day the game could not be launched again. It shows the intro but when I tap to skip it nothing but black screen is shown. I’ve tried to reinstall the game (off course loosing the progress) and no change.

Rizwan Kayani July 13, 2013
Hats off to Glu mobile for coming up with such brilliant game. It is a game that’ll keep u addicted and u won’t even know how time flew… excellent graphics, excellent gameplay…. Oh And the best part…its FREE….. ? Good job Glu……!!

A Google User November 11, 2013
Beat the original 50 levels, lost my phone and started over again. Just beat the 70 levels. I’m already on level 30-2. It’s great to go thru the 2nd time with all your powers all slaughter everything! Lol. Btw, I didn’tpurchase any extra glu coins. Love this game!

keegan Wilson-hall September 11, 2014
I have spent $15 on glu coins but I NEVER received them so don’t spend your money on glu coins because I’m down $15 for 340 glu coins between both svz 1&2please fix and can i get my coins or money back. And I’m no longer receiving glu coins for in game pick ups or completing levels. Please fix

kiya cochran January 23, 2013
It’s a very fun game that’s easy to play for any age. It’s simple yet addicting and doesn’t cost anything. It’s not constantly trying to take money from you like a lot of other free games. I haven’t found any noticeable glitches in the game so far. I definitely recommend this game to any one looking for a easy fun game to kill time.

Tim L. Do April 6, 2013
A nice change from other typical game apps. Very entertaining. Changed from 5star to 2star simply cuz ur play stops at lvl40ish. Problem is.. It’s literally impossible to pass lvl40+ without the need to buy. Zombies are over powered.