Shoot Hunter-Killer 3D

Hot shooting game is coming now! Are you ready to join the battle?


Bad control very worst don’t waste your time and data

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Screenshot Shoot Hunter-Killer 3D

Shoot Hunter-Killer 3D screenshot
Shoot Hunter-Killer 3D screenshot
Shoot Hunter-Killer 3D screenshot
Shoot Hunter-Killer 3D screenshot

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    “Shoot Hunter-Killer 3D”-Hot shooting game is coming now! The graphics delicate, simple operation, endless fun!

    As a commando, you need to have great courage to face ferocious enemies. Kill them one by one, you can complete your task! Game Victory can get gold awards, gold can be used to buy more advanced weapons. Of course, you are not alone in the battle. “Shoot Hunter-Killer 3D” has a ranking system, your record will be in the ranking system compared with global players. Ready to join the battle now? “Shoot Hunter-Killer 3D” will allow you to become a powerful shot expert!

    How to play:
    Click the map and select a level, click on the play into the game. Slide the left half of the screen to control character movement, slide right half of the screen can be adjusted in the direction of the shooting. Use both hands to control your character to move freely. The right half of the screen also provides change gun button, shoot button, jump button and a sniper shot button (sniper rifle owned). Come and experience it!

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    App NameShoot Hunter-Killer 3D
    DeveloperDOUBLE H GAME
    RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

    User reviews

    Mani Mani June 18, 2017
    Bad control very worst don’t waste your time and data

    Tahseen Fasahat June 1, 2017
    I love this game you guy should download this game I swear to god this game is epic you guys should trt this game bye.

    UnknownApril 2, 2017
    I think this game is very cool and I will be a good time to get the same as the one that is a good game.

    gary dunston April 4, 2017
    Good game,good graphics always look to improve.

    Emelio Q. Celadez Jr. February 20, 2017
    I like this game, i hoping a more than 45 levels can be play..thanks

    UnknownJune 9, 2017
    [email protected] game more levels i wish

    Nelson Johnson March 2, 2017
    I love shooter games this one is fun

    UnknownApril 16, 2017
    This is my farvouit game and I love this game

    balakrishna peddi May 4, 2017
    Nice game I like graphics and more interesting

    horror fan109 October 11, 2017
    Cool but get rid of the zombies or make it a mode like mode c,zombies mode d,regular: )

    don johny July 9, 2017
    Should have some improvements like maps and weapons

    Prem Chandkai March 12, 2017
    controlling system is bad

    sharifur rahman May 25, 2017
    very bad game ?

    german Pascual March 25, 2017

    T Balasubramanian October 16, 2017
    Very bad control but graphics is very cool

    Paul Day July 4, 2017
    What total rubbish

    GOLDEN DRAGON June 2, 2017
    This game is amasome

    UnknownMay 22, 2017
    Waste of time

    UnknownJuly 9, 2017
    Chill mood

    UnknownMarch 15, 2017
    Nice game

    Thiha AA May 29, 2017
    xxX A2

    d kumar April 17, 2017
    Very enjoy

    noushiba mahamood April 14, 2017

    Anju Jha March 25, 2017
    Like it

    UnknownJuly 9, 2017
    I think that it’s the cool game

    Bahadur Mal August 15, 2017
    Hate this game

    UnknownJuly 3, 2017
    Well done Good work

    Indrajit Shiledar March 26, 2017

    ruben 5477 June 10, 2017
    RUBEN is cool

    UnknownMarch 21, 2017

    Josef Arcenal July 20, 2017

    Francisco Ulsame May 6, 2017
    Good game

    UnknownJuly 4, 2017

    Sa Patrice September 13, 2017

    Shiv Wanjari October 23, 2017

    ScopeGaming October 2, 2016
    It’s a ridiculous game because it’s easier to kill the enemies than the zombie’s. The only way I can kill the zombie’s is from a distance and not a close up because my weapon won’t fire and it’s really stupid. ?

    Don Legend September 26, 2016
    Great graphics, great guns, and smooth player movements. But weak plot, aiming gun and shooting simultaneously wasn’t easy, and I don’t understand why the player couldn’t shoot when the zombies came close.

    Sandesh Jha December 12, 2016
    Fight chugging along with the site following link up with to the be a able to and including the health

    Farida Ansari October 12, 2016
    I like it because the gun in the game is very beautiful and we can easily kill the enemies

    Ethan Fabela September 19, 2016
    It’s pretty good but all the zombies and make it that we can get better guns I had to remove all the ads