Play online with people all over the world! Can YOU become the longest player?


It is fun but could be easier I am on a mission everyday to find the best games out there. I only rate on a 1 a 3 or a 5 to make it easier. I am choosing to give this game a 4(I just had to break my grading scale) because I like it its fun for kids and adults. My only problem is that at some point it just goes off all by it self and it is hard to control sometimes. Over all I do recommend you play this game. Finally America a game you can enjoy!

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    Play against other people online! Can you become the longest player?

    If your head touches another player, you will explode and then it’s game over. But if others run into YOU, then THEY will explode, and you can eat their remains!

    In, you have a chance to win even if you’re tiny. You can swerve in front of a much larger player to defeat them, no matter how big you are!

    Download now and start slithering! Good luck!

    What’s New

    Added new skins!
    Improved online play!

    DeveloperLowtech Studios
    RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

    User reviews

    Gloria Lopez December 21, 2016
    I am on a mission everyday to find the best games out there. I only rate on a 1 a 3 or a 5 to make it easier. I am choosing to give this game a 4(I just had to break my grading scale) because I like it its fun for kids and adults. My only problem is that at some point it just goes off all by it self and it is hard to control sometimes. Over all I do recommend you play this game. Finally America a game you can enjoy!

    Cheryl Cutler January 17, 2017
    I really love this game. My 6 year old downloaded it and I just had to get it myself after seeing him playing for do long and loving it. But it keeps freezing then coming back on and I’ve crashed. This needs fixing then I’d give a 5 star rating. Something else is I think it would be more fun if there was a leader board or something with everyone’s scores on. Maybe if you could connect to Facebook and play to get a higher score than your friends would make it better to.

    jonathan shoemaker November 22, 2016
    Would be nice if while playing the game you were awarded coins or something based on length achieved to spend to unlock skins. There are already so many skins free to choose but maybe some type of rewards for doing well. 10k in length just to die and start over. This game is a great time killer as is and very fun. I take the most joy from it by killing worms larger than me.

    pete goodyear February 28, 2017
    I like this game because it is the best. This game might be on the market someday.. but Slither is the best I have it on my home screen right now. This may be a good game for all people and kids too but some people have weird nicknames like Nolan the hacker. Some people have a very inappropriate nicknames like bad words little people’s names I just go with my name or someone else’s or anything but. I just love this game. I just love this game because it’s so cool if you get your life to 10,000 that would be your record. You can put that in the genius world record book it would be cool to see silver aisle in a book or this game I should say wow this game is made so many improvements like update and controls period period period period period period period anyway I love this game so much that when I delete it death yet but you could collect.

    Albert Rabie July 26, 2017
    The snake not moving well :/ like I can see there is an 2cm gap between me and another player…my snake died Dx wth? Played this on LG G4 styles(2 of this type of phones), Samsung J7 and Samsung S6 and the results stay the same. I do have fab internet speed. I’ll stick to since they don’t have this problem

    Natalie Smith March 27, 2017
    This game is the most funnest game EVA!! u can name yaself and chose how u want to move around your little or HUGE snake! Other people say they’re worms but it spacifically says “move your SNAKE around to eat!!”. My fave part is that u can trap other players snakes!! Plus u can trap BIGGER snakes than YOU!! All u have to do is oush the speed botton and zoom around the snake until he/she is so scared he/she wraps up in a little ball JUST big enough for your snake to circle around! SOOOOOO FUN!!

    Man u r crazy January 14, 2017
    I love the concept of this snake game. I have played it continued 4 hour, and it is really fun,but it can be more entertaining if you guys add audio on it. I have rated it 3 stars,i can rate it 4 if u add some good sound effects in it. I usually play the second option of the game,and in online part the snake is not moves smoothly. If u guys add more featurs in it,like sound and also vibration and screen rotation feature it would be nyc

    Samurai Jack Utonium July 21, 2017
    The game is fun and addictive in a way. But the multilayer is unplayable because of latency. I live in South Africa with 4G WiFi. But I assume because there’s no server helping the traffic here. I am stuck playing online against people who are a few seconds in the future. More rewarding game play would be great but the game concept is solid enough to make it very enjoyable. Focusing on lag issues for everyone to enjoy the game fully would make this a personal favourite.

    William Wardley April 11, 2017
    This is good fun, incredibly addictive but is entirely dependent on the online game. The ai in the single player doesn’t really represent the multiplayer game at all, with lots of infinitely circling worms(sic). You then go online when on wifi and is superb. If the ai in any way mimicked multiplayer this would be great. You can’t even use single player as training, is that disparate from the genuinely joyous/incredibly frustrating multiplayer that really makes this game worth downloading.

    Naomi Osorio September 14, 2017
    Okay so I started playing this game about a week ago, and I absolutely loved it. I logged in this afternoon and noticed that now the worms bobble their heads, which makes it very difficult to move where you want to go. Why this change? SMH I would have rated it a 5 otherwise. If you don’t at least give us the option of whether or not we want our worm to have a bobblehead, I’m afraid I’m going to have to delete it. ?

    Chris Walz February 12, 2017
    I like this game a lot. It’s a great time killer. The ads ar
    en’t overly plentiful, and they don’t interfere with gameplay. Only after you die do they pop up. I’d like to see the movement in the multiplayer mode get smoother, and I think it would be fun if there’s a “last man standing” option. As it stands you can play all day and the game keeps kicking out more snakes. Which would be fun as an endurance option. Just a thought.

    Austin Madden August 14, 2017
    I loved this game. I couldn’t play online without it lagging, so I played offline. I like the offline mode, because you don’t need any connection to any kind of Wi-Fi, data, etc. But, it does need some new things: you can find the snakes that are on the leaderboards, the huge snakes will try to wrap you up; so it is more realistic. I also think this would be cool: on the skins menu, you have the option to make your own skin. That’s all I have to say, I hope you add these into this game – my favorite .io game. Thanks.

    Boss _Girl August 17, 2017
    This app is awesome?! One of the best apps?! It is very fun you can play online with other people, it’s kind of hard but you can also play with bots if your not the best. It is a offline and online game. So when I go somewhere I can still play it! It’s a very fun game. People who say there are to many adds are wrong, there are barely any adds! It might just be your electronic. Or they just don’t have patience. Any ways I give it five stars!? It’s really awesome game you should download it.??

    Makayla Slime December 23, 2016
    I absolutely love this game. Because it is a great time killer. Whenever I have to wait until a certain time for something I play this game. It is really easy to control. Everybody else says its hard. Well that is just because you need to play it more to get better at it. I also like the variety of different patterns thay have for the snake/worm. The last thing about this game that I like is that you can type whatever name you want!! is an awesome game. That is why I like this game.

    Star Bunny2008 December 29, 2016
    It is so amazing when you get very long as a snake or worm I have a very good tip:When you are over 3000 you should find a little one and press the arrow like this^ and you would go faster. When you get faster you should make the little worm/snake trapped.Each time get smaller and smaller then there head would touch your body for how small you get. Be carefully NOT to touch your head on there body!

    Corey Sheets October 6, 2016
    This is awesome with bots but the online option is REALLY Laggy my WiFi is perfect Fix that but awesome game And Also on AI mode there’s no big snakes add some 20,000 in there it is gonna be alot more fun Great Game Tho! Kewl Skins BTW thanks for adding lots more ? Thx for this Lowtech . Miniclip wouldnt make a slitherio app for mobile. Miniclip only cares about their money!

    UnknownApril 26, 2017
    The concept of the game itself is really fun, but there are a few issues. When playing against AI, you should have the ability to pause the game. I also don’t like how your mass and rank are displayed on the lower left, as my thumb constantly covers it up. Moving the mass and rank to the upper right would make the experience of the game a lot better. Also, support Bluetooth controllers would be amazing. Besides that, the game is addictive. Does anyone know of a rehab? Because I think I have a problem. ?

    Tia Atkinson May 27, 2017
    If there was upgrades and actual logins so that you can go on your account so your snake is the same as you left it, it would be more exciting. Or, every time you go on the app; the game resets so you have to start all over again. If this happens, you would have to make sure that when people go out of the app but don’t clear their history and go back into the app that the game resets also… thanks for the fun!

    Adrian S March 11, 2017
    Please understand this is one of the best most amazing games I’ve ever played. The only reason I give it such a low rating is because even when online or 4G, you get so much dam lag almost all the time. On an I Pad it even logs you off of the game. Please I beg the creators of this game with so many dedicated Snakes in this world, please as a fan fix the lag, I beg you..

    Luke Patrinos December 28, 2016
    The game itself is fantastic and addictive. However, even tho I am on Sky fibre Max wi-fi and with high spec’ed phone the game lags massively. There is no chance I can enjoy the online game, when others fall onto me and I am the one to lose. Not cool. Hopefully we can see a better version in the future. Also, could you please add some bigger snakes on the offline mode? Thank you.

    Cate M November 19, 2016
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    Dustin Burgess October 7, 2017
    Update from my last review: idk why you devs don’t fix problems we’ve all listed on here from months ago. This is a good game but at least fix the damn lag so it’s somewhat more playable than it is. Signed Slit
    herio Addict! PS My damn worm won’t turn left at all.

    adam painter April 1, 2017
    Well its an awesome game but yeah it gets hard at some points which really annoys me and its never normally long until u die. Other than that, the skins are amazing and theres lots to choose from. And the graphics are OKAY I suppose might need changing abit. Like or reply if you agree.

    Joe Stoutenburg July 20, 2017
    This is one of those apps that you know developers have researched how to maximize its addictive trap.What’s more, I received an email indicating that a new Google account, using a name I only employed in the game, had attempted to access my main Google account.Either a third party is using slither to attempt to hack it’s users or, worse, the developers themselves are doing it.

    Cassidy Walters December 25, 2016
    It’s addicting and fun. I’m not very good at it, but its a good game nonetheless. The controls take a minute to get used to, I wish they were automatically set for right handed people. (Sense right handedness is dominant over left handedness, it makes sense) Controlling the worm/snake thing was easier once I figured out how to change that.

    Junayd Ch July 29, 2017

    Adriana Ortez July 18, 2017
    I love it! This game is a SO freaking addictive! But the only promblem is ads. You need to pay like $4 in order to not have the ads. Please fix it and lower it down. It causes to much lag and that causes me to lose when I’m like #3 on the leader board. Thank you, and keep up the good work, man. ?

    TurtleShroom January 8, 2017
    “Slitherio” is an addictive, fast-paced, wholesome video game that is safe for the whole family. Players assume command of a drivable worm (snake?) and try to devour colorful balls without colliding with opposing worms. The object is to grow as much as possible without colliding with the opposition. I rate this game five of five stars because it is on par with the desktop browser version. I find the worm highly responsive to touch commands and easy to drive.

    Jaclyn Laurenz January 21, 2017
    Ok, I was having fun at first especially when playing with bots. BUT now, it’s really hard to play online. It’s hard to control and it’s kinda lag and I die too fast. So I can only have fun when playing offline.:(PLEASE fix. TQ.Besides that, this is now my favorite game. ? I finally have a favorite game. I was always not sure which one is the one I like the most cuz the other games were and still are not that fun or interesting compared to this. I shouldn’t have underestimated this when I saw people playing it. Now I realized and I never regretted after installing and playing it. ? Definitely suggest that u give it a try.

    Kalina Weber January 16, 2017
    It’s usually pretty fun and it is definitely a time killer. I wouldn’t recommend this app if you are looking to use the Wi-Fi play mode aspect of it because of serious lag. It is still fun playing against A.I. It has ads but only after you have lost the game. Love, Kali Web, amateur app reviewer

    jamie garnto May 31, 2017
    This game is great for playing this is the best game in the world and it does not lag on play against AI and you get two play online and offline and you get to change your skin but this game can be rated very well and this game will be the game that will encourage yourself. You can do some booty smackin on this game but not only booty smackin you can kick some butt on here for example you kill other snakes and you get to steal their balls.!!!!.

    Reese Hummel November 19, 2016
    Too much lag. The developers of this app should be ashamed of themselves for letting the public see this game in the state it’s in. The fact that people can download this and see how bad they are at networking is downright disgraceful, period. Won’t be downloading again, even if all the issues are fixed. Learn how to build an app properly before releasing it.

    Greg Lawrenz October 6, 2016
    Simple to play.Beautiful to the eye.Smooth & graceful..Ahhh ! .. But such beauty may be all too short lived.The masters of the game are out there, waiting to flip, turn, and roll you into their pile of tasty energy nuggets, in the eternal battle for worm world domination.. So, sunshine; Are you champion.. or chum.. ?[FROST]
    Adam Entenman November 27, 2016
    Decided to give this game a 2nd chance on my new (Samsung) phone using my 75mb connection which I am able to play 4 WoW accounts on at the same time with no lag. And yet here I do get lag (despite being perfectly fine on gfs iphone). A very creative and addicting game. It’s ju
    st unfortunate the developer hired amateur software engineers who seem unable to fix cross platform. Contact me if you want somebody better. The students in my old computer basics class did something similar and surprise! No such issue

    Matthew Sly March 31, 2017
    I Love it but I have some suggestions. I think you should add new skins, and more gameplay options, like one where when you kill somebody, you get 100% of the mass. And maybe even a teaming option. And if you could add things like custom backrounds. And an option where you can train and get better. When your training the bots could be competitive and the player can be invincible so you don’t have to worry about dying.

    Matt Ottis October 21, 2016
    This is awful. How could other players play this ONLINE? My phone is using Lollipop and has 3gb ROM and 32gb RAM and I have a good 4g data connection and still, I barely could control my snake ONLINE. Pretty good UI and so many choices in making your snake unique though, but for what? For AI mode only? Please fix your server for ONLINE use.

    UnknownMay 6, 2017
    People keep stealing my food it’s really uncomfortable. I love how addicting it is. Also l try to write in the nickname box to not steal food but the longest nickname l can think of is Rapunzel. Help. Other than that its a good game. Sometimes this guy bumps into me but then l dissolve. NOT FAIR!!? plz fix

    Anthony Isola November 7, 2016
    Fix the lag and it would be a 5 star game. So sick of losing a larger life due to am unavoidable but forseeable collision because the lag jumps the other person right in front of me after a forced pause.. my internet is not the issue it’s the 100/30 speed

    Alma Carolina Gonzalez Duarte December 20, 2016
    I live slither .io so much you can pick your worm, well…… can pick as in costimize kinda oh well…..I just know I love and also here’s a tip:download roblox it’s so fun! heres a joke: where do pencils go on vacation? pencil-vania! hahaha hahaha hope you enjoyed reading this, bye!

    Random Person April 21, 2017
    Can it tell you after who killed you?You can then give them revenge,lol.Can it also tell you how many people of each skin colour are playing at that time?Because I am called GoGreens!, I help green snakes and it would be interesting to see how many snakes of that colour are playing and what is the most popular skin. :).But yes, this is a really fun game!!! Well done to you all who made this! ?