Sniper Robots

Target Robots and Hybrids and be the professional Sniper of the city!


Game too good but no only 2 slides in level plz doing something more level where is episode 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 like a candy crush

User Rating: ( 5,845 ratings )

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Sniper Robots- screenshot thumbnail
Sniper Robots- screenshot thumbnail
Sniper Robots- screenshot thumbnail

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    This is the era when the robot technology has reached to a highly advanced level. Intelligent robots have been developed to serve humans. But there is an evil team of hybrid scientists (half humans and half robots) who are trying to gain control of everything around. They have programmed robots to attack and abduct civilian in the city. This collaboration of hybrids and robots can be very dangerous!!!

    You as a sniper is charged with the duty from intelligence to save the innocent people from this cruelty.
    It’s time to take the risk and show off your super sniping skills. Get ready to clear the city from all sorts of robots. Target and destroy the strong robotic cars and air crafts in this amazing 3D shooting game. Remember the robots are strong and its isn’t easy to get rid of them.

    Step into a thrilling world of robots and hybrids and save the city from the evil robot enemies.Aim perfectly, Shoot effectively, and Go for the head shots!! Use slow motion feature to slow down the running enemies. Use the sticky bomb to explode robots. Don’t let your rivals escape! Gear up your rifle and target the merciless enemies as a professional hunter!!

    • Challenging Shooting Missions!
    • Incredible 3D Graphics and Sound Effects!
    • Purchase Strong Rifles from Store!
    • Superb Animations!
    • Destroy Robots and Hybrids!

    App Name Sniper Robots
    Developer Awesome Action Games
    Requirements Android 3.0 and up
    Package com.aag.sniperrobots


    User reviews

    vishal thummar February 23, 2017
    Game too good but no only 2 slides in level plz doing something more level where is episode 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 like a candy crush

    Michael Santiago March 17, 2017
    Horrible game takes too long to load n head shots look like they miss every time. Wouldn’t recommend for anyone..

    UnknownJuly 16, 2017
    Mediocre graphics. Poor controls especially after zooming in. Very poor story line…and WAY WAY too many ads…..

    Sharkus Velarde March 11, 2017
    Jeezus god this is bad! The aiming is irrelevant. HOW IS THIS RATED 4 STARS?!!

    Smiley Face GO August 11, 2017
    A re-skin of a certain stick figure game this studio made, but with some sticky-bomb-bullet improvements. ?

    carl ware August 6, 2017
    The game is very addictive. Played for the first time yesterday, now today the game won’t load. I would give a higher rating, but it needs to be fixed first

    Sreevidya Vaddipalli February 24, 2017
    OMG! Don’t install this waste game one ad for one mission too many ads

    Matthew Zapp January 20, 2017
    To slow and far too many ads

    Jason Paquette March 31, 2017
    When on the scope it is hard to move around.

    Matthew FALLON January 25, 2017
    Fun game, easy to follow and target ; well done developers!!!

    Marvin Lumbay February 12, 2017
    I really like this game. . . Because i injoy playing this game. .

    Riff Seekers March 17, 2017
    Could be better. But overall average type of game.

    Christopher Domenichelli March 23, 2017
    They should add more ch.’s and let you level up more on previous ch.’s

    Sunil Rx June 12, 2017
    Junk game idiot game…. Onlyadvertisement

    Anthony Rasmussen March 1, 2017
    this game is really fun the tasks aren’t to hard but not to easy

    ALEXIS ROBLES PEREZ January 29, 2017
    Geeeez I cant watch an Ad every time you pass a fkn level

    joseph haworth February 19, 2017
    Great job this game is addictive i love it.

    Rockey Young January 22, 2017
    Good loved it could move a little faster with the sensitivity

    James Kirby February 13, 2017
    Awesome games thanks for making this awesome game

    Uluv R February 8, 2017
    I like this game it fun to play.

    Earner Woodard January 22, 2017
    *Life is short Make it even *Better.*

    Belinda Honeycutt January 20, 2017
    I think it is a great game .

    Rochelle Tabak February 17, 2017
    Love it but try to make it free room

    Butch Mills May 6, 2017
    Awesome game!Still love it!

    Monica Divekar April 9, 2017
    Nice gameboys make more gameslike these game

    Dee M July 13, 2017
    The game ia really fun but can be hard to control at times

    UnknownMarch 19, 2017
    This is very good game

    Roni Hadi Permana February 24, 2017
    Cool but it hard to control.

    Ray Mcfarlane March 30, 2017
    Really like it its cool game

    kamal kishore March 26, 2017
    The game is very good specially the graphics and the gameplay

    Levi’s Manolo Padayhag April 11, 2017
    Where is the other episode.. Could you fix it

    Charles Mack July 20, 2017
    It won’t let me go past level 9

    Markja Enlangan January 31, 2017
    It’s so enjoy

    reaper c July 21, 2017
    I love this game

    Dominick Sanders April 29, 2017
    It is the best sniper game every

    Matias Wojcik June 23, 2017
    It’s fun to get to shoot stuff hah

    Jacob Moshomane May 20, 2017
    It’s fun and easyto play

    Anireddy Reddy May 27, 2017
    Worst game with the graphics

    Sourav Mandal February 12, 2017
    Awesome thanks for the app

    Evangelis Pitts October 1, 2017
    If you could have made it to wereyou can be more active that would be great.


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