Spider vs Gangster Sniper Shooting

Eliminate every gangster destroying peace of the city.


A good and fun game to play

User Rating: ( 3,560 ratings )

Screenshot Spider vs Gangster Sniper Shooting

Spider vs Gangster Sniper Shooting screenshot
Spider vs Gangster Sniper Shooting screenshot
Spider vs Gangster Sniper Shooting screenshot
Spider vs Gangster Sniper Shooting screenshot

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    One of the hardest sniper assassination mission as you are being sent to assassin gangster and mafia. Incredible monster warriors, war criminals, crime lords have taken control over new miami city and turned it into a forbidden city where nobody is daring to go. As a universe defender and an incredible hero it is your responsibility to fight this future war against global terrorist and dark hero, eliminate the terrorist and become a superhero. If you love 3d sniper games and free shooting games then spider vs gangster assassin grand shooter fury battle is the ultimate non-stop action packed one of the best free games. This is a stealth shooting game where you have been sent on a shooting assassin mission for gangster assault with an ultimate sniper gun. Deadly criminals have hired mafia to hunt down super spider hero who has already destroyed monster city once when he was sent on a war rescue mission to perform rescue duty in the battle zone. That army rescue mission had a tough fighting where city fighter, flying spider and flying mutant ninja warrior also took part and used their strange mutant superhero powers to crush mafia.

    This is an ultimate elite sniper assassin critical mission where enemy is not aware of your presence. Try to eliminate them all with ready aim fire method. Try to shoot enemy using only one shot as it will do the maximum damage. Who’s the super hero? It’s a great time to let the world know that you are a super action hero in the last battle of fighting mafia and monsters in extreme crime. Being an incredible superhero, command your army of flying heroes in this special operations forces anti terrorist war. This is a secret mission of gun shooting where you have to shot fire from a distance. You have taken special military training and you were a part of swat team. Training of army is always tough as you learn modern counter attack, army combat. You are the best sniper hero ever produced as your shooting accuracy is just amazing. You have one bullet shot which can eliminate monsters and villains from a distance without making any noise. You are a bravo special agent, a modern sniper shooter and you have taken part in army shooting competition to show others that you are a bullet force of gun war and mobile battle strike. You can call for air strike for assistance.

    In this epic heroes war, hero forces are going to join for anti crime fury battle. This is counter terrorist open war with shadow hero. You are a hero cop and a good soldier in this mission of heroes in survival city. You are a newyork superhero and have taken part in so many heroes battles, that’s why people call you mr. incredible. If you are looking for new supehero games, fighting games and offline games then adventure awaits you in battle arena. So what are you waiting for Mr. Incredible, hold your gun and go for a mafia wars in the battle city. Use your strange mutant super spider boy powers and shooting skills in this escape mission. Best of luck and enjoy Incredible Monster vs Super Spider Hero game.

    ★ Stunning 3D Environment
    ★ Numerous sniping scenarios and offline mission types
    ★ Realistic bullet time effect and slow motion

    What’s New

    – Gameplay Improvements
    – Bugs fixation and optimization

    App NameSpider vs Gangster Sniper Shooting
    DeveloperBlockot Studios
    RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

    User reviews

    Dora Kearney October 6, 2017
    A good and fun game to play

    DICKY SHAW October 20, 2017
    Good but ads are irritating

    sinocruz cruz October 7, 2017
    I thinkit’sok

    Veeramani L October 7, 2017
    Best game in the world

    ram Kumar singh Singh October 19, 2017
    Very baad

    Smiley Face GO September 11, 2017
    “Sniper Army Win!” More like Sniper Army Fail! This Spider-Man copyright infringed game crashed as soon as I tapped shoot on the first guy! On the 1st level! I restarted and hated playing but at least the GAME didn’t crash… Went to review it on Google Play and Google Play crashed! TY for funny video footage at least. ??

    YourBasicGamer August 17, 2017
    Not good. The missions are under a minute long each. When the mission is over. AD. When you are about to start a new mission, AD a few seconds after the last one. Its crazy! Also, when you shoot someone the bullet sometimes goes through them. Bad game.

    tony waldroup August 28, 2017
    Is all terrible I hate it ads ads ads end my suffering

    Oren Shmuel August 9, 2017
    Waaaay too many long ads. Have up and uninstalled after playing for five minutes.

    Haigaz Tataryan September 3, 2017
    This autistic s#@t is lit.

    UnknownAugust 29, 2017
    Every time I tried to play it would shut me out

    subhani shaik August 27, 2017
    This is a very bad game

    Franklin Franco August 20, 2017
    Good game but 10000000 ads

    UnknownAugust 12, 2017
    Never got a chance to play because of the ads.

    mnsoHenry RednnMiranda September 5, 2017
    Dislike Turning like explotions

    Ishaankhan Pathan August 29, 2017
    Why the spidey? I don’t get it.

    blax 239 August 15, 2017
    funbut to many ads

    UnknownAugust 24, 2017
    Control is very bad

    Ahmed Abd El Latif September 11, 2017
    A lot ofads

    Tonya Pawwinnee September 1, 2017
    It is a cool game

    Fidget spinner colectors C August 21, 2017
    A little good

    Franca Mzondu August 20, 2017
    Stupid game

    UnknownSeptember 7, 2017
    It’s kool

    Raja Rani September 8, 2017
    Super game

    Cobea Michael September 5, 2017
    Very good yed

    Alvin Corbillon September 10, 2017
    controls are hard to navigate

    UnknownSeptember 6, 2017
    Hate it Awful

    Zamya Garner August 10, 2017
    Good and amozon

    david heath August 27, 2017

    UnknownAugust 28, 2017

    Saleem Lakhani August 13, 2017

    Derpy Pootakin August 8, 2017
    It cured me from my hemorrhoids

    Logan Paxton August 8, 2017

    Snazzy Dolphin August 6, 2017
    Best Game 10/10 next call of duty I would play dis game again and become mlg pro ?

    UnknownAugust 5, 2017

    AUSTIN BARNEY August 3, 2017
    Best game 10/10 would have game open and crash again

    UnknownAugust 4, 2017

    M Praveen August 4, 2017
    Good for time pass

    UnknownAugust 4, 2017
    Bad game

    shaila m August 3, 2017