Star Fighter 3001 Free

The Star Fighter 3001, Rich scenes and fighter world, Simple and excellent!


Need a bigger tablet for far sight

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Screenshot Star Fighter 3001 Free

Star Fighter 3001 Free screenshot
Star Fighter 3001 Free screenshot
Star Fighter 3001 Free screenshot
Star Fighter 3001 Free screenshot

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    In AD 3001, the Earth receives signals from a set of combat alien civilization. Earth Federation decided to send a reconnaissance team, investigating the case of alien forces. To fight the alien threat, the World Alliance bring forth their ultimate weapon, the Star Fighter. Equipped with weapons such as the Lock-on Laser, Spread Shot, missiles and bombs, the Star Fighter is the Earth’s only shot at defeating the invaders. To accomplish this task, you must have the courage and wisdom.

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    The Star Fighter 3001, Rich scenes & fighter world, Simple and excellent! The Star Fighter 3001 is a fast fighter game, seven different scenes, charming sound and music, with HD graphics and special game play. Press screen to move, destroy enemies in your adventure!

    * Multi controls: switch between tilt and touch controls.

    * 5 different weapons: Spread Shot, Tracking Missiles, Directed Missiles ,The Laser and Lock-on Laser. Each weapon also has the ability to perform unique super-charged attacks.

    * 3 difficulty levels, each with an individual leaderboard.

    * 7 challenging levels spanning from the Earth to outer space.

    * 20 different enemy types, 3 different precious stones.

    * 7 Bosses with rich attack patterns and transformations.

    * Amazing Lighting and Special Effects

    * 3 unique fighters waiting for unlocking, when you passed all easy/normal/hard levels, Thunderbolt and Lightning will be available for play. Thunderbolt and Lightning are also available by buying Pro version.

    Simple game rule but it’s surprisingly challenging. Enjoy to be a Star Fighter!

    What’s New

    Bug fixed.

    App NameStar Fighter 3001 Free
    RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

    User reviews

    Justyn Locke August 29, 2017
    Need a bigger tablet for far sight

    MikeLen Salas September 25, 2017
    Cool and passes time…

    Lok Chi Lin July 13, 2017
    Best start fighter game ever existed

    Chandan Prajapati May 11, 2017
    Boaring speed in game

    Amir Amiri June 26, 2017

    Brad Peters January 31, 2017
    Not a awesome game nor bad…Nothing sets it apart from the other shooters. I get ads Every time I die? EVERY TIME… A N N O Y I N G. Deleted, I have ads that often.

    Joseph Green February 5, 2017
    Awesome game very addictive

    Tyler James November 25, 2016
    It’s Whats Good!

    Niel Sever Docdoc December 23, 2016

    super tech hacks October 3, 2016
    If you are bored playing easy games try this it is very hard but great fun,thrilling.

    Paul Hoffman September 1, 2016
    Don’t you!?!

    monica thomas August 28, 2016
    Amazin graphicz..

    UnknownSeptember 18, 2016
    Old school…. Liked it. ????

    Sangeetha Antony September 27, 2016
    Not so amazing, nice graphics ?????

    Cole Schmidt October 17, 2016
    Star fiter

    Arick dip biswas November 4, 2016
    Starting to liking it.

    Alboooza Afi July 6, 2016
    I like thes sci-fi games, and this one is good, thx! Ah by the way it seem latest updates is pushing advertisings.

    Davross June 29, 2016
    When I first installed this game it was great but then after the recent update it won’t do sht. Sort it out please people’s.

    riztaenoypi June 9, 2016
    too long to get through a level and there are no upgrades

    Keith Herron May 14, 2016
    Takes me back when all there was , was Atari but better

    Daniel Cody May 21, 2016

    Airah Cashyeah May 1, 2016
    More stars to rate

    asraa tarq March 11, 2016
    معجب بيهةاحمد صفاء جدن

    Marc Henrie Gillera March 2, 2016
    love it but dnt know how to unlock the other air craft..

    Almopacabe Mendoza March 13, 2016

    Duan Tucker August 29, 2015
    The slow motion effect when you take your hand off the screen really helps otherwise this game would be very difficult

    Ozzy Dreamer January 19, 2016
    Give a way to sync to Facebook or other ways to backup progress and Ill give 5 star. Why is there NO way to backup our progress?

    Pinki Das September 6, 2015
    When I touch the Airstrike,than going on slow motion. Please solve it…

    Spencer Langei November 4, 2015

    Ian Ives December 14, 2015
    This is a tastefully primal affair. I recommend this to any gamer who likes shooters.

    Vivan Ainis February 29, 2016
    On some of the bosses it’s a patern when it firers. And if you like paterns then I sigest getting this game

    rati kanta October 30, 2015
    me only one no 1 score

    Rose Valenzuela August 29, 2015
    Excellent graphics ,fun

    Rest in Peace November 18, 2015
    not good

    Ernesto Marrufo October 22, 2015
    just started game yo ….be back w/opinion!

    Navarre Wilson October 1, 2015
    Fun game

    Maria Aguanta August 23, 2015

    Gio G August 24, 2015
    Great Game!

    Alford Morgan August 31, 2015
    Fun game

    Stephanie Leiba October 25, 2015
    Good game