Stealth Helicopter Gunship War

Extreme naval Stealth helicopter simulation and ultimate assault on battleships


Less controlof gunship

User Rating: ( 8,525 ratings )

Screenshot Stealth Helicopter Gunship War

Stealth Helicopter Gunship War screenshot
Stealth Helicopter Gunship War screenshot
Stealth Helicopter Gunship War screenshot
Stealth Helicopter Gunship War screenshot

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    You are in a state of a gunship war, enemy is at the gates it’s an ultimate naval warfare with fleets of enemies firing missiles at you. Up above the deep seas a gunship battle has to be fought by experiencing a stealth helicopter adventure. You are a lone wolf surrounded by fleets of enemy, turn your enemy into pieces by your single missile command.

    Your stealth helicopter is equipped with weapons and armory to show down enemy battleships. It’s an ultimate air combat and a gunship war between you and enemy fleets. You are required to provide a careful missile command to win this naval battle. Do not let yourself carried away performing stealth helicopter adventures your sole duty is to destroy enemy battleships in this gunship war otherwise you will be failed.

    In this naval warfare enemy ships may try to hide behind chunks of land in deep seas track them down with you precise missile command and unleash hell on your enemy with an air combat.


    Use the on screen controls to navigate the stealth helicopter forwards, backwards and strafe sideways. Gyroscopic features will allow to rotate the helicopter through tilting the device.
    Track enemy battleships through radar system and use primary and secondary weapons to your advantage. Machine gun inflicts higher damage to the ships, whereas tracking missiles can take down enemies from long range by following the tracking path.

    ⋐⋑ FEATURES ⋐⋑
    Ξ Play in various challenging gunship war levels
    Ξ Move & rotate helicopter through navigational controls
    Ξ Fight against a variety of different land and aerial enemies with your equipped weapons
    Ξ Heli health and radar range sight
    Ξ Stunning visual graphics with realistic sound effects

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    What’s New

    Improved game play.
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    App NameStealth Helicopter Gunship War
    DeveloperPerspective Games
    RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

    User reviews

    Dilshan Weerasooriya April 13, 2017
    Less controlof gunship

    santosh gupta April 24, 2017
    ek dum bekar

    Ibrahim Nahleh November 4, 2016
    Nice game but it have very bad controlled and it if have good controlled it be nice

    Daminda Munaweera October 6, 2016
    It’s good to time pas when you are waiting for

    Butch Mills May 25, 2016
    Sucks! Don’t waste your time!

    Mahmoh Moshtaghi July 12, 2016
    بسیار خوب عالیه ،،

    william van heerden January 17, 2016

    Шавкат Арчабоев February 16, 2016

    Santos Kumar March 19, 2016

    Eddie Miner April 5, 2015
    Great graphics.Like someone said it needs a healing station or something.Because when your health meter goes down but never up why continue the battle?I am on level two only,and I am finding it too difficult too soon.I like that it loads fast.But most of the time it begs me to buy some game from the play store called Game Of Throans,or something like that.I will never play that game just for that reason.And why is that the only app that comes up?!

    Imran Riaz April 8, 2015
    Good graphics…very difficult to play at level 2. Thinking to uninstall it..difficult. enemy boat got heat seeking missiles…no survival. Uninstalling…horrible.

    Masanga Chinzah April 7, 2015
    I wonder that enemies shot me in exact point i mean evenif i moved to miss the shot of enemy bullets ,they shot me in right point anyway ,moving or prevent/hinder from enemy bullets are futilethat they din’t miss us ,so gave it 2 star ..

    Irfan Khan April 22, 2015
    Too bad it has only one map.

    Thu Nguyen van July 15, 2015
    Good game, but the campaign is relatively short, i completed them in less than 30 mins. The trick is to take the boats out from a distance

    Andrew Arzberger June 2, 2015
    Terribleapp you can’t aim and you can only move around you always die never get this app

    Michael Alexander October 22, 2015
    Thr Aim Is Correct You Have To Back Up To Aim At Target

    Ikc Ikc February 20, 2015
    Not all that bad.the game is ok but not the best.

    dilshad ahmad March 29, 2015
    Veryboring gameDont download

    Jason Ely January 31, 2015
    This good game great but it needs a base so heal your chopper up and load up on more weapons

    Developer Perspective Games February 1, 2015 good idea for agame update Jason ?

    Ashir Irfat February 26, 2015
    Little slow n every stage @ same location

    richard kambel April 20, 2015
    Salam baziye vagheean maskhareei bud dar had lego bazi tosiyee mikonam khahesh mikonam dan nakonid

    Jomari Mayol April 22, 2015
    Its beautiful

    Lee Yu Ke June 23, 2015
    This game is cool! Just needs a healing station and will be perfect.

    Ralph Harris February 24, 2015
    Sink ship

    din othman February 2, 2015
    Its a good game. It needs more level of combat scenarios to make it more interesting.

    Xin JinXiang February 4, 2015
    잼난건 좋은데 레벨 추가

    Bernard Brookes May 21, 2015
    Controls not responsive enough to compete with speed of opposition

    farooq langove April 3, 2015
    But the helli is so slow plz increase its speed

    Ali Naderi February 15, 2015
    سلام قو های دریا و قوهای آسمان چقدر زیبا هستنند

    Jennifer Winglet July 15, 2015
    Awesome game..I feel happy after installing it..superb.

    M Gh April 17, 2015
    بازی خوبیه’فقط یخورده بد دسته

    Carli Grand July 9, 2015
    Ugly stupid game rate0

    Willy Cabral July 17, 2015
    Navy helicopter battle ship

    Christopher Nason January 31, 2015
    Stupidest freakin game EVER

    MELANIE WILLIAMS January 31, 2015
    Awesome game my cousins made it

    Patrick Merkley February 1, 2015
    Good game controls ok

    Jack McDonald Jr March 4, 2015
    No fun at all.

    Eliana Angelique January 26, 2015
    Very addictive helicopter simulation game

    سلطانعلی جعفرزاده April 10, 2015
    دانلود کنید خیلی خیلی خوب است.

    Masoud Bani April 28, 2015
    بازی واقعأزيباوقشنگ،ساخته،شده.متشکرم! مسعود.بانی