Super Saiyan Dragon Z Warriors

This is true story about a Super Saiyan Hero have become Legendary


Good but lags out of arena when i get far into it. It makes me restart my arena every time so please fix because i can never get far into it. ALSO hahahha, oh man thats hilarious. You cheap skates have replicated the game and remade it at least 6 different times. Literaly running out of ideas to where you guys invert the colors and call it a new game. Beware everybody, good game but dont download any more than one, THEY ARE ALL THE EXACT SAME!!!!! but pleeeeaassee fix the arena.

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Screenshot Super Saiyan Dragon Z Warriors

Super Saiyan Dragon Z Warriors screenshot
Super Saiyan Dragon Z Warriors screenshot
Super Saiyan Dragon Z Warriors screenshot
Super Saiyan Dragon Z Warriors screenshot

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    In another universe, there is a Super Saiyan Hero have become Legendary, his from another planet like Earth ! We’re talking about making up the story of the legendary fight with Lord Frieze, Mutant Cell,Terminator Majin, Cursed Kid, CrazyMan Broly, against Fusion War to protect our planet save our life!

    By tapping the screen with fingers, the player can cause an intense battle to unfold and enjoy the fighting action on their smartphone. Utilizing the smartphone’s sense of control to its greatest extent, super-high-speed fights are possible.The player will have chance to use the cool skills effect like Ki Blast, Gigantic Gun, Death Ball , Dragon Finger Ball and so much action skills.

    – Story Mode : Allows players to play through the original events of the Super Saiyan story.

    – Survival Mode : Survival mode is a game mode in which the player must continue playing for as long as possible in an uninterrupted session while the game presents them with increasingly difficult waves of challenges.

    – Legend Mode : Fight with Strong Enemies to get more rewards like weapons , items ,gems.

    – Team Mode : This mode allows up to 4 players to join battle to complete missions in cooperation. It allows players who have difficulty to complete missions alone to find help to complete them. In Team Mode , you need use Key to fight match.

    What’s New

    Vesion 1.09
    + Optimization AI Intelligent
    Vesion 1.08
    + Optimization Ads.
    + Fix AI Enemy
    Vesion 1.07
    + Event Happy New Year Sales 50% Gems .

    App NameSuper Saiyan Dragon Z Warriors
    Developer3B Sentinel
    RequirementsAndroid 4.0.3 and up

    User reviews

    Trevin Scott May 15, 2017
    Good but lags out of arena when i get far into it. It makes me restart my arena every time so please fix because i can never get far into it. ALSO hahahha, oh man thats hilarious. You cheap skates have replicated the game and remade it at least 6 different times. Literaly running out of ideas to where you guys invert the colors and call it a new game. Beware everybody, good game but dont download any more than one, THEY ARE ALL THE EXACT SAME!!!!! but pleeeeaassee fix the arena.

    Graberass Adventures February 22, 2017
    Its not too bad. Game is fun. But there are many glitches tht need to be fixed. Once you start fighting anyone in this game or in create sayian that are over 4000. The game crahes. Its also really hard to fight in legends. Freeza is only defeatable once you has ssj2 and have a power over 2700. Even then its close

    Souvik Baruah April 11, 2017
    For me, it’s the most addictive and fantastic. …I was always looking for a good mind boggling game of dbz involving the super saiyan transformations ssj1,ssj2,ssj3,ssj4 and on….the deadly array of villains like Cell,Lord Freiza makes the game more exciting. ….I’ve successfully completed the game with my player Trunks,the last 2 blue gods of chapter 8 were just “over-deadly”….it was an amazing experience of game play!

    ShaneO Radiosho February 25, 2017
    this is one of those games that the a.I beats ur ass with op blasts over and over and u can’t block and every time you try to do a special it doesn’t work. sick of games like this that look fun and you think u can make your own character,you can’t etc. do it right or don’t do it at all.

    A Person May 20, 2017
    The game would have been much better if you could have bought super saiyan 4 and 5 without the 400 gems. Can you please change that? Also, the amount of times a player receives gems after a battle isn’t enough.

    SpongeClan July 10, 2017
    I love this game I downloaded it on my mom’s tablet so my brother could play and I forgot the expansion file. It took 3 hours for it to complete and by then it was dead. Can you please remove the expansion file it is really annoying.

    Randy taylor October 11, 2017
    Yo great game but adding more characters would be awesome and changing the aura of certain characters would be spectacular and adding a customizer to at LEAST the first guy at LEAST. And maybe make the characters say the name of there attacks. Even without these it’s still a fun game, oh! And adding know transformations too that would be very intriguing to see what you can do Im looking forward to the new updates so plz take these ideas into consideration pls and thxs for the awesome game? sorry but also I’m not too sure but free gems or whatever ads can’t seem to find it….dont know if I have to buy that part or not but idk I’m done now so ya take care guys!? up back again beat story would love it if you added more bosses also cut scenes would be nice for gig battles! Great game?

    UnknownMarch 28, 2017
    Okay, I’ve gotten pretty good at this game. Excellent work all around, and the bugs aren’t even a big deal. But the one issue I have with this, the ONE issue: Super Sayian God is too high a price of gems to save up for.

    Ahmed Smida April 11, 2017
    I think this game is so nice man who update it it will be fantactic for him trust me guys even my brother update it he said it’s so perfect even ask him on facebook or instgram and he will tell you what’s is reason and me i gust update it it was so nice for me even you guys try to update it and say your reason and rate it when the phone tell ‘s you ok guys i trust you guys so much bye from ahmed assad melod smida.

    Steven Rios February 17, 2017
    I hear when your punching them and they atomaticly blocks after you get a hit without the apponent blocking and it hits you but otherwise the game is awesome I mean I love it keep up the good work and someday even make a better game?

    Fares The Golden Gamer April 11, 2017
    Its ok but every time i try to mix stuff with a high rate of maybe 75% it always fails and i lose my stuff. this is the only bug. this game is the best but the bug is making it bad fix the bug and this game will be the best! I wish that the maker of the game read what i typed and to fix the bug and thank you.

    Elijah Harp Jr April 21, 2017
    Liked this one better than Dokkan i can unlock special attacks I can use points to get strong enough to play through story mode there are plenty of stages also other characters w different specials but the only con is each cost 4000 stars or lots of gems good idea to make purchase but does still offer several modes of play loved the art and interface great job

    N H July 2, 2017
    It’s ok, takes too long to get points and the game doesn’t teach you how to block/combo back. Whereas the computer can almost easily do it.

    Matty- Ice February 26, 2017
    I think this game is real fun but just don’t know how to use the keys or the raid boxes? Frustrates me lol.

    Marcellus Prince April 22, 2017
    Good but needs more updates. Maybe a multiplayer arena so i can compete against other players. And the drop rate for some items is tremendously low. Make another way to get god gear please. The fragments for the swap feature drop 1 in 10,000 tries. :[

    D Gards March 13, 2017
    Wish it had more character creation options like being able to unlock super saiyan god for trunks among others and more characters from dragon ball super. Being able to play as lord beerus would be an amazing edition! Also wish it wasnt such a grind. Almost takes the fun away. Other than that its one of the better dragon ball series game.

    MUKOSI RABELANI April 14, 2017
    So far so good but I think this game requires some additions. Can you pleaseinvolve mountains and other natural features to the battle so that we may able to crush our opponents into mountain, grounds, trees,etc. By so doing it will make this game enjoyable ever..The game is good so for but it short of only those additions.Please fix it and I bet on ratting it to ?????

    son goku June 15, 2017
    This game is epic but every time I leave like story or something it always pops up would u like to rate this app or its pops up would u like to watch a video for 100 gems then when I do click OK IT NEVER GIVES ME THE 100 GEMS

    Chosen Videos June 8, 2017
    The way they fight were fine but i hope you make it better and pease add more characters also please put some other mission cause I love this game

    Damian Anderson May 14, 2017
    It’s so hard to fight when your opponent is blocking everything. change this and I might give it 5 stars

    Kevin Toma March 15, 2017
    …ok i got the hang of it,really nice,but i think developers should add a dash up option when the opponent is about to blast you as well as a counter attack since a.i. can do both of those manouvers thank you.

    James Turner August 10, 2017
    It’s a good fighting game one I’ve been looking on my phone for awhile. Would be a lot better if you had another attack or two while fighting.

    NIGHTSHADEWOLF February 23, 2017

    CrimsonShade 95 March 24, 2017
    All together I like this game its challenging simple and no limit to how many times you can play on it a few bug here and there but other than the bugs it’s I good game loved it

    Mr. Sarcasm April 2, 2017
    at firts I thought it was some shity fanmade game, but its actually pretty good, a lot of fun, especially if you’re a dbz fan

    Jayvon Joshua April 12, 2017
    Soooo cool u must have it if u love dragonball, I already have super saiyan 3 gogeta and I only had the game for 2 days.

    Riddhi Trivedi May 8, 2017
    Hey hey friends do you know I have completed the full story mode in this game and I have all characters unlocked but only I have not unlocked Godgoku and godvegeta and also I have unlocked ssj3 in every character and I have unlocked ssj4 and 5 in goku and vegeta

    UnknownApril 12, 2017
    This game is great! Just one thing though. Why do sometimes the mixes of the items fail and the upgrades? Still 5 stars!

    Shane Cox March 8, 2017
    I love this game but can you guys update it I feel like it needs one like make it were you can get super saiyan god blue for free

    Marlena baker May 8, 2017
    I loved this game so much I might actually spend my money on my credit card to get god go u and vegeta

    Savage Kid May 8, 2017
    Tbh I like the game.Its just that the characters are so op (over priced). otherwise it’s good ??

    Trickshot gaming TSG April 9, 2017
    Awesome but two things it glitches a lot and every time I wanna upgrade my gear is says mix failed and take my gear away.

    c,oo oh km Cassandra Reed June 19, 2017
    I got almost all the characters I’m beast killed vegetassj god in 5 hits KO I’m too god and now on to Goku ssj blue god

    Darion Lomax March 2, 2017
    This is the best dbz game ever the only thing that would make it better is that u can play online and u could get a better chance at mixing items

    jordan WAH March 24, 2017
    Really has nothing to do with dragon ball at all. Just another Flash game with sluggish controls. You can purchase upgrades but the idea of anybody spending money on this game is laughable.

    Gamer Apps May 23, 2017
    Well game is great with nice power lvls mods but the names of all players is missing and you havent replied my email from many day of my complain with game ….thats y 3 points or rather deserved 5

    joseph romero June 8, 2017
    I think Its a great game. What it’s Needs is an update for some graphics and a ssj4 and ssj5 for the main character. For an add on, new characters and powers would be cool, as well as chapters.

    Spikes and Jacob February 11, 2017
    It’s a good game but can you just fix the bugs it always happens when I go in story mode I use defence and then it crashed

    Sergio Ortiz July 11, 2017
    Games a bit difficult and there not really telling you how things work but ots addiction g

    Tomisha Woodruff August 8, 2017
    This game is to addicting.great gameplay it has good graphics.When it has an up date it should allow you to have more transformations though. And we should be able to create characters. ???