Survival Island – Wild Escape

Are you ready to escape alive from mysterious Wild Island? Plan Ultimate Mission


Wilson,the wolf was the only good thing on the island. Whenever the man went to eat,he followed him. But after his death no one follows him. So sad. Another thing,why will Wilson go to the zombies all alone;to be killed? The coconuts r flying ;how stupid…..?????for Wilson. ?????for the developer.

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Screenshot Survival Island – Wild Escape

Survival Island - Wild Escape screenshot
Survival Island - Wild Escape screenshot
Survival Island - Wild Escape screenshot
Survival Island - Wild Escape screenshot

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    Lonely survival on a wild island an epic journey of Captain Philip Begins after his Airplane crashed on the shores of no man’s Island. Utilizing his Army lone Survival skills now he has to utilize his hunting and shooting skills to survive and fight against wild animals and Haunted Zombies to find his way to survive and find his escape from the hunted Island. Hunt rather than getting hunted. Utilize your action, fighting and shooting skill to escape. It’s a deadly mission on deadly shores to survive. Plan the Mission to escape from the dangerous Island to survive and return back home.

    Infect you are in the middle of a situation on jungle island surrounded by the earth’s oldest creatures. You are equipped with a sniper rifle to hunt the wild beasts. As you shooting and killing the animals you will get more guns that will help you survive from lost Island! Show your shooting and hunting skills with First Person Shooting. Hunt zombies and animals in this hunting & escape life safeguard missions.

    Escape from an Island like a real survival hero to struggle for your freedom. Survival land adventures begins with a hard time escape from lost Island along with wilder wolf. Seek help from your axe, guns and rifles expertise for escape day mission. Fight the savage targeted missions & combat zombies attack to save your life, hard time escape and kill shots wild animals, zombies using your hunting simulator skills. 1st person assault shooting to evolve as brave hunting warrior in this thrilling adventures game for a life escape wild mission. Master your survivor escape plan and use wolf to attack on your rivals. Use all the possible tools and weapons to defend yourself from zombies and wilderness creature.

    You have to use all your sneaking & hunting skills to survive in island! Use hard axe to cut trees, collect wood for fire and search some hunting meet from animals. You will have to eat apples, drink water and cut trees for fire and weapons to get food from animal’s meat. Defend yourself from wild animals and zombies of the island. Survival Island wild escape is new adventure simulator of jungle world survival with adventure missions. Let’s start Hunting & Survival voyage. Plan the Mission to escape from the dangerous Island to survive and return back home.

    Survival Island – Wild Escape Game Features:

    • Complete freedom of action and adventures
    • Wilderness of Assault shooting guns to kill the zombies
    • Sniper rifles to hunt island wild animals
    • Explore Island and get amazing hunting experiences
    • Use axe, rifles and guns to combat and survive
    • If you get hungry you become rust
    • Regular updates with new content
    • Eat apples, meet & collect water bottles to uphold energy

    We hope you will enjoy this island survival & hunting game. Your comments & ratings are welcome and will help us in creating even better games for you.

    What’s New

    More Improvements:
    => Smooth & Enhanced Game Play Controls
    => Improved User Interface & Minor Bug Fixes
    => Enhanced User Game play Experience & Interactivity
    => Navigation Controls & Camera Movement Improved
    Stay Tuned For Our Future Updates
    Thanks for your feedback & comments.

    App NameSurvival Island – Wild Escape
    DeveloperVital Games Production
    RequirementsAndroid 4.0 and up

    User reviews

    Litia CHAKRABORTY DAS January 27, 2017
    Wilson,the wolf was the only good thing on the island. Whenever the man went to eat,he followed him. But after his death no one follows him. So sad. Another thing,why will Wilson go to the zombies all alone;to be killed? The coconuts r flying ;how stupid…..?????for Wilson. ?????for the developer.

    KienjeTheGiant August 15, 2017
    I enjoy the wolf companion but the walking sound is annoying. Please include sound settings to change music and sound settings please! The game is enjoyable but don’t expect too much. The gameplay is basically get food water kill a zombie. I actually did feel something at the end because of what happens. Good effort.

    Muhammad Ridzuan November 30, 2016
    1)it need more campaign 2)the repeated action is a NO NO 3)it’s a bit laggy when the horde of zombie attacking 4)add some story so it’ll be more thrilling to play 5)the objective text and the aim for the shotgun sometime is not working 6)it crashing when the ads pop up(sometime) 7)the coconuts is magically flying(coconut trees will be good). Overall it’s a good effort for making this game.

    Ma La October 3, 2017

    Andries Marais December 13, 2016
    Who do I blame??? Play store people or game maker people?? I’ve deleted my previous game for this game and it Doesn’t work suppose to know witch game to add on witch play store the people have waist of my freaking data to download

    Amy Waples February 7, 2017
    It was alright but I didn’t realise there were zombies. The only good thing about this really was the tamed wolf.And floating coconut’s? I didn’t even realise they were coconut’s untill near the end of the campaign.

    jon kellow July 8, 2017
    Wow. This was terrible. An absolute waste of time and memory. The controls are rough, the gameplay is a disaster, the graphics are not great. More power to you for finishing this “game”

    ii_Chris December 13, 2016
    Why did Wilson have to crying right so sad,we were about to escape together he was the only thing in the game I cared about…All tho a great game

    arindaam roy choudhury January 23, 2017
    You shouldn’t have played with a man’s emotions. Why did Wilson had to die?? It felt so bad when he was gone. Overall,a good concept and a good story….

    Danny Boi January 13, 2017
    The relationship with between your character and Wilson was heartbreakingly beautiful. You haters didn’t play the whole game you lazy ass holes!

    Ramesh Chand December 29, 2016
    Survival Island Wild Escape

    Olvin Lopez December 30, 2016
    Good game but boring at the same time not that much of good graphics and when I had to hint buffalo with the wolf it was hard I gave 4 stars because its good but still could’ve given it 5 but those things that I mentioned I won’t give it 5

    Logan Kirchner June 18, 2017
    This is the worst game I’ve played in a long time, the controls are horrible, the food/thirst bars don’t work, and the pictures are nothing like the game.don’t waste your space on this app

    UnknownJune 6, 2017
    what the fu**kye salla kesa survival hua jo sammne hi udte hue coconuts mil rhe h or khane ko fruitsor zombie kya island pe zombie kha se aa gye go goa gon dekhli thi kya

    Earlson John Dela Merced June 27, 2017
    Verry nice game and i love it.. I remember . the cast away movie.. Pls create new more level and more power to creator..Pls install thid game and i hope u like it..I wait for the new update.. Thank for the good game..The game show’s Dogs are man’s bestfreind..

    HIMESH NIJAI March 22, 2017
    Story line of the game is awesome?? Loved playing it ?. But why Wilson has to die . U should not play with anyone’s emotions .?????I mean i was literally shooting bullets even after the two zombies were dead. But anywas i loved the game .

    Rekha N Kumar March 22, 2017
    After I complete any2 levels an try to play the next level and when I try to press the next button it does not work and i have to switch offthe game for a long time and afterwards it works

    S Rai June 23, 2017
    Why Wilson has to die? He is the only nice thing on the island and why can’t we take all the weapons. The shoot gun becomes laggy some times, why it has levels, can’t it be a open world game, Why are the coconuts are flying (Trees were better)?????????????????? for Wilson and ?????????????????for the developer of the game.

    Sarah January 14, 2017
    The sensitivity controls offer little or no control. Upon chasing targets its almost impossible to navigate yourself in a straight line.

    Bina Crean January 1, 2017
    I have to restart the game each time I complete my tasks? OK this is just stupid now I hit next & nothing uninstalling!

    Monique Nel June 20, 2017
    epic waste of time played 5min and now im un installing it dont need a game with such a cheesy wai to lead you to play the game ….boring…..

    The Fisherman1321 May 30, 2017
    I do not like this game because 1.the grafics suck …..other than that it has an ok story mode…but I’ve seen better games….

    Alexis Russell April 24, 2017

    Maria G June 19, 2017
    Just another unity game. Has horrible graphics and is boring

    Mert Hasan Sarıçiçek July 25, 2017
    All good reviews are fake. These guys should be ashamed of calling themselves “Developers”

    The INDIAN WaY. December 11, 2016
    I have completed the game. The only drawback that i found was the graphics but that doesn’t stop it from a 5 star rating.

    mohammod riad March 15, 2017
    this games campaign mode is so boring, every task is same. find food and water,defend yourself,cut tree etc.I dont know what is the goal of survival mode. naver download this.

    Mariyam siddiqui November 28, 2016
    Really I don’t know why I downloaded this game.Plz work for it

    Tanveer Pasha February 18, 2017
    Hey guys this game is amazing at first u fell a little bit boring but when you play this game this is nice even it’s imotional at the end but it is cool download it guys

    CatGurl Cat December 26, 2016
    It just keeps existing out of the game so u cant play it i would highly not recommend this game

    Zack Choate July 8, 2017
    The game is terrible wen you go by the water you just walk off the edge and there is no boundry the controls are okay could use some work and the graphics need upgrading major the survival should be free

    UnknownApril 24, 2017
    Very bad game don’t download… And don’t waste your data MB

    Yolandi Viktor July 28, 2017
    This game have way to many adds even if data is of graphics is bad and very boring

    Mackenzie Watts April 9, 2017
    I would give this a minus 5 if I could, HORRIBLE game and froze my system!

    Sunil Shaw December 30, 2016
    I loved this game a lot. Mast game hai jisne bhi banaya hai. Aap aaise hi games or banate raho or hum download karte rahe. Thanku

    Neelam rani February 27, 2017
    It is so boring and Nonsence gane… It also hanged my phone..” please do not install this game in your mobile

    Kyle Waggoner July 13, 2017
    Amazing game, great storyline and very fun! It is very sad at the end tho, and I cried when Wilson died.

    Tyson the Pitbull December 23, 2016
    It crashed every time I loaded the game I only recommendfor a good phone/tablet etc.

    Cherry Bomb December 12, 2016
    It’s very hard to control and it keeps on glinting when ever I turn the screen

    Luciano Guerra March 18, 2017
    You have not fix it yet. Its no work its to primitive your graphic are good but you have not fixed it.