The Survival Hunter Games

Fight for your life in this ultimate FPS showdown


5 stars

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Screenshot The Survival Hunter Games

The Survival Hunter Games screenshot
The Survival Hunter Games screenshot
The Survival Hunter Games screenshot
The Survival Hunter Games screenshot

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    Brace yourself for an extreme adrenaline rush in The Survival Hunter Games! Survive the apocalypse, escape the wrath of a controlling government, and fight for a brighter future!

    ***Game Story***
    The apocalypse has come, and as the world is ending, a ruthless government tries to take control. You are one of the best soldiers the world has ever seen. The military has been destroyed and replaced with the new government’s mercenary army. It is up to you to fight against them to save the world from the apocalypse, and the people trying to enslave it!

    ***FPS Combat***
    Start the level with the upper hand and claim your daily reward to ensure your victory! Survive six levels of hard-hitting action to defeat the corrupt government to unlock the multiplayer mode, where you can battle other players in high-octane arenas!

    Defeat the level before your time runs out to earn a permanent weapon, then use it to ensure your survival against increasingly difficult enemies! If you don’t beat the clock, don’t be discouraged, you can still continue and save the world from the edge of the apocalypse!

    If you are about to lose, you can watch video ads to stay alive or to get more ammunition to continue on, ready to destroy!

    The fight for your life begins now! Stop the apocalypse, destroy the government, and free the people!

    Game Features:
    *FPS combat
    *Precision aiming
    *Run, jump, shoot
    *Loading screen game tips
    *Daily rewards
    *Mission Map

    What’s New

    New User Interface
    Improved Controls
    Improved Radar now show enemies on different floors
    Daily Rewards
    Weapon Store
    Improved Weapon Pick-ups
    Several Bug and Balance Fixes

    App NameThe Survival Hunter Games
    DeveloperBattle Blockyverse Studio
    RequirementsAndroid 4.0 and up

    User reviews

    gaming king August 6, 2017
    5 stars

    dana Robinson July 18, 2017
    Great game

    Beau Burge October 19, 2017
    Addictive, fun, great time killer,thats what describes this game

    gunner creech August 4, 2017
    I love it

    Linda m July 13, 2017

    Gisselle Reyes August 13, 2017
    Great game

    Emily Stancil September 29, 2017
    I l o v e it Thanks

    AlexanderWither October 23, 2017
    I love this game

    mr. zombie October 22, 2017
    Awesome gameplay

    Isaiah Baker July 1, 2017
    It’sa greatgame I love the game??? ????????????????

    UnknownMay 30, 2017
    Great gameGreat game Great game Great game

    Jeremy Holtzapple March 20, 2017
    I have not played it yet.

    Lucia Shandu April 1, 2017

    UnknownJanuary 13, 2017
    I like the game because I can play whatever

    Shelley W February 12, 2017
    It is awesome

    kentucky fried lucy January 12, 2017
    Love it

    UnknownJanuary 5, 2017
    I love to kill everyone

    UnknownDecember 21, 2016

    DanTDM’s No’ 1 Fan !!! August 22, 2016
    When you get it running an advertiser box appears# no way to remove it. You can play but its virtually impossible.Anyone who can, I ow you 10 pounds.#worst game ever.

    Moos Music August 20, 2016
    This game is rubbish the reason why is that when youplay the game there is an add that covers half of the screen I will rate this a 5 star if the add is removed. thank you!

    Christopher Truby October 9, 2016
    Remove the ad box so you can play game. I got killed by the first guy on lvl 1 because I couldn’t see him! very bad game for the Ad Box …. pls remove it!

    Isaiah Wilson November 26, 2016
    I got killed BC I couldn’t see nun this is a piece of crap don’t download it

    NOAH MAlak August 30, 2016
    An add box is there you can play just extremely annoying

    Fudge17 gaming October 1, 2016
    The frikin ad tester is blocking the screen while I’m playing on it

    Timothy Matthews October 3, 2016
    Get Rid of the ad, please. People are ticked off by it

    Ben Strang December 14, 2016
    Completely blocks my view will delete right Now!

    Giriboy GD October 14, 2016
    It used to be good before the ad box appeared used to rate 5 stars but no 1

    Elijah Trader August 21, 2016
    A big ad covers the screen blocking most of my veiw

    UnknownSeptember 5, 2016
    It’s the best mind blowing Minecraft action ? game ever!

    Darrione Miller December 3, 2016

    Joseph Knofler September 9, 2016
    Ads cover half the screen.

    Anthony Gouger October 16, 2016
    Wtf what’s with this ad box.

    Keetin Bentz October 2, 2016
    Loved it

    Dave Fariaan September 20, 2016
    No on baby games

    UnknownSeptember 2, 2016

    UnknownSeptember 19, 2016

    Noe Borjas August 21, 2016

    Ryan Browning June 24, 2016
    I love this game it is so much fun!!!

    Nathan Pack July 6, 2016
    Well done guys, so addictive!!!!!

    Shelby Rivera August 3, 2016
    It is the best game ever