Tsukai Ninja

Prove your Ninja skills: fight samurai, avoid rocks and dodge dragons.


it just throws dragon’s all the time so no it’s not a good game at all

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Clear your path fighting samurai warriors, dodge the mythical fire dragons, jump over obstacles
and try to accomplish your mission.
You are a shinobi warrior, a Tsukai (Messenger) Ninja and your mission is to bring an important message to the Koga Clan in a world full dangers and mythical creatures.
The goal of the game is to use your Ninjutsu skills to overcome your enemies and run as far as you can without slamming into obstacles, being decapitated by samurai warriors or crashed by dragons, you must watch out for what’s coming and react quickly with your extra ninja skills. Are you ready ? Run Ninja

# Endless Running Ninja Game
# HD graphics
# Combo actions (Flying Kick, Extended Jump)
# Fast action game

Game concept — RedCat Studio and Alex Stickman Run Barbera
Game programming — RedCat Studio and F. Tap it DiGiorgi
Game Art — RedCat Studio and G. Altair Barone, Lucas Naruto Barone
Game music — Free Stock Music

What’s New

-Update to comply with Admob policy
-Improved UX
-Improved gameplay
-Fixed “Samurai” dead animation
-Added privacy policy information on startup
-Improved gameplay
-Added Play Services: Leaderboard
-Added Play Services: Achievements
-UI changes
-Code optimization
-Fix “Ninja run” glitch
-Fix “flying kick” glitch
-Improved Game Play

App NameTsukai Ninja
DeveloperRedCat Studio
RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

User reviews

Anthony Fitch June 24, 2017
it just throws dragon’s all the time so no it’s not a good game at all

UnknownMarch 31, 2017

malsha Dharmarathna February 20, 2016
Worst gameof all,running,jumping only.

swansh suri April 1, 2016
Very good

UnknownNovember 14, 2016

UnknownDecember 2, 2016
Love it now

Chris Lymon August 17, 2015
Worst Ninja Game I Evered Played Dont Waste Your Time On This Game

Wendy Arri July 2, 2015
I cep dieying

Raveen Botheju March 28, 2016
The worst game I had ever played in my tab and in my friend malsha dharmrathna tab. I too hate to play this game

Gael Alfonso-Roel November 26, 2016
All good comments are from the creators of this damn game nobody likes

Gerarda Barbosa November 19, 2016
It’s just terrible it sucks when you jump you still die

Pee Mee December 14, 2016
I really loved this game

chattarjit singh October 21, 2016
This game is good

Kyaw Zin January 21, 2017
GT-S5700 thank you

Annalyn Bueno September 21, 2016
I love it

Manjit Singh April 13, 2016
The worst game

Elie Kerith July 29, 2015
It so annoying

Rohit Sharma March 5, 2016

Who am i May 17, 2016

Jaydip Chavda October 26, 2016

Sunny George December 6, 2016

Jerome España September 15, 2016

Achman Sharma September 10, 2016
Total bakwass

UnknownApril 2, 2017
I like it:-)

UnknownSeptember 28, 2016

Joy Wilson August 26, 2016

UnknownOctober 24, 2016
خوبه خوبه

shervin Azizy October 1, 2016
عالي عالي

Andrei Macaraeg November 29, 2016

RAM BHANUSHALI July 22, 2017
Very nice

Star Boy September 23, 2017
Super educational

Mame Ramadan August 29, 2016