WIND runner adventure

Endless running game. Unlimited fun is now in the palm of your hands!


Fun with a good degree of difficulty After completing act 1 perfectly, I am enjoying this game. It’s easy so far, and I look forward to the harder levels. I find it a bit ironic though that I collect 100 stars for 5 stars. Perhaps the stars could form into blue, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum medallions or something based on stars collected. Also, please add a retry button instead of making me go through 2 loading screens. Keep up the excellent work! ?

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Screenshot WIND runner adventure

WIND runner adventure screenshot
WIND runner adventure screenshot
WIND runner adventure screenshot
WIND runner adventure screenshot

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    Come, join the adventure!
    A brand new running adventure game from the makers of WIND runner
    the legendary game with over 25 Million downloads!

    Follow the treasure map you get form the Crow and enjoy the fun filled adventure!

    -Experience and customize diverse characters like Chloe, Ryan and Popo.
    -Ride the tornado and updraft and fly in the sky!
    -Use the walls, hooks and ropes to move freely.
    -Transform into a Giant and become invincible.

    Multi language support!
    Enjoy the game in English, German, simplified/traditional Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Korean!

    WIND runner adventure is completely free to play but contains optional in-app purchases. You can turn off this feature in the settings menu of your device. A persistent Internet connection is required (network fees may apply); requires acceptance of Joymax’s Privacy & Cookie Policy, TOS and EULA includes in-game advertising; collects data through third party analytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy for details); contains direct links to the Internet and social networking sites intended for an audience over 13.

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    App NameWIND runner adventure
    DeveloperJoymax Co., Ltd.
    RequirementsAndroid 2.3.3 and up

    User reviews

    Gamewiz Deluxe November 14, 2016
    After completing act 1 perfectly, I am enjoying this game. It’s easy so far, and I look forward to the harder levels. I find it a bit ironic though that I collect 100 stars for 5 stars. Perhaps the stars could form into blue, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum medallions or something based on stars collected. Also, please add a retry button instead of making me go through 2 loading screens. Keep up the excellent work! ?

    Jaymi Hearts June 8, 2017
    Im really enjoying this game. (just finished act 1 perfectly, meaning gotten all stars from all levels in that respective act). Loving how it tests ur platforming and patience, as getting all stars in a single level isnt easy. (i spent literally 21 tries just to get all stars from level 20…And thats because everytime i miss 1 star, i exit the stage and try again…Im THAT much of a completionist). The animations are fluid, the music and artwork is especially well done. Definitely will try to finish all stages in the game. (no matter how hard! ill edit my review everytime i complete a new act perfectly).EDIT: Act 2 Cleared completely – 7/06/17 Act 3 Cleared completely – 8/06/17

    Mirych ! November 16, 2016
    The tricky death screen is pay gold or click the ad. To retry you have not choose either one. Then on the next screen it gives you the option to retry. I origin bought it to support the devs and be ad free since I had enjoyed the old previous game, Wind Runner, that’s no longer around.

    Giovanni Ortiz December 22, 2016
    I use a galaxy note 4 so Im pretty sure its not my phone. The game rarely runs smoothly and the lag causes me to miss a few stars and prevents me from getting all of them. Hurts gameplay for fast games like this.

    Damian Santiago November 11, 2016
    Really fun! Gives me a Sonic the Hedgehog-type action game vibe. Has great sound design, including good music, and the art style is pleasent to look at. The tutorial mechanics are a little on the heavy handed side for my taste, but honestly it’s easy to overlook that and give this game a recommendation.

    Holly G November 12, 2016
    Gorgeous graphics! Nice music, good introduction of new mechanics. Maybe I’m just not in the mood for endless runners but nothing made me want to compulsively keep playing, granted I didn’t try it that long. I’m fine with ad’s when the users benefit but you lost me when the ads arrived at the end of every level. I would have paid to remove them if I was enjoying the game but it wasn’t anything special and I’m sure you could have come up with a better way to convince users to pay without ruining the ux!

    Cody Bishop November 21, 2016
    I really enjoy this game. It is cute, but starts out super slow. I find myself missing the old wind runner more and more because it was fast paced and there wasn’t really am objective. Just collect things and travel as far as possible.

    Abdulrahman zafer November 14, 2016
    Seems like i will be playing this for a long time since its not like candy crush where you have limited tries and wait for hours. Only hope it had lower settings for older phones and retry option instead of exiting and entering again

    Crystal Nem November 12, 2016
    It seems like I keep losing my grip without even touching the game making me lose the level several times. This game is fun though, simple with great graphics. Just fix the grip bugs and add some more cute characters. I would love it even more

    Maix January 31, 2017
    I was expecting it to be like before. Before you were able to run forever if you had the skill to do so. The gameplay now is just boring for me having to go from q stage to the next. They could have just better the old gameplay.

    UnknownJanuary 22, 2017
    I absolutely love this game. I find I get bored easily with running games and platform games in general, but the different stages and unexpected challenges kept this game fresh. I also like the different characters and outfits available. In addition, it was neither too easy nor impossible. Overall a really fun game!

    Damian Brown November 14, 2016
    This game is really fun and a good time waster. the one thing I would say would make it even better is if you had a random skin option for each of the characters because all of the skins are so good and I want an easy way to access them without having to go and change it manually everytime. Besides that great game can’t wait to see what you guys do with it.

    Venus Sailor March 4, 2017
    This is actually really great! Whoever complains about this game crushing or lagging, they just don’t have a good enough smartphone, trust me on that. For me this game is almost flawless, great graphics, great controll and it’s so cute! Love it!! Adds are not bothersome as well.

    Javier Takano November 9, 2016
    I am really enjoying the game, it has simple yet entertainig gameplay. I couldn’t get past the first level because the game kept crashing but upgrading my Android to 6.0.1 seems to have solved the problem.

    Maheendran cp November 17, 2016
    I really think it is a great game but yuo know it always crack. I am so sad. When you are going to reach finish line it always craks I tried so many times but it cracks

    Matthew Lim November 4, 2016
    I played the original wind runner before and it had a collab with this game. However, this game was not available in my country yet so I’m really excited that i can play it now! Edit: it’s also playable offline so even better!

    Justin Mcshane November 11, 2016
    I agree with another user’s comment that a retry button on the pause menu would be great, especially for perfectionists like me. And an endless run mode similar to the original would be great because I played that game for countless hours. Aside from those two things, this game is excellent

    Adv Ance January 13, 2017
    I like this game so far. But i cant finish level 115 because there is no way to go after i jump on that 4 cannons with stars around. It will just go around without end/something to land on. Just waiting there until got killed by that flying giant wood log. Is it bug? Solve this and i will give you 5 stars.

    Don’t You Dare Look at My Profile Picture November 14, 2016
    Really fun and addicting, super smooth gameplay, I highly recommend this game. One problem that I came across though was the fact that there isint an instant replay button, witch is a crucial part of this kind of game.

    Ley-on Tyne Wesa November 12, 2016
    I love the constant change of challenges, miss the old game a bit, but really miss the mounts and sidekick creatures. Cool assists would be awesome. I’ve never cared much for helper items but helper characters in will work for

    Sindre ESPR February 27, 2017
    It’s a really adorable and highly addictive game, but there are two MAJOR faults with the game that can and will ruin the experience somewhat. 1. The 30 fps unstableness makes precision stupidly hard. 2. There are no restart stage button, you have to go back to stage select and pick the map again to actually restart, which is very tedious.

    -Prλtama- November 11, 2016
    Just tap your screen and your character will jump. Collect coins and avoid some ofdangerous object. It’s quite fun I think. NO DOUBT AGAIN, 5 stars for Wind Runner.

    John Carlo Sarno January 10, 2017
    Your game is incredible! Why? This game is really like it because of the titles that makes no sense had a vision of new game. Every all seeing games are old and odd…. I want a game that all casual games and run all through the world in different level obsticles and i can’t believe that this is better!! Even Free ads? Doesn’t matter the truth is? i enjoyed and more updates!!!! One thing i want to put the test on Snow cave patterns cause Wind Runner Girl want that! Good job Ouo b

    Suicide Penguin November 11, 2016
    I remember when I first played Wind Runners I enjoyed it but since the scenery was always the same I got tired of it but this one is cute, not many choices of pets..or riding them haha…well I like this game so far!

    Sartika Arifin November 4, 2016
    I felt like I’m going to like the gameplay, but it wouldn’t let me go past the first stage. At the end of first stage it would just forced closed. Please fix this

    Admiral Poi November 17, 2016
    Game crashed at the end of tutorial level, can’t get past it, have tried to reinstall it once and still same problem. Game looks fun though so download and enjoy it.

    Locke Seavello November 15, 2016
    I played Wind Runner when it was the endless run adventure years ago.It’s great to see it back and rebooted.Can’t wait to see what the game has in store.

    Dan Dennis January 5, 2017
    Not the fun casual challenge it used to be. It didn’t have the end to a level unless you died. I miss that. This is a bad game to me now….

    William Faria November 6, 2016
    This is going to my top favourites: splendid graphics, damn cute chars with beautiful costumes and addictive gameplay. However, there are a few cons: 1) I don’t know if it was just with me, but when the char falls into a pitfall, she doesn’t die, just keeps falling eternally. You should fix this. 2) in this kind of game, an in-stage retry button is indispensable. 3) just a suggestion, please add an infinite mode, it would be awesome. After all, it’s an ultimate game.

    Axillicia Crismo November 4, 2016
    I loved it but can you guys add some ranking or add rubies since its a free game but dont make it to P2W and still this game is still my favorite

    Kelsie Welch August 1, 2017
    It is really well made, and I’m sure many people love yhisbgsmr. Its just not what I’m into I guess. It got boring after act 7 for me

    tasoganedude November 14, 2016
    This is the kind of runner game that I’ve been looking for. However, the game feels shallow to me. I’m just tapping to according to where the stars lead me, not really making any decisions. And there’s not really anything worth buying with coins other than the skin swap.

    Kitsune Miko November 10, 2016
    On level 13 Chloe keeps dropping from the hooks without my input. Onto thorns. I’ve done the level 5 times and it keeps happening. Uninstalling.

    Sofy Team y April 13, 2017
    From the background to the monsters to the characters are adorable! Also it is easy to understand and use. But it has lag here and there. No ads tho

    Chris Campbell November 22, 2016
    Short, fast paced levels with a reasonable difficulty ramp. You’re never forced to quit. And as for the ads… Hey, the devs have to make money somehow.

    savannah_XD December 23, 2016
    I love the game plz make more stages and it’s really cute and I love the characters, also If you could can you make it so you can give your character like different color eye and hair and mouth so it looks more like the person who’s playing?

    Gabby Casey November 19, 2016
    Really enjoy this game! Its fun yet still remains challenging. Maybe add boosts based on the different costumes you can get

    ポートガス・D・ エース November 7, 2016
    Pro tip : if u got stuck clearing the stage 1, I tried it to finish on bluestack instead on my mi4i and no problems anymore

    CoranCoran ThePunMan December 7, 2016
    Not to easy not to hard great for passing time or blowing off steam and I can play it off wifi so that’s good to!

    Nancy Lima December 4, 2016
    It has good graphics, nice colors, Chloe’s voice is a bit annoying, but decent. It would be nice if the pause menu had a restart button. Anyways, good job!