Age Of Stone: Survival

Explore, Hunt, Build, Fight. This is the Age Of Stone.


You should make it so you can regain items after death and add more food/water sources and plz fix the stairs… I keep getting stuck plus i cant place walls or nothing where the stairs are, also, make it so you can skip to dawn with the bed. Please fix/add these things. It would REALLY improve the game. ?

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Age Of Stone is an Early Access survival game currently in development. Try to survive in this stylized world collecting essentials necessities like wood and rock. Explores caves, find minerals to melt them in a furnace and build advanced weapons and tools to survive the wild animals that live in the island.

Age Of Stone features:

• Craft
• Build
• Hunt
• Explore
• Smelt ores
• Day Night Cycle


This game currently in development, there may be some bugs. You can always write on e-mail about your problem and we will consider.
Mail: [email protected]

What’s New

Update Changelog:
• added stairs
• improved water
• minor bug fixes
!!now is possible to build multiple floors, you can rotate the stairs by clicking the rotate button when you equip the hammer!!

App NameAge Of Stone: Survival
DeveloperBaton Games
RequirementsAndroid 4.1 and up

User reviews

Frozen X Gaming June 16, 2017
You should make it so you can regain items after death and add more food/water sources and plz fix the stairs… I keep getting stuck plus i cant place walls or nothing where the stairs are, also, make it so you can skip to dawn with the bed. Please fix/add these things. It would REALLY improve the game. ?

Failynn black July 1, 2017
I’m having a lot of trouble with lag and sensitivity. I have gone into settings and changed quality to see if that was the problem, I’ve changed look sensitivity to see if I can move the look easier but it really doesn’t seem to be working.It’s a lovely game, I’m sure I’d very much enjoy it… If I could play it.

Nique Pasacsac June 12, 2017
Has potential though lack of content if devs can improve the gameplay this game will skyrocket bro trust me add multiplayers and other stuff that youd think it will make this game better anyways good job on creating the content its a great game but not that great you know what i mean?

Cassy Willy June 30, 2017
It is amazing!!! I hope you put newstuff in this game! and Can you add a meel weapon too like a sword andcan you fix the some things because sometimes my stuff disappear when i put in something so please fix the chest and the thing that melt stuff please.

Pixie Princess May 30, 2017
Dumbest game ever. Nothing works and no instructions. Finally figured some of it out, and it’s absurd. The designers should just go work at McDonalds

Dradistic Gamer September 26, 2017
Well the game has so much to improve upon, and can become amazing, but seeing as how it was last updated in May, I can only hope that there is a major update, and not the fact that it is being abandoned. Really would like some more activity with the game and it’s dev.

Ethan Zavada May 28, 2017
Excellent game, did find a bug where my furnace started spilling, got back to my camp to the sight of a giant pile of items. Please fix this. Also, improve shadows. and shorten night time (it takes forever).

Joshua Clapp June 20, 2017
The terrain Is not constent what I mean by that is when I was playing I made a house when I logged back in a huge unbreakable rock spawned in my house allowing animals to come in including a bear witch killed me and because there’s no drop inventory on death my stuff was not there

Jacey Clyde Abellera June 24, 2017
Too laggy sensitivity is super fast and slow to walk bad controls fix it pls. Cool graphics tho

zOiD GAMING August 29, 2017
Its amazing just needs more content. This is my favorite survival game and if you add multiplayer it would be so much better and it would just like RUST

kop kop June 23, 2017
Its a great game its just so hard to aim and hunt animals would be cool to see a co op mode by linked devices or just multiplayer

Holloway Marcus May 31, 2017
Nice Surival Game i ever played. but you need to fix more bug.and add more weapons.and some place like forest. dude it sooo cool : )

varun sharma June 17, 2017
game is good but it can start from my last save and if i start new one they and i save my progress and get back to it then they can go there

cooL cheese June 1, 2017
Please continue adding stuff…. and pls dont put zombies pls….just add other humans if you like… also lan gaming will be the best??

Steve Smith June 8, 2017
Glitching sometimes, My things disappear when I put them in a chest, the game needs more crafting options as well like fishing and to be able to place torches.

Danny Raven August 17, 2017
daylight passes too soon can’t get anything decent started before night falls and then yer done because torch is useless, too small radius and can’t use it while building… can’t even drop it to build because then it’s not lit. scenery too basic, gets boring real quick if not boring from start already. swimming doesn’t fill up water only need to eat mushro
om to refill both thirst and hunger. The bow and arrow work horribly, i shoot forever on a deer and it’s still walking, wouldn’t mind to see where arrow lands so i know with what point to aim since there is no crosshair. i guess it’s the best one of its genre since building isn’t buggy so far but it still sucks.

Carol Wright June 16, 2017
I think u should make multiplayer so u can help out and can fight as well and take or base

Lukas Bm July 2, 2017
I think it has potential, but when it becomes night time I can’t see anything.Also, I don’t know if you unlock stuff as you play or what, but I couldn’t find a wall to craft, and even though I had enough materials to craft a bow, it wouldn’t let me.

Fadedglory Rios June 6, 2017
Rhw game is a little laggy but in all its great and it should be a top game in the market. Please add multiplayer

Grinshire June 29, 2017
I love the game but there are some flaws like when u go underwater there is just some animals sitting there and there are less weapons and material also I thought it could use some more animals and the bullets take a lot to make but I really like this game and support you to make future updates

Danny Jimenez August 1, 2017
It hard to place any thing down hard it move and look around can’t kill things

Reddotgaming 760 August 31, 2017
rust for mobile! just wanyed a thing that when we are getting killed we would have a chance to regain items and pls add thing that we can destroy buildings

Darnell Fields September 14, 2017
You guys should add like a telport so you can telport home if you get lost and the controls are really bad and you guys need to add villagers

Ace the archer June 2, 2017
Its like a mix of rust with unturned but for phone?

UnknownJune 23, 2017
Good game but: fix the lag, add the ability to skip to dawn using a bed and add rivers, lakes and oceans

Shane Haynes August 12, 2017
Great game but how do we shoot the gun BC I spent 1 hour trying to figure it out but wasn’t able to find it out

Tyler Fournier June 16, 2017
Pretty decent game like the ad concept its not annoying like most keep up the good work

Rosemary Eyo June 24, 2017
There is little to do in the game Add more things to build Add more animals

Zach Verster June 21, 2017
How do u lite the fire its a verry nice game all i want to know is how do u lite the fire and the furnace

Cristina Deleon August 18, 2017
I was killed by somthing and my charater was spiningwhen i died and when i respawn i dont have my base

Julou Pascual October 12, 2017
The game is very good but can you add lakes and a water bottle so i can drink water for now im eating mushroomsFor.a living i live the game!!!

panda rapper’s channel June 27, 2017
I can’t stop playing this game you have to get the game!!!

tony feltis June 28, 2017
Game would be amazing with tutorial and less lag i am unable to use the furnace

Jacob Day September 2, 2017
This game is awesome, its a mix of traditional island survival with low poly graphics, just some of the items are a little pricy for what they are

#AutisumSquad The Suspect July 29, 2017
Great Concept And Great P
oly Graphics, Could Use a multiplayer like Rust But Some Of The Building Is Touchy

Darion Lewis June 16, 2017
It kicks you out when it turns night

fadedwolf June 9, 2017
Ilove the game it’s awesome one thing and one thing only I think it needs more to build and more weapon’s.

ILoveAnimating YT May 28, 2017
Its a good idea but the graphics and gameplay are pretty bad. MUST improve.

Vincent L June 19, 2017
Gr8 game but as soon as night hits and u build a house u die for some reason

Mr. Ocelots August 20, 2017
How about iron age or industrial age. And wow this game looks very nice I mean don’t need much ram right.