Monkey God

Monkey God is a platformer starring Hanuman from the Ramayana.


Very interesting game play

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Monkey God screenshot
Monkey God screenshot
Monkey God screenshot
Monkey God screenshot

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    Monkey God is a fantastic new adventure game featuring the Indian mythological hero, Hanuman from the Indian classic, Ramayana. Hanuman is on a mission to help Lord Rama find his wife Sita, who has been kidnapped by Ravana. He sets out on a quest to find Sita that leads him from Kishkinda to the island kingdom, Lanka.

    While making his way to Lanka, our Monkey God has to cross several lands, fight many enemies and surpass great challenges. Enjoy many hours of engrossing gameplay on this side scrolling platformer packed with boss fights.

    Features :

    1. Available for Android.
    2. Monkey God is designed as a platform game with boss fights. Players will find continuous action, whether it is fighting skeletons, demons and other enemies or running and jumping through many enchanted lands.
    3. Collect weapons, armours and other special powers to help Hanuman find Sita.
    4. Collect power ups to speed your progress and defeat difficult enemies.
    5. People of all age groups, kids or adults, will enjoy this game and its beautiful art.
    6. Best of all, this game is free to play on Android, the adventure begins now!

    What’s New

    Minor changes and bug fixes.

    App NameMonkey God
    DeveloperQuantum Leap Mobility Pvt Ltd
    RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

    User reviews

    Habeeb Mudasir February 7, 2017
    Very interesting game play

    Srinivasulu G February 8, 2017
    Very Good Game

    Prakriti gyan February 13, 2017
    This is a Best game

    Ankit Tushir February 7, 2017
    lovely game

    Radha Devi February 9, 2017
    Its awesome

    UnknownFebruary 8, 2017
    Nice game

    Amit Ramnani February 9, 2017
    It is ok

    Mohammed Sulaiman March 14, 2017
    Maut daldere

    Mahesh Vaswani February 7, 2017

    sirisha vuligonda February 11, 2017

    nayan singhal February 5, 2017

    Pratham Agarwal February 5, 2017
    I ts a good game good graphics an interesting

    garima kharbanda February 5, 2017
    It doesn’t have fighting features it shows him as a jumper and escapist

    Developer Quantum Leap Mobility Pvt Ltd February 5, 2017 Thank you for your Feedback. You have to cross 3 checkpoints after that you will access fighting features.

    pradeep reddy February 5, 2017
    Excellent Game?

    super game in the world

    UnknownFebruary 5, 2017
    time pass

    vinita kakkar February 5, 2017
    Its ok

    Raju Pandhare February 8, 2017
    loding …….west time

    Ankit Samriya February 5, 2017

    avtar virdi February 5, 2017

    lakshman varma February 5, 2017

    Omkar Narasimha February 1, 2017
    Excellent game. Superb fun and it’s really time pass game.

    Sreedhar Kanuri February 3, 2017
    Very good game play, loved it.

    surekha kotipalli February 2, 2017
    Excellent graphics…Interesting to play

    Maheshwari Shrikant Jhanwar February 2, 2017
    NYC somewhere and bad somewhere

    singarapu rakesh February 3, 2017
    Excellent game and superb fun

    sanjay soni February 2, 2017
    Good game and with higher fun

    avani sri bhargavi February 2, 2017

    rajendra kumar January 31, 2017
    A very good game. I was engaged throughout the game. Nice graphics and interesting gameplay makes this a solid entry into the platformer games.

    savan singh January 31, 2017
    Great looking fun game… ?? Awesome game control is to comfortable anybody can play this game??

    KRISHNA MARRIVADA January 31, 2017
    The Power Behind the Ramayana​ … The Historical Game … It’s Repeats The History … ,

    Satish Choda January 31, 2017
    Graphics quantity is very gudI like the monkey nice work all the best

    Vishwakanth Yadav January 31, 2017
    Good Game…I enjoyed a lot playing this Game.

    Saidha Rao T January 31, 2017
    Very interesting and nicely designed. .

    Praveen Kondreddy January 31, 2017
    great game from great epic story,challenging gameplay………..

    Sindhuja Pinisetti January 31, 2017
    I like this game….?

    bandi hari hara ayyappa January 31, 2017
    Nice one to play

    Cheruku Raju January 31, 2017
    Gud game like the game

    Likhith Naidu January 31, 2017
    Nice game

    Pradeep Penumarthi February 1, 2017
    Superb game…