Space Craft Survival Simulator

Become an astronaut and explore unknown planets surviving on the space station!


Too laggyand graphics are not that good

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Screenshot Space Craft Survival Simulator

Space Craft Survival Simulator screenshot
Space Craft Survival Simulator screenshot
Space Craft Survival Simulator screenshot
Space Craft Survival Simulator screenshot

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    To save your game progress tap «save» button in the pause menu

    Become an astronaut and explore unknown planets surviving on the space station!

    Explore the infinity space being a scientist, it’s your time to work on far space station somewhere at the end of galaxy. Survive on a desert planet full of dangers! Meet UFO and wild cosmic animals, carry out experiments, craft tools and weapons with Space Craft Survival Simulator in 3D!

    Ever dreamed of visiting the ISS? We have something even more interesting for you! You’ve landed on this planet, but now your space ship is broken and there’s no chance to go back. Discover lost underground space station as a real NASA astronaut and make this planet your home! Exploring unknown planet is not like spending time on the survival island – no plant food, familiar animals or fish to provide yourself with food. Just a desert full of dangers around… Keep your weapons alert and test your battling and survival skills trying to stay alive with Space Craft Survival Simulator in 3D!

    Some of space station’s modules are broken, so you need to quarry resources to fix it! Explore unusual pixel planet’s environments, fight against UFO and cosmic animals and survive at all costs! Craft useful tools and weapons to make your life comfortable, inlock new space stations modules and turn this lost uninhabited space station into the modern one! Water to work at the ISS or NASA? Build up your own space program playing Space Craft Survival Simulator and prove your worth as a highly qualified astronaut!

    Be ready for ultimate survival experience even tougher that you can face playing usual island survival simulator! Control your character with a joystick, move around this planet, look for resources, craft weapons and tools that would help you to survive! Be accurate, this place is full of UFO and something like wild animals ready to attack you! Find or craft weapons such as guns, bows or hammers to battle for your life! Dive into the atmosphere of realistic space adventures ful of space ships and unusual experiments! Tired of island survival simulators? Use your exploration, battling and survival skills to stay alive with Space Craft Survival Simulator!

    Don’t forget to mind character’s indicators – oxygen, food, water and other. If one of these drops – there is no chance to survive! Use real NASA technologies to make your life happy even on lost unknown planet!

    Space Craft Survival Simulator features:
    – Usual space survival simulator – survive on a planet made of cubes and blocks working on the underground space station
    – Mind health, energy and fullness indicators for your astronaut survivor
    – Quarry resources, craft weapons and tools
    – Meet UFO and wild cosmic animals
    – Use all your exploration, hunting and battling skills to stay alive

    Tired of island survival adventures? Try Space Craft Survival Simulator and live the life of the astronaut surviving after a space crash! Be an astronaut flying a shuttle, but forced to survive on this planet after a massive space ship crash. Upgrade your hunting, battling skills and explore this place to make it your home! Discover secret places, search for treasures, find or craft weapons and other useful tools and stay alive at all costs with ultimate survival simulator in 3D!

    What’s New

    – minor bugs fixed

    App NameSpace Craft Survival Simulator
    DeveloperPixel Island
    RequirementsAndroid 4.2 and up

    User reviews

    Landon Gee May 13, 2017
    Too laggyand graphics are not that good

    Aleandro Bethuel Julien March 27, 2017
    This game is awesome.

    Jennifer Miller August 26, 2017

    Alexander Shipley June 20, 2017

    Blindhitman 420 September 6, 2016
    Ads can be profitable but the way you guys did it kills the game. Cant even enjoy it cause of the ads. Im not saying remove them but geez make it longer in between…

    Kase Humpert April 23, 2016
    add rovers and space ships and be able to go to different planetsand add new ore and a weapon box to craft weapons

    lone wolf February 17, 2017
    It thinks my oxygen, battery, and food stations are doors and I die before I can get enough resources

    Richard Chan July 28, 2016
    The space craft survial kill

    Mr.bionicle Man August 4, 2016
    There’s ads every minute but the game itself is very fun

    corpsgrinder 360 February 11, 2017
    You picked up a ice you picked up a iron. My god XD

    Madd Hatter October 18, 2016
    Good game till the adds messed it up

    Jack Bebbington February 9, 2017
    To many ads

    UnknownJanuary 23, 2017
    Its realy cool other than the adds

    Lewis James September 10, 2016
    Its an amazing game with potentiel but when i place down any machines I loose it it just disappears and I don’t even get recourses back please fix then I give 5stars

    Luke woolhead October 10, 2016
    I belive i kept getting adverts in this forcing me away from it but i loved the parts i did play.

    Phoenix PDG October 30, 2016
    Dislike how the ads pop up while playing really don’t like how it interrupt the game

    TIMMY November 26, 2016
    it just has a black screen plz fix

    UnknownSeptember 1, 2017
    Its really great it encouragesmy creativity just on thing does anyone know how to get a solar panel

    Charles Chandra April 4, 2017
    Can’t interact the station!

    Jaino Cabrera September 22, 2017
    This game is amazing but can you please make it easier to make stuff

    Joseph Gardiner May 22, 2016

    William Mannington September 9, 2016
    Needs updates

    Wanda McPeters October 15, 2016

    Mykola Stupnytskyi August 19, 2016

    LT-GB LOX June 12, 2017

    Kiddles Tabulator March 4, 2017