Super Fly Sky Daddy

Learn how to fly and beyond the walls of his


Doesn’t work Whenever I click on the game it don’t work. Like the screen is black I can’t see any thing. I AM RATING 1 STAR

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Offering a unique style of play Super Fly Sky Daddy and the game that you need to find a unique style superhero is my Dad Dressed in the classic suit and a red cape you go save lives rescue the nice and put ashore the wicked.

With 2 type of mission classic Donation fight crime and do justice to the bonus level beyond the walls of his prisoner and save the people from a burning building that threatens to collapse over the city of Super Fly Sky Daddy
with a great power which allows it to move at the speed of sound walls

They say too many urban legends he is the only one of the greatest super awesome too cool grandpa hero or the new little ones who try to follow his example of vigilante save this girl from a burning building.

The pooandplay team is happy to present Super Fly Sky Daddy epic suite with flyboy first screen our hero who grew up and became an adult in high quality 3d texture. Thank you your support means a lot to us.

What’s New

add Ninja Assasin
Dark Knight Lady
Princess Geisha
New heros for save new world

App NameSuper Fly Sky Daddy
DeveloperPoo and play
RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

User reviews

Jesse Morgan November 23, 2016
Whenever I click on the game it don’t work. Like the screen is black I can’t see any thing. I AM RATING 1 STAR

UnknownNovember 6, 2016
when I enter this game it stops I mean I can,t do anything because I can,t see my superhero/my self soooo…. I will rate it one star

Khamari Smith November 23, 2016
When i get on this game it doesnt let me play plus you can even see the superhero

UnknownOctober 26, 2016
All you can do is fly l do not like this game and on top of that it has bad graphics

UnknownDecember 20, 2016
It doesn’t turn on at all.

Red Fort April 27, 2016

Rayan Islam June 25, 2016
Hassan Islam it’s me rayanislam

UnknownDecember 4, 2016
Ican’tenjoy it

Alexander Breen May 2, 2016
Did not work.

Dayaram Yadav December 22, 2016
Very good game

Gary Carey July 18, 2016
Did not work

Adebola Adeleke January 1, 2017
It is blank

Tray MC And More July 19, 2016
Did’t work

Ramuel Jann Montemayor September 27, 2016

Tamara Chambers October 2, 2016
Not even a game

AMELIE BUENO September 11, 2016
not working

Latoya Carroll November 24, 2016

Alfie Gee September 9, 2016
what do you do

UnknownOctober 17, 2016
اسامة جاويش

Jacob Maxo August 13, 2016

army btstaetae March 31, 2016
It’s all right but it needs a little bit more action

felix rodriguez January 5, 2017
You know what’s better if you can have more powers like superspeed forcefield and electricity.

Dj Miles November 30, 2016
all u have to do is fly around this retarted city and smash the ground that boring.

Christopher Gensler September 4, 2016
Boring,bad graphics,and pointless

Khadar Mohamed May 22, 2016
Not cool

Robin Hutchinson June 11, 2016
Can’t move or do anything.

Shiv Kishore Prasad November 14, 2015
Very nice interesting game you should also tried it

Theerpunath Gowda November 2, 2016
Can’t know which button to click for play and very very very very slow

Edward Hanley November 26, 2015
Its kind of nice,but the lag and controls suck

UnknownSeptember 4, 2016
Can’t even open the game

Tristen Talbot July 14, 2016
Red fort your’s awesome

tamil hackers January 1, 2017
I can’t do anything

UnknownAugust 14, 2016
I play this game on apple j7 I love this game that is very good

Aiden Ramey May 19, 2016
Fist me daddy now that I found you

Komal Raval March 2, 2016
Veryyyyyyyyyyyy good game i love it very much

Angela Cronin August 16, 2016

all types video November 18, 2016
I not start it

Cheryl Fisher November 11, 2016
Its stupid

faith Worrell July 18, 2016

Jespearl Abad April 19, 2016
Its OK to me