The Solve the mystery beyond time and space!


Really guys If you can not understand th language why download this version.

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Screenshot アクロスエイジDX(日本語版)

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アクロスエイジDX(日本語版)- screenshot thumbnail
アクロスエイジDX(日本語版)- screenshot thumbnail
アクロスエイジDX(日本語版)- screenshot thumbnail
    アクロスエイジDX(日本語版)- image
    アクロスエイジDX(日本語版)- image
    アクロスエイジDX(日本語版)- image
    アクロスエイジDX(日本語版)- image
    アクロスエイジDX(日本語版)- image
    アクロスエイジDX(日本語版)- image
    アクロスエイジDX(日本語版)- image

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      ★Android OS 2.2以上
      ★英語版はパートナー会社 FDG-Entertainment より発売

      (英語版はパートナー会社 FDG-Entertainment より発売)
      This Site is Japanese Only.
      The English Version is sold by FDG-Entertainment.
      Please access following link.

      ★ notice
      Across Age DX ARPG obtained high marks in the United States Europe appeared to Android!

      Save the world two of the witch and swordsman Ars, of Sesuka is solving the mystery beyond the time.
      The Tsukisusume powerful play due to switching the two human hero, separation, lift!

      This application is a Japanese version.
      ★ Android OS 2.2 or more
      ★ It is possible to play a few hours for free.
      Please continue to play after charging thereafter.
      ★ English version is released from partner company FDG-Entertainment

      The choice of the action puzzle RPG! RPG Across Age DX
      (English version is released from partner company FDG-Entertainment)
       This Site is Japanese Only.
       The English Version is sold by FDG-Entertainment.
       Please access following link.

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      App NameアクロスエイジDX(日本語版)
      DeveloperExeCreate inc.
      RequirementsAndroid 2.2 and up

      User reviews

      nagi bei February 18, 2014
      If you can not understand th language why download this version.

      kuji mal October 23, 2013
      the version i buy but he has no free

      Reyanshane Ausa May 30, 2014
      I love rpg game but it is this free

      UnknownNovember 26, 2013

      lock genesis May 19, 2014
      You have a point dude

      Mnlf_ ELITE March 10, 2014
      This is a very good came

      myungrico incoy November 23, 2013
      Nice game

      Tristan Lorenz June 29, 2014
      I played the other game a wow I’m sure this version is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! BD

      Jamieson Brown December 24, 2013

      St’van singko April 26, 2014

      Ronny Campos August 30, 2013
      It’s like the Legend of Zelda but too bad is not in English or Spanish. The part after the house of her mother I guess, when they wake up and u try to get out from it, the game take out and it doesn’t let u go any further than that!!!! >:( that really sucks but what’s annoying is that u don’t even know why it took u out bcus is in Japanese or Chinese!!!!! You guys need to do something about it!!!!

      Tutiii Kealcu June 10, 2013
      English ver !!!!

      Anantha Prabu December 30, 2012

      A Google User July 11, 2012
      Gameplay could do with more new skills and a more advanced real time combat system. However, I really liked how puzzles were incorporated (even if I got stuck at one for an hour), so the whole game isn’t simply button mashing. Not to mention the attractive art and interesting plot.

      A Google User October 8, 2012
      Omg. I love love this game. If i only new what the heck they were saying. ? other then that¡ This game is super fun and i recomend it. C: i always play this at school. Hehehe

      A Google User July 31, 2012
      I mean, it would be better in English, but the game is still pretty good. I’ll give five stars if you come out with an English one

      A Google User April 25, 2012
      It’s great I hope an English version comes out soon

      A Google User April 6, 2012
      Awesome game love it if only it was english other then that perfect

      A Google User January 26, 2012
      a bit hard on controls… but i hope an english version is in the process

      A Google User July 13, 2012
      Plz put it in english plz its look like a really good game

      A Google User August 22, 2012
      I want it!! I really want a real J-RPG on android! Please translate into English!!! Please,please,please!!!

      A Google User June 11, 2012
      I’d love to part this, it seems really fun, but I can’t read it.

      A Google User April 12, 2012
      this game looks hot

      A Google User July 6, 2012

      A Google User November 29, 2011
      :-)great game!!

      Andy Tang May 21, 2013
      If you guys wanna rag on this game just because it isn’t in English, just so you know, there is an English version of this. Its just paid for, if you want the full version.

      Lorenzo Raphael Erlano June 6, 2013
      Its like the game ‘the legend of Zelda’, I love playing every version of the legend of Zelda. When I saw the screenshots, I already figured out that it has the same gameplay and I was right. Good job creating this game though I’m still looking for a legend of Zelda game. ?

      Dustin Vik March 5, 2013
      The concept is nice but untill an english version is realeased u just wander around hoping for the best when yu need to find a person or any other sort of quest

      shadow friends May 6, 2016
      I like it but i dont understand

      ritchel baid July 26, 2013
      Is this game made for chinese only? I think its a good game and it will be better best if you will make english version.

      Zappie Uzumaki September 2, 2016
      Do you English subtitles for this game?

      A Google User October 6, 2012
      can’t understand it ill give it a 5 star rating if you fix this

      Vanessa Brinton December 12, 2016
      I would to love to play this game i just need to be translated to English please

      A Google User April 21, 2012
      Man this kind of game is really good Really need an english version

      A Google User October 25, 2012
      This was fhxhekxo

      Harold Neel August 21, 2015
      No subtitles

      widi aina November 2, 2014

      アクロスエイジDX(日本語版) User Rating: 4.5 ( 34 votes)