Alien Disruption

Ready to disrupt waves of invading aliens about to take over… your House?


hate it! I am going to vomits by seeing this monoster game

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Screenshot Alien Disruption

Alien Disruption screenshot
Alien Disruption screenshot
Alien Disruption screenshot
Alien Disruption screenshot

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    Ready to disrupt waves of invading aliens about to take over Earth?

    In this exciting new tower defense game, you must quickly tap each slimy Gus, Goor and Giz to splatter them before they invade your home.

    But be careful — your fellow humans are seeking refuge from the extraterrestrial horde! You must avoid killing them as they flee the aliens and run into your house.

    As you finish each level, the aliens will get stronger and stronger. They’ll even start riding in fast ships and massive motherships to defeat you!

    Fortunately, you can earn gold coins for every evil alien splatted. Spend coins to amp up your glorious alien kill rate with cars, explosive barrels, and lasers. There are only limited supplies of each — use them wisely to help you defeat the invasion!

    Enjoy two full missions each with 20 levels. Finish the first mission to unlock the second mission plus a Survival game. Finish the second mission to unlock the Mini-Game too.

    Survival mode is an endless alien onslaught. How long can YOU last?

    Plus the Mini-Game is a fast-paced ‘whack-an-alien’ frenzy: tap each alien when he pops out but do NOT tap any humans or it’s all over. Earn extra coin rewards by disrupting as many aliens as you can before time’s up.

    You can also buy coins using real money with the in-app purchase feature. Just press the + sign beside the coins.

    Download Alien Disruption now and start saving the world from waves of evil alien death!

    How To Play:
    — Just Tap the Aliens to stop them from invading your home.
    — Avoid tapping humans, help them cross the street until it gets to the house.
    — Use your special powers to kill aliens and more faster.

    Game Features:

    — Up to 2 Missions with 20 stages each.
    — Unlocked Survival mode by completing all stages in mission 1.
    — Unlocked Mini-Game(Whac-A-Mole kind of game) by completing all stages in mission 2.

    What’s New

    — Remove Ads Button
    — Database Levels
    — Flurry Analytics
    — In App Purchase
    *Fixed bugs
    — Audio (background music)
    — remove ads in Mini-Game

    App NameAlien Disruption
    DeveloperHealthy Body Apps
    RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

    User reviews

    Khairul Chowdhury October 31, 2014
    I am going to vomits by seeing this monoster game

    Arleen Fontaine September 16, 2014
    Way to many adds.

    Bon Rat May 29, 2014
    Won’t let me pass level 8 I kill all the aliens but won’t end the level

    Mike Ciuman April 9, 2014
    Wife loved it aliens make our son smile lol

    Developer Healthy Body Apps April 10, 2014 Thank you Mike. We love to help with smiles ?

    Martin Zhang March 15, 2014

    Elmary Dagatan January 26, 2014
    Keep it up

    Venus Leopardas January 15, 2014
    i enjoyed much

    Edna Aninon January 19, 2014
    Nice graphics ?

    Mae Dizon January 15, 2014
    Its amazing good job

    Charymie Dagatan January 4, 2014
    Wow!!! Very nice game… ?

    Von Alibo January 16, 2014
    Keep it up…

    Leziel Legaspi January 16, 2014
    Very nice

    ain norain January 13, 2014
    Best game..

    Francis Macalalag November 21, 2013
    Thanks,good job,more update.5 stars for this.

    Dominic Wagas October 31, 2013

    Dexter Aguilar October 13, 2013

    Erica Juaton October 9, 2013
    Good job. ?

    Jeanly Aguirre October 1, 2013
    Works well… congratulations!

    Trichia Marie Limbago October 20, 2013
    Nice one .!great job! ?

    Morcida Abdullah September 29, 2013
    Nice levels

    James Mathieu April 2, 2014
    I understand having adds but this game is ridiculous!!! You spend more time closing adds then playing the game. Otherwise a fun game but too annoying with all the adds

    Developer Healthy Body Apps April 4, 2014 Hi James,Yes, there were too many. That has now been corrected. We haven’t completely removed Ads since we still need to cover some of our development costs but try again now. Hope you find a much better game experience.

    Super bunso June 19, 2014
    Just crashed in lvls

    Frosty Tv March 20, 2015
    Dumd reallydumd

    John Philip Agustino September 26, 2013
    Nice game.