Amazing Smash Hit

Great journey for the lovers of super smash hit 3D through an amazing game.


Cheap version of smash hit. Don’t waste your time. Only enjoyment I got out of this game was deleting it from my phone.

User Rating: ( 1,849 ratings )

Screenshot Amazing Smash Hit

Amazing Smash Hit screenshot
Amazing Smash Hit screenshot
Amazing Smash Hit screenshot
Amazing Smash Hit screenshot

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    Amazing Smash Hit
    • This is an amazing arcade game for increase your skills to hitting the 3D obstacles. Smash Hit Power 3D game takes you a great journey to move in different pyramids and beautiful obstacles. You can increase your outstanding capabilities to hitting the crazy objects with real crystal smash ball. Smash hit adventure game is very addictive.
    • So now be ready. You can concentrate on the obstacles, focus on the right aim and show your reflex physical power with hitting the real crazy balls. When the super smash hit game is start, many pyramids and obstacles appearing in your path. Avoid to clash with these 3D objects. You hit the amazing 3d balls on the obstacles to increase your physical power and smash points.
    • Break the fantastic smash obstacles, beautiful mirrors, 3D models and other targets appearing in your way with smash balls. Every level has different amazing 3D graphics and real break glass smashes. Music of this game gives great pleasure for the lover of smash.
    Each level of this game is full of joy and super fun.

    Virtual smash balls.
    Realistic objects breaking.
    4 amazing 3D Graphical style.
    10 stunning and lovely levels.
    Comical and delight background music.
    Starry effect.
    Smooth control to play.

    App NameAmazing Smash Hit
    DeveloperBeta Games Studio
    RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

    User reviews

    Sweet One September 7, 2017
    Cheap version of smash hit. Don’t waste your time. Only enjoyment I got out of this game was deleting it from my phone.

    Kevin Chan February 19, 2017
    A really poor imitation of the original Smash Hit by Mediocre. Just go play the original & forget about this one…

    deborah lipscomb January 15, 2017
    Ads come right in middle of game.Very annoying had to uninstall

    Michelle Smith January 1, 2017
    Once u start u can’t stop

    Nicole Powell February 17, 2017
    Terrible game if anyone said it’s good well it is definitely NOT!

    Wes Greene January 15, 2017
    This game really sucks

    UnknownAugust 14, 2017
    Once u play the game u will not recommended this game is serious trash

    Tracy Speerbrecher March 8, 2017
    To glichey +it glitches two Much.

    G Ware October 15, 2016
    This game is complete trash

    Asma Tabassum May 16, 2017
    I love this game and also I have more and more fun in this game

    Wendy Diarra December 8, 2016
    Is boring and is slow

    Leif Jarrell March 10, 2017
    I hated it.

    Kate Gedye September 9, 2017
    I couldn’t even get on it

    Mahendra Goyal May 25, 2017
    It is the best and it also takes less MB

    Ashwin Rio May 7, 2017
    Awesome game it is very great

    UnknownAugust 14, 2017
    I am very happy

    jollivel velasco May 16, 2017
    Two thumbs ?

    no life July 18, 2017

    UnknownOctober 10, 2017
    Tis the worst

    Tasha Jones April 29, 2017

    Sreenivasreddy Machannagary June 6, 2017

    Cynthia Kirby July 3, 2017

    Evan Styllianos August 29, 2016
    The screen is covered with ads cant even play it. Waste of time

    Violet Tataru Sibu September 5, 2016
    It’s good but a but boring and it doesn’t want to open it just says rety

    Kai Oakley August 11, 2016
    This game is so smooth and a chill gamei definitely recommend

    Natsu_The_Great 64 August 19, 2016
    Its horable wanna be smash hit

    Dustin Mackey August 19, 2016
    Played it a short bit and……………..THE ADS ARE RIDICULOUS!!!!!!! REMOVED THE APP!!!!!!

    Jason Thompson August 12, 2016
    Bombarded with ads before the game even started. Game loads, more ads, level information screen, more ads, hit play, more ads. Graphics are awful, game play is subpar, objectives to hit are just floating around,spend the $3 and get Smash Hit, way better game all around.

    Dave Pena March 11, 2017
    Its boring.. My version isn’t able to the smash hit by mediocre yet i bare it! ?

    Jo Farough July 18, 2017
    This game is worth Trash bad throwing animations Would rater spend 2$ on smash hit than your trashyass rip-off

    angus cairns March 16, 2017
    If 2yr olds could write computer code this is what they’d turn out. Awful ripoff.

    michelle merino November 1, 2016
    I hate this game because it dosen’t let me play it

    Mariam Sherbano July 26, 2016
    There are alot of adds in this game plus it is very slow…… Waste of time……

    Flutter Shy May 18, 2017
    Oh well I tried to instail the original smash hit but my phablet told me that my divice isn’t connected to this app I found this app really……I don’t know what to say…..smash hit is nothing beside AMAZING SMASH HIT That’s why they called it amazing smash hit???❤?????????

    mays misyef July 3, 2016
    It is not the origenal game on app store its deffirent but this one is ok

    xxXDRAGONXxx xxXBOSSXxx May 8, 2017
    IT’S AMAZING… For 1 year olds. The good smash hit doesnt work on this phone so I was hoping this would satisfy me but im not 1.

    Vanessa Redden December 13, 2016
    Too slow and disgusting. Get it out of here

    Shriraam Mks April 27, 2017
    It’s like a lame version of smash hit

    Yusairah Randeree October 2, 2016
    It’s okay uninstalled it becouse found it boring SMASH HIT MEDICORE is the best

    SOUL ASSASSIN2123 September 24, 2016