Angry Birds Seasons

Classic Angry Birds with a seasonal twist!


Samsung did an update recently and now I can’t play this game anymore — it crashes on the loading screen.I was close to completing all the levels since it hasn’t had any new seasons, Birdwear or new Quests (only coin and telebird) in quite a while.If there are no updates very soon, I will delete the app and I will go no further with Angry Birds.It was fun while it lasted, but I have no patience for this…

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Screenshot Angry Birds Seasons

Angry Birds Seasons screenshot
Angry Birds Seasons screenshot
Angry Birds Seasons screenshot
Angry Birds Seasons screenshot

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    Join the Angry Birds as they celebrate unique seasonal events from around the world!
    Enjoy the addictive physics-based Angry Birds gameplay you love, but with an exciting seasonal twist. For the latest update, a lone slingshot rises to answer the Viking Pigs’ call for battle in a new advent style episode: Ragnahog!

    LATEST EPISODE: Ragnahog
    Play a new Viking-themed level from Dec. 1st through the 25th.
    – 25 new levels + 2 new Golden Egg Levels!
    – Terence’s Nordic cousin Tony visits for the holidays!
    – New quests and achievements!

    In addition to the Ragnahog chapter, download and enjoy:
    – 31 THEMED EPISODES (plus cool bonus stuff)!
    – 925+ LEVELS of pig-popping action!
    – UNIQUE POWER-UPS that give you the edge in tricky levels!
    – SURPRISE EGGS! Collect Four Stars (yes. FOUR!) in four hand picked classic levels during the week and hatch a surprise egg full of prizes just in time for The Pig Challenge!
    – THE PIG CHALLENGE! Unique weekend tournaments where you and your friends can see who’s the best bird flinger! It’s like Pig Days, but with friends!
    With over 2 billion downloads, Angry Birds is the most popular mobile game series of all time. Join the global phenomenon!

    What’s New

    Cleaning up around the nest, pecking at some bugs, and making minor improvements.

    App NameAngry Birds Seasons
    DeveloperRovio Entertainment Ltd.
    RequirementsAndroid 4.1 and up

    User reviews

    Jennifer Holley September 5, 2017
    Samsung did an update recently and now I can’t play this game anymore — it crashes on the loading screen.I was close to completing all the levels since it hasn’t had any new seasons, Birdwear or new Quests (only coin and telebird) in quite a while.If there are no updates very soon, I will delete the app and I will go no further with Angry Birds.It was fun while it lasted, but I have no patience for this…

    Julie Ann March 23, 2017
    4out of 5 only because on some levels it will crash at the end when it goes to give you 3stars, nothing helps. I just figured there isn’t a next board or it’s on purpose so you can’t continue to get 3 stars on the episode.. I don’t know but either way it’s fun!! 5 stars on creativity too… So cute and entertaining

    UnknownSeptember 23, 2017
    Most of the time, the game just shuts down nowadays. I haven’t been able to play this game most of the time and looking at the reviews, I’m not the only one. This game needs an update. Also, when or if you make an update, can you please put some of the costumes back on sale that you can’t get for the side quests for certain amount of coins. It’s not really fair for those such as myself that weren’t around when they were on sale. Also, just another suggestion when or if you make an update, you could possibly make costumes for Terence’s cousin, the shock bird, and the telebird. Just some suggestions and please update this soon! Edit: Game works now, but I wish that Rovio would make new updates for this like some that I had ideas of. If not, Angry Birds Seasons 2 coming out in the future?

    Jennifer Medlock March 16, 2017
    I loved Angry Birds Friends first. I am SO HAPPY when I play it. And when I achieve, and the Xbox Achievements Banner pops up.. oh mie GOSH-NESS!! I feel like I’m rethinking and keeping mySelf on my toes. Mentally, I feel more able to Focus. Between Testing for my college courses, it helps calm me down and prepare the Peace that I Need. Now with Seasons, I uninstalled and reinstalled when I got far. I don’t want to lose my thrill. And I also want to keep mySelf thinking!

    Joe R M September 4, 2017
    Was playing fine until Thursday, August 31, 2017, now it won’t get past the loading screen before crashing to the home screen. It’s now Monday, September 4, 2017, and no fix or patch has appeared. Many others are having this issue apparently, Rovio seems to be silent on this matter, it’s not like they don’t care about their older games, they just released new levels for the original Angry Birds.

    rebe spatz September 7, 2017
    If could play it would like it. Close every time sometime wait till try clicking on a game sometimes not. Without daily things not much left to do. I had just started playing it more as they had been having less inappropriate addsthat I could play with my grandchildren again. now it won’t play at all!! Should delete but be hopefully bit longer.

    UnknownAugust 30, 2017
    Had this app for years, then it crashed today. I was prepared to start from the beginning again so I deleted and reinstalled it. It crashes as soon as I open it. Ive tried everything, clear cache, restart, switch off/on etc, NOTHING. Idont expect Rovio to suggest anythung I havnt already tried, so dont bother downloading it people. All my other angry birds apps work just fine.

    UnknownJune 25, 2017
    Birds always was and always will be the best thinking persons game out there.The fun and competition are great..nothing I rather game.Played hundreds of games. $ome pricy to but Angry Birds is the best!Also the physics of kinetic energy, the theory of gravity, all the science of objects affecting objects translate so accurately in angrybirds.Very cool.Can’t say enough about how well the code and programming turn all this info such fun.Hope im alive to see a new generation of similar game.

    Mark Beasley March 9, 2017
    Added in Feb:they now have added a new problem.App locks up at start for minutes and every once in a while when playing.Now is unusable.Previous: This app has cut battery time in half. It is now slow and locks up, plus ends before the game pieces are still falling and even says I lost even when all pigs are dead. How the great have fallen!

    Sean Victorino September 7, 2017
    Been playing for 5 years, and I love this game. I have it nearly completed- then August 31st, 2017 rolls around. I open up the game, hit the play button, the loading screen appears, and it crashes. Please fix this. I want to play it again. Some many people have been having the same problem and what have you guys done? NOTHING. Your just working on new games and aren’t caring about your older games. Fix. It. NOW.

    Dera Montague September 4, 2017
    It’s been crashing for about 2 weeks when trying to load. And there hasn’t been a new level or game in a year…? Just the pig challenge changes daily. This game got so popular and a money making machine, that it forgot about updates. I remember when it first came out… I think the developers forgot us.

    UnknownSeptember 2, 2017
    Update from last review…brand new phone-Moto GPlus. Game crashes as soon as it boots up. 2 days in a row. Many other saying the same thing. Wht isn’t this being addressed? Sept. 2, 2017 I just want to play the game. Now there are coins and “extras”. I just want to throw some birds at some pigs and try to get a high score. Not a good update.

    Concrete Lightbulb September 4, 2017
    The game crashes on start up. To make certain the issue wasn’t with my main device, I installed it on another and sure enough it crashed on start up.It was a fun distraction for awhile but there’s no point keeping a malfunctioning app on my phone.

    Jenny Croft August 31, 2017
    This was working just fine until a few days ago. Now the app crashesas soon ads it’s opened.I even uninstalled and then reinstalled and it’s still crashing. I am so disappointed, its a great game! (None of my other apps are having a problem).

    A Google User September 8, 2017
    It’s broken. If you successfully complete a daily quest level, it shouldn’t take a life away. It’s almost as bad as click bait ad-cash grabs. Gaming has got to change. Update: now it just constantly crashes

    David Fitts, Sr. May 15, 2017
    Finished all levels and working on challenges when one day all episodes were back to 0, earlier episodes were again locked, and special bird’s levels were back to 0 (from 15). Birdwear and trophies gone. Coins, eggs, and special bird count was okay and although birdwear was gone, current birds were in costume. Rovio stated there were some problems ongoing but, unfortunately, they could not restore my game back to what it was. Pitiful. Rovio used to be a class act but now it is all about the money.

    Pete Cotterill September 12, 2017
    Have to start with device in airplane mode and then, after game has initialized, turn airplane mode off and reconnect. Have to connect so game can suck up ad bombardment, enabling coins to play further. Didn’t used to be so restrictive but ad revenue obviously trumps user experience and game stability.

    Kristi Donecker May 29, 2017
    Once I conquered daily levels to win coins, it never gives them to me. I’ve had the start the whole season over 3 times,and when I get enough points in the trophy weekends, it will only gives me a gold trophy. I LOVE this game, but please send a fix! ❤

    Richard Weed September 14, 2017
    One day everything is just fine with the game, the next day it keeps shutting down on me. I have unistalled it and reinstalled it, but it just shuts down after the opening page.Then one day it started working again, but come to find out that the company had wiped out all of my purchases. I THOUGHT SIGNING ON TO FACEBOOK STOPPED THIS, BUT THE COMPANY JUST RIPS YOU OFF ANYWAY! SCREW ROVIO!!

    Sarah Popovitz June 4, 2017
    The ads are ridiculous. They pause the game to pop up and play resulting in the game closing itself down and me having to restart the whole thing all over again. I ended up uninstalling because there was no point to try to enjoy it. It’s really disappointing because I’ve always enjoyed this game.

    A Google User September 14, 2017
    Whatever recent update, the game is working again! So glad you gave one of my favorites back! Only thing I would change is access to previous year levels. Don’t like having to unlock them after all that work I put into them before! Still love this game, though!

    STEWART BEARD September 2, 2017
    Might be my tablet, but the game is now crashing even before it gets to any of the games. Switches itself off and goes back to my desktop. Doesn’t even generate an error message.. will reinstall see if it helps

    Jaci Colvin August 24, 2017
    I remembered playing original angry birds a long time ago. This isn’t what it used to be. Large, very frequent, full screen ads between each level. Very pushy nag screens and the like hassling you to pay up early in the game onwards. Levels become very difficult to complete without paying. Just bring out a well made game that can be bought outright rather than this pushy freemium stuff. It makes it unplayable. Uninstalled.

    Yvette August 31, 2017
    This is the second angry birds game to suddenly stop working on my phone even after uninstall and reinstall losing a lot of progress in the process. Extremely frustrating because it’s way too hard to get 3 stars in all levels. From reading the reviews I’m not the only one with the problem of the games repeatedly crashing. Since there’s obviously no fix I’m deleting for good.

    Raven Darkholme September 14, 2017
    Was a fun game until Samsung had a security update end of August and now won’t get past the loading screen before it crashes.Update: Sept 14. Re- installed and it works now but all my progress over the past year is gone!Everything erased like I never played!What a rip off!

    jayson myers May 23, 2017
    When you get to about the 6th lvl with the peice of garbage boomerang birds.. Its no longer fun.Its litterly the worst ability ive ever seen in any game. Good luck to everyone who picks this game up.

    Laura Willett-Pesch May 5, 2017
    I’m really tired of EASILY beating the score necessary in the Pig Challenge for the reward, and having it cheat me out of it. I’ve written to Rovio but they do nothing. It’s the ONLY new thing added to this app in forever anyway. I’d uninstall it, but I keep hoping for new seasons to be added, instead of only the challenge that cheats me out of everything. No offer from Rovio to even reimburse me for the powerups I’ve been cheated out of. What’s happening Rovio?

    Patricia Hixson September 10, 2017
    Loved playing game until August 31, 2017. Now the game doesn’t load. I’ve tried uninstalling, but nothing. I’ve submitted emails, reports and no response. Like others, I was close to completing all levels. Will not play any other versions of AB’s if this issue is not resolved.

    A Google User September 1, 2017
    Update wrecked the game. Won’t open. ***** Please post most recent reviews instead of highlights. The highlights are very misleading. Every review from 8/30/17 to present has been negative. People need to know this without having to dig through all the reviews.

    Mattie Patton September 12, 2017
    Great fun! But will not stay loaded automatically shuts off and goes back to home screen fix this please!!!!!!!!! Help really miss,being able to to play. It finally stayed on but all my coins and accomplishments were lost it started me back at square one what can you do to help me.

    Larry Rodriguez September 10, 2017
    Up until the end of August it was a great game. Since then it crashes while loading. It has worked twice since then. I uninstalled/reinstalled and still crashes while loading. Using a Moto Droid ZForce.

    Christian Cordier April 5, 2017
    It still works ok in free 2 play mode but comes absolutely loaded(!) with ads that show up all the time. Not entirely free of bugs, made me loose some game progress. Consider buying upgrade to at least get rid of some ads.

    marie white September 5, 2017
    Updated sept 17 and it won’t play. It keeps shutting down before loading. Don’t want to reinstall as i’ll loose all progress and have to start again. Always loved angry birds but this is v poor.

    Hazel Clark September 1, 2017
    Love the game but after working fine,it’s suddenly started spontaneously closing immediately after loading on my tablet (Nexus 7).Did a new install on my phone to check it out & the same thing happened.

    IPS Bawa March 26, 2017
    Well…. I had been playing angry birds for years now and suddenly I got to know that most seasons were locked and you have to purchase em. But because of that I was heartbroken cause all my favorite seasons were locked…. except this flaw…. the game is amazing and the same old lovely angry birds we used to play

    danielle morency September 1, 2017
    All of a sudden the game won’t let me play more than 5 seconds. It goes back to the loading scree. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app to give it another chance. Still doesn’t work.

    Fran Robertson May 1, 2017
    I like the new Angry Birds Seasons for the most part.What I don’t like is the fact that I cannot play levels I previously played before the updatesunless I pay a certain amount of coins to download them. I’ve been playing this game for at least 4+ years. It is very unfair to dedicated angry birds players like myself.

    Gadeon Tribe April 3, 2017
    Absolutely incredible game that is more addictive than a lot of other games that I’ve played. I’m a game freak. I mean; I’ve played a lot of games in my lifetime. (Hundreds on multiple consoles). But… The ‘Angry Birds’ franchise; I feel; has always been​ and will always be one of the most fun and addictive side-scroll games that I’ve ever played in my life. I think that the developers should totally make a version of the U.S./individual cities and/or states since they’ve already made one about Finland and the info about the culture. And this game should have an easy 5 star rating. I mean; you can’t really get better than this ‘Angry Birds Seasons’ or ‘Angry Birds 2’ with this specific genre.

    kellymom9 September 8, 2017
    Same issue.I was close to completing all levels.Startedcrashing on load.Sadly deleted then re installed , but still crashing.I really hope Rovio reads these reviews and puts a fix in.

    Jay B March 3, 2017
    Classic problem. An app is working pretty fine, then the developers decide to mess around with it (they call it ‘update’) and end up breaking something that worked. The totally unnecessary update a few days ago now makes it freeze at start-up screen and I can no longer play it. Using Samsung Note 3.