Antibody Boost

Antibody Boost is an intense microbe shooter.


Awesome, simple and addictive Gameplay feels good – responsive and satisfying. It can quickly become frantic and is definitely rewarding when you survive to the higher scores. Runs great on galaxy note.

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Take control of a heroic antibody and engage swarms of dangerous antigens.

In this arcade style shooter use precision shots and time your movements carefully to survive the escalating waves.

Improve your reflexes and master your nerves to climb the online leaderboard.

Tested for performance and compatibility on the following devices:

Samsung Galaxy S2
Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Asus Nexus 7

App NameAntibody Boost
DeveloperCircle of Judgement
RequirementsAndroid 2.2 and up

User reviews

A Google User November 6, 2012
Gameplay feels good – responsive and satisfying. It can quickly become frantic and is definitely rewarding when you survive to the higher scores. Runs great on galaxy note.

A Google User November 6, 2012
Really fun game, I love the varied type of enemies and the different ways you need to counter them. Can get intense as you go through the levels

A Google User November 5, 2012
It runs great on my transformer prime. There is a great sense of pace and urgency as I’m tapping madly around the screen. It’s a good concept which has been well executed.

A Google User November 8, 2012
Fantastic little game, not usually into these sorts of games but found it to be a good time waster!

A Google User August 12, 2014
You die after 1 hit, no second chances, which, given the less than accurate controls, you think you would get.

A Google User November 6, 2012
Just an awesome fast paced game, has global highscores so you can compete for ranks etc, would be a good game to play with friends.

A Google User November 7, 2012
Good concept, simple enough for touch controls and fast matches, but god execution, nice graphics, nice performance… it just works.

A Google User November 7, 2012
Highly recommend this game to everyone! Hope you release more apps like this

A Google User November 11, 2012
The game is very easy to learn and it is quite addictive. ? Looking forward to future updates.

A Google User November 7, 2012
A great casual game, recommended!

A Google User November 7, 2012
The game is very choppy on my phone and when I tried to uninstall it as it wasunplayable for me it forced my handset to reboot and become sluggish.I know its a recent release but please try to fix these issues.

Arya Putra November 28, 2012
Died after 1 hit, and controls are annoying..I agreed with other users..fix this, and 5 stars will be yours..

ala slipknot February 23, 2014
But it could be better with simple control (2sticks maybe) cause now when i tap with 2 fingers it knda cover all the screen

Edmon Abdel Nour October 14, 2013
I love the game im hoping to get more games with the same idea i would like a couple of upgrades maybe ingame currency and multiplayer

A Google User November 10, 2012
nice and intuitive to play, great game just to play on the go

A Google User November 15, 2012
Nice, fresh game concept. The dual controls and double touch seem to be the same control layout…?

Biyanka Jaltotage December 1, 2012
Simple and great way to waste some time

Cade Franklin December 24, 2013
These guys know how to make a fun experience, they should totally make a game about a female android!

Cro HH4eva January 17, 2014
Bad controling

Lida Akhavan December 11, 2013
Best game ever but it is a bit difficult but I still love it!!!

Michael Michailov November 18, 2013
Make a better icon, i would have never played it just seeing it’s icon on the market

L Jones November 30, 2013
Cool graphics, slick play, no ads, no problems. Simple but solid.

A Google User November 9, 2012
Very addicting

Corina Guitguiten March 20, 2015

A Google User November 7, 2012
Super fun to play ?

A Google User November 26, 2012
Nice take on the old asteroids game!

A Google User November 7, 2012

Dairn Arlen Ivey Jr. July 9, 2014
Yes I said KOOL

Joshua Lammers July 17, 2013
Great game on android and PC

Frank Harold February 29, 2016
Great graphics

noel patio January 4, 2014
Great gameplay. Simply addicting.

A Google User November 17, 2012
good fun

Zali Raza September 2, 2014

Steel bug July 2, 2014
Super addictive

Lorenzo Landi July 20, 2014
Gooooood game

A Google User November 26, 2012
In Antibody Boost, you take control of an anti-microbial agent, tasked with destroying invading pathogens. You’ll tap to fire in any direction, and a double-tap will send you zooming in the direction of your tap. This is important, as it’s the only way you’re allowed to move. The enemies coming at you are varied; some are tougher than others, some fire back at you, some have weak spots that you must target. The action ends when you collide with anything, which results in infection and you blowing up, which can take out one final enemy if you maneuver quickly enough. It’s a simple game, and simple is good. I had difficulty at times dashing away; it seemed that the double-tap didn’t register quite strongly enough. But if you are able to overcome this issue, Antibody Boost will reward you with some frantic fun. Download it today and protect your cells! — via Best Apps Market

Hilman Faiz May 17, 2015
My antivirus said this app contain trojan, so I deleted it immediately. Tried to re-install it but it’s still the same. I want to play this game, but I don’t want to risk my personal data.

A Google User November 5, 2012
Hard but really fun because its so intense. Well done

A Google User November 14, 2012
Good fun. Music, moves, graphics and effects are well integrated.

A Google User November 14, 2012
Great job!! Followed your OzBargain post =]