Beauty Idol: Fashion Queen

Be the fairest of them and be named Fashion Queen!


I’ve been playing this game for a good while now & I love it! The only problem I had was some things I bought went missing but the next day they were back in my inventory so I didnt contact support. Its very fun to dress my doll everything is super cute! I just wish the other stores would open, I want more clothes. Also we should be able to take the modeling pics w boyfriends & friends andhave more backgrnds & poses to take pics… Ok thats it❤ Great game☺

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Screenshot Beauty Idol: Fashion Queen

Beauty Idol: Fashion Queen screenshot
Beauty Idol: Fashion Queen screenshot
Beauty Idol: Fashion Queen screenshot
Beauty Idol: Fashion Queen screenshot

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    Live the dream and become a beauty queen in this cute, anime and manga inspired Fashion RPG! Join fabulous beauty pageants or judge and decide who’s in or who’s out! Romance, fame, and fortune are yours to explore as you make it big in the city! This app has it all, whether you’re seeking luxury, cosplay, Japan, Romeo & Juliet or pretty princess styles!

    As a rising star, see and be seen in the social scene. Hang out with your celebrity girls and boyfriends. Go out on dates with the hottest celebrities in town to find your perfect match. Sing, act and model your way to success and achieve top idol status. Go on photo shoots and grace the covers of famous fashion and lifestyle magazines. Look your best and wear the trendiest outfits at all times. Show the world that you have what it takes to be the next Magical Pop Idol! The possibilities are endless for an up-and-coming idol star like you.

    It’s all just a tap away! Fame, fortune and love are waiting for you and your girlfriends! Have fun, stay beautiful and dream big!

    – Compete in a beauty pageant against other Beauty Idol users.
    – Bright and colorful candy colored manga and anime art style
    – Create your own moe and kawaii anime girl
    – A wide array of cute clothes and accessories to choose from
    – Three main career paths to follow: singer, actress, model
    – Complete various jobs and challenges to earn cash
    – Play mini-games to earn cash or unique clothes and accessories!
    – Shop ‘til you drop in a Ginza, Harajuku, and Shibuya inspired setting.
    – Hang out and go on dates to find the guy of your dreams
    – Chat with various virtual celebrities and live the Shōjo and Seinen life!

    ** Please note that while the app is free, please be aware that it contains paid content for real money that can be purchased upon users’ wish to enhance their gaming experience.You may control in-app purchases made within this app using password protection which can be enabled from the setting page of the Google Play Store app. **

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    App NameBeauty Idol: Fashion Queen
    RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

    User reviews

    Rubi Heart March 10, 2017
    I’ve been playing this game for a good while now & I love it! The only problem I had was some things I bought went missing but the next day they were back in my inventory so I didnt contact support. Its very fun to dress my doll everything is super cute! I just wish the other stores would open, I want more clothes. Also we should be able to take the modeling pics w boyfriends & friends andhave more backgrnds & poses to take pics… Ok thats it❤ Great game☺

    Roxanne Navarro May 27, 2015
    I really would like to see more boyfriends and shops opening so that I can give it a five star. I love playing this game but it gets boring overtime especially if there are no latest updates. Please add more games to the Carnival and add more clothes and everything to the shops. And please make it coins and not diamonds so it will be easier to buy. Please add diamonds to win on the Wheel Of Fortune game. Make the character and boyfriend sweet and not just standing there esp when taking pics. Pleasee..?

    Caitlyn Sofia March 25, 2015
    I was looking for another fashion/dress up game when I found this and I was pleasantly surprised. There’s so many choices for clothes and I love working jobs. They price way too many things with diamonds and not enough ways to earn diamonds without spending real money. If they made that more fair, I’d totally give it 5 stars. Have fun! ?

    M Aris Gunawan December 2, 2016
    Im so enjoyed play this game. Super fun. But i got some error on save (backup) my data. And they say “overwrite” or something else.. After that my character full of gold and diamond. And a few minute after that my character was been change . look like not my beauty idol account. My account change to another player account.. Even i connect it with facebook. Will you fix this bug? Because its my 2nd time know this bug, my friend had like me to

    Valerie Tran December 29, 2014
    Pretty good game. The only problem that I have is when I try to exit out of a place (ex. House) and press the green arrow in the corner, it will glitch and I have to restart the game to continue playing. Otherwise, a very good game. Also, in the contests my chances if placing higher are decreased since I cannot buy ads without it freezing. Only happened recently, so if the next update comes out to fix it, maybe I’ll fix the rating.

    Annalisa Enma August 24, 2015
    I love the game its awesome! So many beautiful designs and outfits. But I think it would be nice if you added more fashions or opened the new shops or/add boyfriends because its getting a little boring. Either way it would be nice but its still fun.Edit: so I just downloaded the app and tried to load my old data on but it said there was an error, now I’ve got to redo it all over again…urgh…and I was lv 126 too

    Annie Cesnik June 7, 2016
    I don’t have that kind of money and you dont get that many jewels anyway. Also, theres not enough stamina to do anything. I mean it’s really fun but. Hopefully they’ll fix it. Till then im not buying anything. Make more clothes able to be bought with the coins we’ve earned. Ill give 5 stars when its fixed.

    Reza Pahlavi Mohd Anis August 22, 2015
    I was in search for a dress up game suitable for my niece and found this one. Generally it’s a good game from a gamer’s perspective, but I also found some bugs at the Jewel Blitz where the screen could not refresh accordingly after lots of ‘free fall’ and the timing for the jobs could go forward or backward where suddenly your jobs are completed or expired, or when near completion, suddenly it requires a couple of hours more to complete. Other than that, this game could fry my tablet if I’m not careful.

    Danicia Diaz December 9, 2014
    I Love Beauty Idol. I keep on joining Some Contests and win some gems or coins and discounts. I hate those people who cant even agree for those who dont have any gems (there just lazy to join somecontest). My Idol Is ” Lady Kara “! I wish that you could still update the application, like thet other shops in the mall, other games in the carnival and something more exciting!

    Cays H January 8, 2016
    I urge you not to start playing this game. It is abandoned with no hope of future updates. Last update was over a year ago. Most of these types of games have updates fairly frequently with new content. It seems that the new stores will never arrive and I finished all major game goals within a couple of weeks. There’s nothing to keep me around. I found this game to be fun initially but its clear its abandoned.

    Sakura shirakawa June 24, 2015
    I understand about development costs and the costs of updating, my only suggestion would be to have a range of basic low cost clothing in Vogue.It would, I feel, get more people into the game.Give them a few outfits and a couple dresses at a low coin cost, and then slowly work them up to the larger purchases. I have talked to a number of people that tried the game and were turned off by the first purchases taking up Pretty much all of their beginning coin.Also, the free diamond offer is glitched.

    Queen Ha-NAH December 21, 2014
    I am into makeup, fashion, nail art and all of that and what I love about this app is being able to create many different styles with my character. It’s also diverting and the manga style could not be cuter. This game also comes in at least 20 languages including Oriental languages so that’s a plus for some language practice. I do have two small wishes though- I wish it was easier to play without a facebook accountand also the mini games are getting kind of old because it’s just those three.

    Stefanus Henza January 7, 2015
    Compared to her sister game, Star Girl’s characters are more pretty, while the Beauty Idol’s are more cute since they’re appears in anime style. However, for me, I like the SG’s clothes & accessories collections more than BI’s. In SG, so many things I want to buy. But in BI, so many things I DON’T want to buy if it isn’t for the Charm points. It’s only a personal taste, though. And by the way, when the “Coming Soon” shops will be open? More stars if they’re open.

    Jasmyn Hou February 18, 2016
    This is my favorite game, I’m totally addicted. The only problem is that to get all the cutest outfits and to win beauty contests you have to spend a lot of diamonds… and that means spending real cash to get enough diamonds. Also I’m only level 27 and I’ve already had all the boyfriends and clothes prizes. Please add more!

    Galixy Wolf April 30, 2015
    The games rlly cool and theres lots to do but the only thing I recommend mabey for the futer or somethang is to make wen u open the app it doesnt takr as lobg to open up… cuz sometimes ill be waiting for the app to open up forke a minute.. so mabey u could make it a lttle faster.. thx ?

    Some Dweeb December 7, 2014
    It says in the description that you haven’t updated since May 2014! I don’t mean to rush or be rude, but I really want to see what’s in those other stores! Other than that, this is a really great app, it just needs to be updated soon. Plus, you should make it where most of the things cost coins or you can have the option to buy with coins or diamonds for items because it is REALLY hard to get diamonds besides visiting friends, watching a video everday, and leveling up. I don’t even get diamonds anymore when I take a picture with my friends everyday! And it takes a while to level up once you get to higher levels. You should do one of those options up there or make it easier to get diamonds.

    Tia Toth October 4, 2015
    It is just star idol with either better or worse graphics depending on your preferences. The only differences are in star idol you can buy a lot more clothes without spending real money. In beauty idol you get boyfriend presents faster and have a bit more time to get your salary from whatever job you started. Also star idol has more shops to choose from. Other than that its just a slightly different pallet swap in some areas.

    Ashi Buscato December 31, 2015
    Add and vote me pls my ID is BID45X6. AND pls lower the prices almost thing are diamonds. Pls make it a coin. Add more games to thecarnival, shops should be open, and when I quit playing like 1 day (actually, im grounded) when I came back after the 1 day, my job is still in 16 hrs 12hrs and 10hrs And its also like the boyfriend gift, pls pls pls pls fix it now!! Otherwise, the game is cute and adorable. I was like “What is this?.. Fine I’ll download it” after playing: “OMG, this is what im finding” thnx

    Octavia Hawkins December 26, 2014
    The game is pretty fun to play and I enjoy it. It only has a couple of problems. One would be they need to update the game. How long will we have to wait to get level 5&6 boyfriends and the other stores in the mall? That and not making so many of the clothes cost diamonds would help. Hope you take my suggestions into consideration not for just this game but for your star girl games too.

    Ashley Loh July 2, 2015
    I did a job in the morning before going out. When I came back home, the job time did not move at all and stayed at 11 hour left before the job is done. The same thing happen with the boyfriend gift. Does that mean my 6 hour outside home is equal to only 1min in the game?! Please fix this soon.

    •.Laиa Кaч.• December 30, 2014
    I worked hard to buy an expensive blue shirt, a black prom dress and pink shirt but one moringI went to my closet and it’s now there! Even is my avatar/character is wearing it! I was currently wearing the blue shirt which I was happy with and then, GONE! It got switched back to the ugly white T-shirt! The black prom dress was devastating to lose because I wear it in almost every dark queen’s runway competition!!!!!! I have won AMAZING things with that dress! I usually LOVE this game but WHY TAKE MY CLOTHES!

    Katie Thorpe November 29, 2014
    I really love this but the only downfall is that whenever im connected to wifi it a bit glitchy that I had to force close the app but its ok when im not online.I am waiting on the next update for the new shops and date levels as cant go any further

    Angel Jones August 21, 2015
    You decided to abandon a really addictive and amazingly fun game. You didn’t update it at all this year, the last update was in 2014. This game has so many glitches now that it’s unbelievable. I suggest you do your job and manage your game. Some people are still paying money for this while you sit back and watch your laziness roll unearned money into your bank account. Pathetic.

    Lydia Crasto May 22, 2016
    The heck with this game!! I stopped playing for a day and when I came back to play, ALL OF MY CLOTHES IN THE DRESS SECTION WERE MISSING!!? There were only two tops that are given to us when we start the game! I’ve worked really hard to collect all those dresses! Plz fix this problem! I like to play this game but if the problem is not fixed, I’m going to stop playing this game! And I wish to give 0 stars to game if the problem is not fixed!!

    Angela Olguin September 27, 2015
    But it keeps crashing on my note 3…. also please fix how jobs expire. It sucks that i went to sleep and didn’t gain my profit. Also please make the new settings stick because when i changed to HD when it crashes it goes back to SD. :l

    Tara Napier August 23, 2014
    The game is fun but, waiting for the new shops to open is getting annoying! Please update content so the game holds my intetest. It would be nice to be able to go on new dates and flirt to obtain new items. And the mini games are really boring. I do like the game, as a whole but, what’s the point if it isn’t going to change? Thank you! ▶_◀

    Djiulie Salim May 4, 2015
    It’s cute and the graphic is just perfect. I like it so much. But the price for clothes are too expensive, need to work nth tim to buy them. I really like it the fact that you give free diamons even though it’s not a lot. My id is BIZHB4Z. add, like, and votes. I’ll do the same courtesy.

    Angelica Ferrer May 21, 2014
    Really fun game!I’m constantly on it, it’s one of those games where you get caught up in easily. Sadly though the clothes cost a bit much and the completed jobs expire after about an hour, after completion,but other than that you should try it!

    Flowreena M November 23, 2014
    Why my level from 16 down to level 13. My diamond from 240 down to 170 and my money also same. I make an effort to get that far but when all my effort wasted just like this i’m a bit i’m asking for your concern. Can i get my level, money and my diamond back, please? I really, really love this game!

    Quartz Heart April 6, 2016
    1. Before you level up after save data for safe useing2. For other bugs go to setting find beauty idol app clear cache* restart your game …3. Stop hacking you may non server your devise ( it may banned from beautyidol or/and stargirl* )Thanks For Reading ^3^

    UnknownOctober 15, 2016
    After 50+ level it gets boring! And i m not that kind of person who spend real money for game. Gems are the main issue! ?But over all the competition are fun. Well if you friend me and vote me i will definitely vote you back?

    Angeline Schaaf January 4, 2016
    JOBS EXPIRING is the dumbest thing. What system makes you pay gems to get your salary if you don’t pick it up on time. None. Even if you complete a 20 hour task and receive lots of xp, if you get to the next level there is no xp on that next level that should be there since we earned it. It’s all cute except the ridiculous waiting period for some of the features and how the time seems to only tick down some of the time. What is happening.

    Jennifer Hua May 20, 2014
    The only thing that brings it down is the fact that I constantly freeze every couple seconds on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 when I’m on the app. And the game is stuck there until I open it again… and it freezes again. I’m fed up on the freezing. And the game is pretty much the same; same bars and same characters. Only difference is the contests.

    Marissa Pollard July 24, 2014
    Cant go into the game…. keeps saying error occurred try again later…… even when I uninstalled and installed it again….. makin me start over and im in the middle of the compatition…. I dont want to start over and have to get all my boyfriends over again, and reach level 80 again….. gonna take to long….. please fix….. love the game and would like to continue playing

    UnknownJune 3, 2017
    I love it, but there is something that i do not like, that is i can not add friend. Why dont you guy make a place that all player could add each other? Second, it so slow. And third is they have too less event, can you guys add some more to make the game more interesting?

    dashimoro July 8, 2016
    Why is everything so expensive in the game? When I buy even one necklace, I barely have any money to buy a pair of earrings afterwards! It doesn’t make sense, and I’d love it if the item prices weren’t so high …

    Valeria Montalvo June 11, 2014
    Pros: Its cute, keeps you entertained for a bit,Has somewhat good variety of games are fun. Cons:things are EXTREMELY pricey. This app freezes a lot on me. Still waiting for more stores to open up and more levels in the cafe and bar.

    Sekar Hanifa June 19, 2017
    There has to be more updates and clothes and events like in Star Girl. No offense, but there haven’t been any new updates since 2014! So to the developers, please add more things in. And also unlock the stores! There are some themes that specifically needs clothes from those locked stores!

    Calypso Sky Hahn-Maurer August 4, 2014
    I love this app!!! Its fun, cool, the outfits are fabulous, and its really fun to play. One thing. When you go on dates with your boyfriends in the game, you and the guy stand really far apart and just pose. You can’t make your characters hug or hold hands. That’s annoying. Please change this if you can!!!

    Nilkya Irene Nieves March 21, 2015
    Why the others stores are close can u please open them because I would love to buy some others clothes in the the store that is for rockers, so yeah also dnt put so much clothes to buy with diamonds its really annoying and irritating so yeah Please open some new stores ugh