Fast, colorful, simple, addictive; break brickies and bounce your way to victory.


Amazing game I love this game:) especially when the ball keeps moving back and forth in the middle of the screen. Slowly moving left then right then left then right just burning your time. And I also love the levels were blocks fill the screen but just the middle of it so the top of the screen and the bottom are the only block free spaces and then they start you on the bottom screen and all the powers appear on the top screen, but you can’t get them because you have to hit all the other blocks like a million times. 5/5

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Brickies screenshot
Brickies screenshot
Brickies screenshot

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    Fast, colourful, simple, and addictive, break the brickies and bounce your way to victory.

    Brickies is a fresh take on the classic breakout game, with fast paced levels that will leave you thirsty for more action.
    Use the paddles to launch the ball and unleash a variety of power ups upon the brickies, but don’t worry if you miss the ball!
    In Brickies missing a shot doesn’t mean the game is over, it deactivates the ball until you bounce it again and then you’re back in action!

    Explode, shoot and cut your way through over one hundred levels featuring, action, puzzles and tricky bosses. Unlock new exciting powers as you progress through the levels, beat the timer and collect three stars.
    Earn achievements and compete for the highest score with your friends!

    • Colourful and addictive breakout game
    • Fast paced fun gameplay
    • Over 100 levels to complete
    • Combine power-ups for epic destruction
    • Creative and challenging levels
    • Endless mode for endless action
    • Achievements
    • Colourful and modern graphics

    ‘A twist that least had us saying, “Huh, that’s neat.” …Which doesn’t happen often in the world of brick breakers’ – Touch Arcade

    What’s New

    New IAP to Remove Ads!

    App NameBrickies
    DeveloperNoodlecake Studios Inc
    RequirementsAndroid 2.3.3 and up

    User reviews

    FLORES ZERO September 27, 2016
    I love this game:) especially when the ball keeps moving back and forth in the middle of the screen. Slowly moving left then right then left then right just burning your time. And I also love the levels were blocks fill the screen but just the middle of it so the top of the screen and the bottom are the only block free spaces and then they start you on the bottom screen and all the powers appear on the top screen, but you can’t get them because you have to hit all the other blocks like a million times. 5/5

    florin cristea March 1, 2016
    I’ve been billed twice for removing the ads. Reinstalled the game a few moments ago and to remove the ads I had to pay again. You need to add a restore purchase option (I’m using the same account & same phone that I used the first time). Really… still no answer?! Great job customer support! wow, more than a week and still no answer… Is there anybody out there?

    Kris Rage October 21, 2015
    I have beaten every single pack except for the puzzle pack I have been stuck on level 2 of the puzzle pack for over 3 months now this is ridiculous how do you expect anybody to pass the level with such short time restriction. It’s obviously not my skill because I’d eaten every other level and been stuck on one level for 3 months i feel like you need to change

    Agustin Tashdjian August 30, 2015
    Game is nice, you do have to be lucky on some levels to get passed them in time with 3 stars which I did for all 4 level packs without having to watch an ad for them bonus. The only complaint I have is the endless mode got so hard it’s almost impossible to reach level 15.

    Kristina Guice August 28, 2015
    For some reason all of a sudden I can’t mute ads and the “watch an ad for extra time on a level” option doesn’t work – I watch the ad, then nothing happens. Disappointing. Some of the levels are nearly impossible to beat in the given amount of time. Before this changed it was a 5 star game.

    Joseph Askins October 9, 2015
    If you’re looking at this game, chances are that you’ve played a dozen or so similar games. The difference with this one is that it constantly changes, doesnt lag, and has a clean set up.. Some levels are easy, some medium, some hard, some frustrating. It’s a great game for passing time and hard to put down.

    Marc Russell August 7, 2017
    Frustrating but in a good way. Game is probably one of the best of its kind. The only downside is I can’t find how to pay the developers some well deserved money, except by watching an advert if I choose to increase the timer on a level I failed. I’d pay happily for the game. Another winner from Noodlecake.

    Jenny Bartholomew September 24, 2015
    I personally find the time limits really annoying and would much prefer a much simpler arcade version. However, I do like the design which was one of the main appeals (and what game I thought it would be). Also find the power-ups a bit redundant. Finding a game without them is becoming harder to find.

    Momo Bunnii July 31, 2016
    I watch an ad to get a time extension but it doesn’t work, it just gives me an ad. If you’re going to have this feature, have it work please

    Nathaniel Soule November 11, 2015
    Certain levels make you need specific powerups to beat, making it feel like any skill I have at the game is useless. If time limits better reflected how long it’d take WITHOUT powers, it’d be more effective. Tends to lag during levels with LOTS of bricks. Also, the puzzle levels aren’t really PUZZLES as much as they are just really hard normal levels with no powers (as opposed to, say, starting with a specific power and needing to solve with that; or needing to find the right starting point to solve itself)

    Haseeb Abid August 25, 2015
    The simplistic design, color combination and the game play; all combine to give you a great experience. Too bad there were only a few stages which I have already finished.

    Lakin Ballard May 31, 2016
    It’s a great way to pass the time. And the game is super cute. But the levels only get harder and you need specific things to win. I think the game is a little rigged. The ball almost seems to avoid power ups that would beat levels in time. Short time limits are ridiculous too. Using the time extender helps but you can use it maybe 4 times. You guys need to offer unlimited extended time options or get rid of the time limit. Could be worth 5 stars but you made it far too tedious to really enjoy the game.

    Angel Bingham October 23, 2015
    The game lags in pack 2, level 19 to the point where I don’t even have a chance to properly coordinate the ball with the paddles until about a third of the bricks are already gone. And as you may have guessed, even that is a feat. I’d be lucky if I could even get an eighth of the bricks and the ball NOT turn red. Please fix.

    Patrick Coyle March 11, 2017
    More of a pain than anything. The ball moves so slow causing most of the time to be wasted waiting for the ball to bounce back. The levels are more luck based than anything. When you wait for the level to restart, the unskippable ads are longer than the time they give you on the levels.

    Elizabeth Cember September 7, 2015
    Probably not for the brick breaking purist, but if you enjoy a lot of little gimmicks to enhance your breaking experience you will like this. However, one of the achievements, not using special balls to beat a higher level, doesn’t work. I spent enough time trying for it that it really affected my enjoyment of the game to not get the acknowledgement for finally accomplishing that.

    Joshua Waninger October 12, 2017
    If you want one of the most infuriating, asinine, and talentless games of all time. This is the game for you. At first it seems quaint. With its pop references for achievements. But not long after you are praying to get the control and bomb powerups at the same time so you can proceed to the next level and stop seeing the same ads over and over. The ends of the bumper are less reliable than a politicians word. I kept playing because there’s a lot of experience from the achievements. Really wish I hadn’t. There’s a special place for the programmers of this game.

    Sxnny_x Gaming September 4, 2016
    While the game itself is pretty fun, and having to work at levels is a good way to kill time, it’s just….too buggy? I’m stuck on the very last level of pack 4, and just can’t get past it. The blocks don’t work right, it lags, and power ups seem to disappear faster before I can even get near them. It’s fun and all, but the glitches need to be fixed asap.

    Kim Matheson August 28, 2016
    I downloaded this app a while back and loved it, then I got stuck on level 18 of pack 4, got bored because I couldn’t beat it and deleted it. Now I’m almost to the same point again. Some of these levels are too difficult, and it makes me not want to play anymore.

    Axyzel August 15, 2015
    Really cool idea to use the quote from Majora’s Mask from when you run out of time and the moon falls. I can just imagine a moon squashing all the brickies!

    Marco Antonio Velázquez Ameneyro October 5, 2015
    Some times the ball wont bounce correctly or get stuck between two bricks and you will lose. The hitboxes of the bricks are full of bugs speciqlly the ones on the second to last level of the puzzle pack

    Christy K March 5, 2016
    It’s cute and fun and colorful. Well, the first level was. After that they are timed. And there isn’t enough time, forcing you to watch videos. Not fun. Think again, devs.

    Jade Gamez November 2, 2015
    Great time waster, but a few glitches do present themselves. Ball sometimes stays stuck between blocks, or the half grey, half white block doesn’t work as intended.

    DoubleATam October 4, 2015
    Interesting twist on Breakout, but flawed. For one, the random powerups don’t fit a game that is divided into small timed stages. For two, despite stages technically varying gimmicks, play gets rather repetitive quickly.

    Aitza Feliz August 22, 2015
    I really enjoyed what I played so far, but now I can barely get passed a level because of the short time limit. I only just noticed watching an ad doesn’t continously increase your time either. A time bonus power up would be nice!

    Ambika Parvati August 11, 2016
    The game is really fun, but not all achievements get synced with google play.. don’t wanna miss out on my XP’s!! ?

    Ernesto Elmo Castillo September 30, 2015
    It’s not so fun having to depend on the right power-ups to beat a level. Nonetheless it manages to murder my time. Well done.

    Meredith Valley August 17, 2015
    It is really fun and gives you a challenge but it crashes evry once awhile and goes to the start page. Then you have to find your level again. But it is challenging and fun. I love it and don’t mind the crashes.

    Rishabh Arora August 12, 2015
    Its a fab game to enjoy your free time. In endless mode highest score feature should be added. So that every time we play to set a new record

    Sara Greenburg December 27, 2016
    Fun but if you would click on the watch ad for extra time you would watch it to the end and never get your extratime… Tried like 3 times in a row… ?

    David Traver August 31, 2015
    Too many levels depend purely on which power-ups spawn to beat.As long as you are ok playing over and over and over (and maybe over again) you can advance.The nice soundtrack helps with that, but it is hard to feel that you are actually accomplishing anything.

    Bobby Randolph August 28, 2015
    I enjoyed this game very much. It is fun and great to play when you do not have anything else to do. Also, Brickies is slightly, but not too greatly, challenging.

    Duke KC September 12, 2015
    I has an initial good impression, but you give such little time on stages it’s impossible. Even with the extra time

    Michele Edwards August 18, 2015
    This is a really good game except for the fact that u barely have enough time to finish the level…personally if you’re going to put a time limit on a game,u should at least make it a little longer

    Nathan Saunders November 26, 2015
    It’s a good game but it keeps crashing and causing my galaxy s4 to restart. I love this game and I hope that this issue is fixed soon so I can keep playing it.

    shivani darbari August 14, 2015
    Really like it. But just won’t open at times!! When I click on play, it goes to a page saying – select a level pack, and the page from which the selection is to be made is absolutely blank!!!!

    Chris August 28, 2016
    There are levels that are fun enough, but it’s the levels where your success is fully dictated by getting the right power ups that ruin the game.

    B. Morton December 22, 2015
    There are a few quirky areas where your ball gets stuck and you have to restart that level.

    Bruce Thomson January 10, 2016
    Some ads like wordup just play over again and not progress to game with extra time. Good game otherwise.

    Dolphin Lettuce January 15, 2017
    The ball always gets stuck in the corner and you know what the levels are based on? TIME so while your time is going away your ball is just stuck in the CORNER

    Danny Braunberger February 8, 2016
    I played this app for free and then spent $1 to dissable in app ad’s. After purchase the ad’s still interfere with the game. I want my money back if this is going to continue. Because of the $1 ripoff i rate this game 2⭐. Hopefully this can be resolved. If so i would rate this 5⭐.