Bug Zap

Gun your way through wave after wave of bugs and help smash the insect invasion.


Dede Mayes says I love this game but…… I love to play Bug Zap. The only problem that I have is that I have completed the first level, and the other levels like dessert valley just say that they are coming soon, How do I get to the advanced levels. I can not get past level 21

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Screenshot Bug Zap

Bug Zap screenshot
Bug Zap screenshot
Bug Zap screenshot
Bug Zap screenshot

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    Crash landing on an uncharted planet for Zap has been a bad day. Help him out by gunning through all the waves of enemy bugs coming at him. Purchase bullets for the many different weapons to smash the insect invasion.

    Similar to asteroids you are placed in the middle of the area and tap all over the screen to shoot the bugs before they reach the center. This fast paced one touch input game will get your heart pumping and fingers tapping. Included is amazing in game artwork by the talented Paul Conway at

    • 21 Levels
    • 5 Different weapons
    • Unique enemy bugs
    • Great Art by Paul Conway
    • Ants, Beetles, Wasps, and more
    • New areas and upgrades coming soon.

    This game is still young many more levels, areas, purchases, and updates will be coming soon. Rate it and leave a comment. Send us an e-mail with requests, ideas, or issues.

    What’s New

    Fixed some minor issues
    Minor fix on Ad
    Touch enemies on title screen
    Added animations to purchases
    Added animations and effects to wave won screen
    Opening gun menu pauses game
    Added location decorations
    Added ads
    Bug Zap launched!

    App NameBug Zap
    DeveloperCorv Studios LLC
    RequirementsAndroid 1.5 and up

    User reviews

    Dierdre Mayes June 23, 2014
    I love to play Bug Zap. The only problem that I have is that I have completed the first level, and the other levels like dessert valley just say that they are coming soon, How do I get to the advanced levels. I can not get past level 21

    Chadd Simpson April 21, 2013
    Only half a dozen maps, each one with a couple dozen levels, but all levels are is more insects. There are different types, like potatoe bugs that curl up as shields, or bees that don’t really attack, just interfere. You have to pick up coins the dead bugs drop, so you quickly learn to attack new bugs when you pick up… not really a “levels” game… just more of a one-click endless waves of zapping bugs game. Don’t bother installing.

    Dave Rodenfels May 17, 2013
    It’s a nice time waster, but with only 21 levels and everything else “coming soon”, not enough content.I think this game was pushes to the market a little too early…OMG, release the new content already!!!

    Mike Terry April 24, 2013
    Has all the makings to have been a classic arcade game, had it been released in the 80’s. Seriously, it’s that good, and the gameplay is that memorable and frenzied. It’s one of the best shooters I’ve played on any mobile device, and even though the dev compared the gameplay to Asteroids, it blows Asteroids away in all counts.It’s just plain Outstanding.

    A Google User May 12, 2013
    It’s great if you like simple arcade style shooter games…. Only 21 levels though… Need more worlds soon our I’m uninstalling.

    Donnie Howell July 10, 2014
    Uninstalled within fifteen minutes. The bugs move faster than the game can register my taps. Bullets don’t shoot fast enough. I had to play the first level until I had enough money to buy an upgrade just to attempt the second level… but the gun I bought only had 5 shots. Price doubled to get 5 more.This game is worthless.

    Trent Martinson April 25, 2013
    Great game. Love jammin on it when im bored. New levels need to come soon tho or I’m uninstalling for a game to progress farther.

    Jatin Arora November 21, 2014
    I like it and I hate it

    natalie howard January 17, 2014
    I love the simplicity of this game. Fun, fun, fun!

    Triet Bui Minh April 20, 2013
    But it’s hard to navigate between in game – main menu – exit.

    Verizon Wireless April 13, 2015
    Too much fun, I’m racking up credit for bullets.

    Joe Thompson August 8, 2013
    Bring on the “coming soon” and u get 5 stars.

    Kandela Moreau January 27, 2014

    Allen Halsted December 18, 2013
    Very fun!

    A Google User March 22, 2013
    Excellent app but keeps freezing

    Isaac Matamoros February 15, 2013
    If your looking for a fun game to kill some time on a long bus ride or in between classes this is perfect. Will get you hooked trying to kill all those little f***king bugs ?

    Javi Sauceda February 4, 2013
    1 word : SUPER ADDICTING! Lol Totally worth playing on your down time.

    UnknownFebruary 5, 2013
    Its gets harder and harder by level, plays smoothly on my tablet.

    Jessica Bolaños Vanegas February 5, 2013
    It’d be a tad less nerve racking
    if the bugs would stop while you pick a different weapon. lol

    Alan Covington February 8, 2013
    Easy to pick up but tough to master! Love it!

    Villa Aing February 5, 2013
    Nice update

    Diana Gomez February 3, 2013
    Super fun! Def addicting when you start playing.

    Loary Inclan February 4, 2013
    Super entertaining.Can’t stop playing!

    Salman Sazali April 18, 2013
    Better than n0thin

    Jr Garcia January 22, 2014
    Great game

    Antonella Cox July 23, 2014
    Great game