Cat War

The second war game series of WESTRIVER.


Was hella fun, very feline (lol) it does what it says it does Nothing too out of the ordinary yet it capitalizes on being accessible than most other games in the genre. It’d say in its terms it could be on the same level as the kingdom rush games. Nothing too special yet it’s style captures the word “fun” overall

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Hello, there!
I’m a god of heaven called ‘Catphinx’, and sending you a letter for asking.
These days, the kingdom of cats is suffering from their mortal enemy, the republic of dogs.
Even the soul of dead cat couldn’t show up in heaven. They are hunted for forced labor, and their kittens are offering as a sacrifice to their god.
The kingdom of cats isn’t able to resist with enemy caused they lost kittens also had reached the limit. Sorry for their miserable condition which lost kitten.
Who else knows the winner from cats and dogs?
Before I become a god, I was a cat, but now as a deity, I can’t help them.
Can you help them for me?
Please. I’ll watch your back.

[Introduction]Comic war between cute cat and wicked dog. (The second war game series of WESTRIVER)
The most common pets, cats and dogs… Before the civilization of human the two of kingdom already established their own prior world. However, the more powerful Dogs world assaulted Cats world, finally had suffered the indignity situation that deprived of kittens.

“Please save our kittens!!”

The cat kingdom gathered soldiers to against dog kingdom.
Help with them and save their kittens from wicked dogs.

[How to play]-Train fishercats to gather fishpoint which is their resource.
-Build barracks, workshop, and others to train combat units.
-Upgrading building will increase their unit power.
-Buy heroes and join them in battles
-God spell will be unlocked depends on the game progress.
TIP. Cat War is a strategic combat game. Unit combinations, hero skills timming, use of god spell may change the game result.

[Features]-Very Easy(Tutorial & Training), Easy, Normal, Hard, Hell 5 difficulty 100 stages
-Simple and easy control by clicking and dragging
-Various unit combinations, hero skills, spell of god
-Cute and funny characters

* You can see a gameplay movie clip here.

What’s New

2014.11.16 [V2.5]– Billing bug fix

App NameCat War
RequirementsAndroid 2.3 and up

User reviews

Hōtarō Oreki April 16, 2015
Nothing too out of the ordinary yet it capitalizes on being accessible than most other games in the genre. It’d say in its terms it could be on the same level as the kingdom rush games. Nothing too special yet it’s style captures the word “fun” overall

Jennifer Sgearer February 12, 2016
I wanted a game that compared to cartoon wars considering it always crashes for galaxy. I tried a lot of other apps that didn’t compare. This game does. Starts out easy, continues to get more challenging gradually as you complete levels. It’s relaxing, addictive, cute objective, and who doesn’t love kitty cats?!? Well… besides those dreadful dog owners! (Just kidding). It’s an uncomplicated, arcade style game with strategy and a bonus of great graphics! Not a lot to learn to figure it out!

Victoria Titus April 23, 2016
Wow. Just wow. That huge dog thing was a dead one. Get it? Haha. Cat war really suits me well The kittens where adorable! Love the way there are cats v.s dogs! See you next time!-Victoria Titus.

Muhammad Rollins January 31, 2015
I like a game that’s saysyou can send me over an you you know . That game is so fun i will get this game five stars. who make this game is so lucky.xd,lol,brb, if you get so bad of this game see me my on roblox online player s an men they have cute woman you cancontrol you person my name database

Madre Von Benecke December 28, 2015
Very cute game.It’s a bit difficult sometimes, but it gets better once you get used to it. So far I haven’t really found any problems with it. If you want something to help you pass time, this is a good option.

‘Mr-Leader337 Lord’ December 19, 2014
Welcome to the game cool war cat just kill the enemies well war but so hell the game only well win you finishing to the top of the most important things to do it can be done all beend just enjoy the best way to get the game good luck

SilverRain05 GT November 7, 2016
Although when we just started, we have 1000 gems. But as we go on to the harder level, we need to upgrade things and soon we will run out of gems. When we got victory, we also only received less than 50 gems. So it too hard. As for buying gems, what if it is a child who is playing this game, their parents won’t allow them to waste money on buying gems.

Harvey Brighton May 10, 2016
I was trying to get the game called strike force kitty land I couldn’t find it because its only on friv anyway I downloaded this app started playing and I was like this games awesome I’d reccomend this too other people

William Cape February 21, 2015
Trust me but this game is the best you name it…… But there is a problem….. I hate it when the map i built was not saved and i had to go back from the start but this game is awesome!!

Daniela Rios June 13, 2015
This game is such a great game I like how they put different difficulties. The last one is super hard. It is calledhell level. It was a great game with a nice story line. I hope they add more levels.

Melissa Delgado January 19, 2015
It was, of course, awesome from the beginning. I enter, and I get UFO cats. Who else does crazy awesome stuff like that? I’ll tell you, NO ONE!!! Although I have an over use of cats

Edwina Moore February 20, 2015
I’m not one to comment much, but this game is good. Haven’t really finished it yet, but its good so far. Its a good game to play when board out of your mind…

Fire Fish May 12, 2016
The onley thing bad is that it doesn’thave very good gameplay

Lucas Mohr June 30, 2015
This game isaweso e because u don’t have took pay lots of diamonds u just do a battle and u get some diamonds and its really fun but I don’t understand why they would make cat war 2 but yeah probably because its just so go they made2 but its awesome

Jenna M January 16, 2017
Say free diamonds for email, address and phone. Takes you through several junk pages, forces you to OK their solicitor calls/mails and then when complete, never give out diamonds. Just a way to get your personal info and sell it

Radha Agrawal February 17, 2015
Just dont get exicted by seeing 1000 or more gems just use them properly rest I loved this game and also try the second part if u hve finished the 1st one I want they shuld try to make part 3 also I will be eagerly waiting for that

Kami Carver July 26, 2015
It’s an adorable game, my only complaint is you can’t choose the barracks you want to build you have to build them in order in stead of being able to pick and choose. But it’s still a good time killing game.

Zhara Patricia Bayan October 6, 2015
It was fun at first, but I got bored after several games. But yeah, it’s okay to play if you have time to kill

Meaghan Morris January 1, 2015
I love this sooooo much u get to fight bosses and upgrade your buildings and cats there is alot of pop ups but other than that LOVE it !!! ??

Hartono Sutrisno May 21, 2015
A good game but lacks of amount gems and skills to build.Didnt have description for each unit on barracks.

Jamie Brown January 6, 2015
Its better than cat war 2 on the first level when I completed it it said cheat detected and would not let me go to the next level

linda Tackett February 20, 2015
I think u should get if u like cats and is cool and I like war games kind of like this one but no blood just little souls going u heaven and it is awesome!!!??

Yuki Arts 355 July 8, 2015
Cat war rocks it’s so fun make more till dogs loose in this game they never stop fighting but cats won that’s awesome my kitten plays it

erold lapore February 25, 2015
Its a cool game but it lacks other details like stats of other cats cause i didnt know which one has the highest hp or attack. But overall its an addictive game

Nicholas Godwin February 17, 2015
And I don’t mean cute in the pathetic way. Cute as in will rip your enimies faces off and then curl in your lap purring.

Jesus Lopez June 10, 2016
I enjoyed playing this game,remind of some good games before. Sometimes I got carried away with it and I have to be able to get back in the past.

Lalaine rose Adano September 24, 2016
I has a lack of diamonds I can’t defeat some enemy because my upgrade is not enough to defeat them

DJ StomCom August 15, 2015
That’s it nothing to special if you like games were you tap a lot and do nothing like only upgreding

Russell Peterson Jr March 30, 2016
I’m not the type of player to play games of this 2d tower defence type games but when I seen this is downloaded for my wife and now I can’t believe it’s 2:30 in the morning and I’m still playing plus get gems in game for besting LVLS hell yea shows westriver cares about there players untill I get to higher lvl bosses then I’ll buy gems or grind for an hour download and play 5 stara

UnknownMarch 18, 2017
Its a good game, try it! Plus, there IS a cat wars 2. Over all good game every way!

Christine Wade November 30, 2014
I downloaded this game to keep myself occupied during a 4 hour flight. I play it am the time now and so does my fiancé. Fun and cute!

Jenessa Syhabouth December 3, 2015
Game play gets kinda boring after a little but does keep you occupied.

UnknownApril 19, 2017
Fun game! And time consuming

Morgan Elyzabeth April 3, 2015
I have played this game for so long and the only reason I ever deleted it was because I ran out of storage. It’s absolutely amazing I’d recommend it to anyone

Kender Edouazin November 16, 2014
Just like battle cats but you build buildings and all the hero’s COME from the building and even bosses

Nicole Kyzer March 27, 2015
It’s just…. Fun. Cats are cute warriors and they make meowing noises. Omg I love it

Riley Baker April 24, 2015
It has a lot of strategy in which I love and you have to put the right stuff down but grade the right stuff and it’s hard because certain levels are really hard but stern are not a great game I suggest you should get it.

leidam matriz July 4, 2015
I all ways have 3 stars to all of my fights .thats why ill give you 5 stars

calob monroe February 20, 2016

Bea Ray April 19, 2015
Super edikting(how do you spell edikting) best game ever has some bugs but not much the best bit is that it’s not SUPER difficult. Thank you for reading and thank you for making the game!!!