Commander Pixman

Find your rocket and get the heck out of this place!


8 bit platforming glory Very nicely done.1 min games sounds like an apt name.15 levels in and they aren’t crazy hard (yet).The 3 star awards are a bit over the top.Like the music and that there’s no real time pressure unless you’re one that always needs 3 stars. Good in short bursts.Thanks and keep the updates coming ?

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Screenshot Commander Pixman

Commander Pixman screenshot
Commander Pixman screenshot
Commander Pixman screenshot
Commander Pixman screenshot

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    Retro action-platformer for the Android platform! Fast-paced action, gun with your hands, 135 levels to master, hundreds of enemies to kill and thousands of traps to avoid! Everything is packed with retro style and responsive controls!

    Guide trapped Andrew “Pixman” Blazkowicz to leave the alien base. Destroy every creature, jump over treacherous holes and traps on his way. Find your rocket and get the heck out of there!


    “Lovers of 8bit games, platformers or portals are sure to love every second of Commander Pixman and that’s what makes it worthy of the Editors Choice award!!” – TouchGen

    “Extremely satisfying. Who knew eight seconds could leave you feeling so proud?” – TouchArcade

    “Extremely challenging. Have fun, and prepare to die!” – AndroidRundown

    “Commander Pixman is a neo-retro fan’s delight. The graphics look astounding” – 148apps

    “A solid pick for gamers” – Appspy

    What’s New

    1.1.1 – Fixed crash for users with Android 4.2, Jelly Bean
    1.1 – Bug fixes for control issues.
    1.0 – Initial release

    App NameCommander Pixman
    DeveloperNoodlecake Studios Inc
    RequirementsAndroid 2.2 and up

    User reviews

    Mike Freimanis May 25, 2013
    Very nicely done.1 min games sounds like an apt name.15 levels in and they aren’t crazy hard (yet).The 3 star awards are a bit over the top.Like the music and that there’s no real time pressure unless you’re one that always needs 3 stars. Good in short bursts.Thanks and keep the updates coming ?

    Matt Wilkinson March 20, 2013
    …support for physical buttons. Some of us like to have more precision in our controls, so added support for phones like Xperia Play and other phones with physical buttons / keyboards would be hugely appreciated. It seems like most quality platformers on the Play store already have support for that, it should really be standard for this kind of game. Also a way to turn off the ghosts of your old runs cause that’s a little annoying. Fun stuff though.

    Daniel Pritchard December 16, 2012
    But a good game, love the 8bit graphics and sound has a very nice feel to it. But it’s uber hard and will make you rage, lol. Feels impossible to complete the levels in the time frame. Pro tip, run each level twice, one for speed then one for murder rampage. Last thing… Controls feel a bit sticky sometimes.

    Thomas Sisler November 30, 2012
    Very basic die-and-retry play style. There are few features that can be found in later levels, but the mechanics of this game are good enough that there is no call for gimmicks.I’m thoroughly enjoying it so far. Up to level 20 with the kill ribbon and 2-3 stars on each one.

    Jess Thiesen April 16, 2015
    I love this game! This may just be a bug on lollipop or on the Note 4 but whenever I do something a little bit complicated on this game, it freezes for a moment and then flashes to the end result of my action. Will give 5 stars if this is fixed.

    Stephen Jacques December 8, 2012
    Simple, annoying, addictive! Yet surprisingly fun to play. Perfect execution, clean 8bit GFX and chip sounds add to the ‘one more go’ hook ? Loads of levels to get into and it never becomes boring, plus its FREE!!! There’s stuff on here that you pay for that’s a ripoff, this goes above and beyond those ‘games’ 10/10!!!

    rakesh burdak May 10, 2013
    Game is good and for platform lovers I suggest this game right now. Stages are good and controls are not bad. Pls install it for full enjoy. No game in this world boring all are great. They want our one intersting play. In my tab it hanged when I fall in fire. Pls fix it. Thanks for this game.

    Joseph Boley April 14, 2013
    Commander Pixman is one of the few retro platormers on mobile devices that get it right. The controls are tight, the levels are challenging but fair, and the soundtrack is amazing. The thing I have to stress of this game is the fact the controls are tight.All in all, in my humble opinion, Commander Pixman is one of the best retro platformers there is.

    Thomas Donica December 14, 2014
    A friend of mine has this game, and I jumped in on lvl 75 or something like that.So, some people complain about the learning curve,but I like the puzzle/shooter dichotomy going on here. Great game.

    Andrew Papura June 11, 2014
    it brings back nostalgic 4-bit graphics, fun 2d shooter gameplay & fun challange. the enimies in this game are aliens. It’s also fun to see how fast you can beat a level. but the things that lack are it’s just singleplayer & there’s not that many worlds in the game.

    Ventsi Dimitrov January 27, 2014
    The game is cool. The controls are excellent, and the graphics are so nice, you’re like in an oldschool Nintendo game. Also it’s super hard and challenging! One thing I don’t like – you have to pay for more lives…

    justin Justin November 28, 2013
    The controls in this are the best of any platform I have ever played. The levels are short with different missions, you can unlock the next level just by beating it but then there is also a time challenge and a kill all enemy’s challenge. On top of that there are bonus hidden levels by completing other missions.

    Dustin Ramsey September 22, 2016
    Very basic; move left and right, jump and shoot. This is what people call “old school hard”. You have to be accurate with all jumps and shots. One hit deaths, and no checkpoints (that I’ve seen so far). It’s one of those games that can make you frustrated in that perfect way that makes you wanna keep playing until you win the whole thing.

    Joshua Wojak July 6, 2014
    The game is fun up until a point. Around level 19
    and 20 it becomes a little bit annoying. Try easing into the difficulty

    Lance M October 25, 2015
    I am however unable to play any first blood levels. Any ideas? Everything has been 3 starred and I have all badges and completed all extra levels up to this objective.

    A Google User November 23, 2012
    On a tablet, the controls are too far apart, with no way to move them. This could easily be fixed with an option to move and rearrange the buttons, but this game doesn’t have that, so I can’t even play it. Therefore, 1 star.

    Callum Brown July 15, 2015
    Nice and simple and really like it, but its getting ultra laggy now I’ve got to lvl 75. I want to continue but can’t at the moment, pls fix!!!!! Brilliant game for a challenge, the whole point is that its hard

    Ian Manning March 9, 2013
    Cheap as freak game.I mean I’d understand if it were just tricky,but the has a 180 degree learning curve that’ll come right back around and ruin any dreams you had of completing this game.First few levels,pretty nice.Around the 20th level,holy shoot holy shoot, whats going on?So no,not worth the download.

    MrWitherGuy April 8, 2015
    The only thing is that most of the time the spikes lag you instead of kill you. I’d rather die than lag up so much, seriously. Man, it’s so fun though!

    Taz Anderson December 16, 2012
    Im on lvl 75 and it is stupid annoying and hard. U have to time everything so perfectly. Also, how in the world r u supposed to get 8 seconds on some of these lvls. But other then tht it fun..i guess. O yea and it stupid u die in one hit from EVERY LITTLE THING.

    Gel Dude February 22, 2013
    Great title – tight controls, challenging but fair gameplay. Three starring a level requires a perfect run, which can be frustrating but really adds to the longevity of the game. This gets so much more respect from me than the click-to-win cash shop games.

    Nathan Begovich December 31, 2016
    Great game but what is the “First blood” option? And just fyi the ending cutscene is messed up much.

    Raymond Leveille May 30, 2014
    Great game that you can replay time and time again.It has an ample amount of levels, so that things don’t get monotonous.Have beaten and reset the game to start fresh multiple times.Love it!

    Jasjot Sira August 2, 2014
    I would recommend this to lots of people because the background looks as if it is in space and people like that but it it is really hard and why would you have to pay £0.62 to skip a level?? That’s a lot of money you know!!

    Greg Fiedler July 13, 2015
    A lot of fun because of how difficult it can be.But I click the first blood button and nothing happens. Am I missing something.

    Cameron McKay March 15, 2013
    I’ve beaten this game more times than I can count. And even after you beat it, you still get the chance to perfect your run for bonus levels. LOVE IT.

    Deniz E July 19, 2014
    If you’re a bad gamer (ex: Ian Manning) this game is not for you. Incredibly fun and hard game with unique 8-bit music

    Turd Furgison August 27, 2013
    There’s only one mode for this game and that is HELL MODE no more easy no more veteran no more mercy only the brave only the worthy and only the best can win this game and claim the prize. Keep at it noodlecake studios inc. I like the challenge

    A Google User November 23, 2012
    Beautiful old-school gameplay that is both super cool and kickin’ rad. I wish there was a level editor on it so people could play user levels. Overall, get this game!

    Travis Freeman August 6, 2015
    This game is addictive in that is easy to pick up and play, yet hard to master some of the trickier levels. That’s when you put the game down for awhile and give the game another go. My son who is 6 also loves this game. I hope to find many games like this on the app store as the old school aesthetic really does it for me.

    Noah Bu
    November 15, 2015
    I love this game with its tight gameplay and simplistic yet fun 1980s Atari – esque graphics. It’s pretty funny – I got an alert from Bitcoin Billionaire (another fabulous Noodlecake game) whilst installing it!

    Josh Crawford August 18, 2013
    Definitely the best game I’ve played on android so far. And I’m a heavy gamer. But the graphics and sounds and the overall gameplay are just amazing.

    William Settle November 20, 2013
    I love the game and platform but I have a bit of a lag problem on level 18. When I get to the top at the beginning it completely goes crazy in lag and I automatically die.

    Chris Johnson March 26, 2013
    Game so retro and classic, bla bla bla…” In other words, it’s a bad game. Lame. Boring.

    Elmer Orf March 24, 2013
    The jumping control takes a little getting used to, but the sound track and game itself are great! Thanks for the nostalgia!

    Kelvin Yeung March 16, 2015
    Be wary of its addictiveness. Said addictiveness may have a positive correlation with frustration.

    A. C. November 8, 2014
    Loved it. My only suggestion is that they allow you to turn off the ghosts from your previous runs. It can get confusing and cost you precious time.

    Nick Murray November 12, 2013
    So much fun. Such a well polished game, with controls that are as tight as they can get on a touch screen. However I’m really not sure why everyone thinks that it’s way too hard? I’ve gotten 3 star times and badges on all 135 levels, and the only legitimately difficult achievement was getting a badge on Extra Level 04. Everything else is fine. I hope they add more in the future, including some truly brutal levels.

    Trevor Delaney August 8, 2014
    Pros: Game is good for anyone who likes a challenge, game has many levels and stars + badges to make it more interesting.Cons: The jump button is horribly placed, level 75 lags like crazy for me thus stopping me from completing it, has jumps in difficulty which I didn’t find problematic but I can see why someone might.

    Jacob Padilla April 30, 2015
    You only die when you hit a mine or a laser spices and enimiesjust lag my ga e outplease fix I would like to have a challenge