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Teenager developer alert Wrong spellings like ” Feedbeak ” it must be Feedback and Launch not Luanch, No Game not Not Game. The only question is, are you devs little kids or young people from 18 to 29 years old?! Misunderstooding but ist a great emuletor but do it supports my favorite Sega arcade game Daytona USA 2 or OutRun SP2? Please reply

User Rating: ( 29,356 ratings )

Screenshot Emulator KOBox

Emulator KOBox screenshot
Emulator KOBox screenshot
Emulator KOBox screenshot
Emulator KOBox screenshot

    See Description

    Emulator GameBox change the name to KOBox.

    In this new version,You can play the acrade game with your friends through the Net-Play section!

    KOBox is an all-around game Emulator,support Arcade,GBA,FC-Famicom and SFC-Super Nintendo game for Android phones.By quickly scaning game files (Rom) in your phone ,you can easily play the classic games.

    Perfectly support the classic games like king of the fighters,Cadillacs and Dinosaurs,Street Fighter, Metal Slug,Final Fight,Samurai Shodown,Contra,Super Mario,Oriental Legened Super,Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,Final Fantasy,Dragon Ball Z,Super Robot Wars Rockman and son on.

    Before running the Emulator GameBox,You need to place your own game files onto the SDcard or internal storage.we recommend you to put rom file into the default path:sdcard/VSGamebox/roms,then the KOBox will find the games automatically.KOBox doesn’t provide any unauthorized game files in any form.

    Relive the Classic Games in KOBox’s world,Just Try and Enjoy it!

    -5 different kind of emulator,run fast,great game compatibility
    -Support thousands of Arcade,FC,SFCand GBA roms;
    -Auto-detects games files,easily manage them,displays some arcade games’ cover art and English name;
    -Nice and simple user interface, easy to contol the emulator;
    -FC, SFC and GBA game can save game progress;Save States (with previews) for FC,SFC and GBA game
    -Set Combination of keys for Arcade games;
    -Optimize Virtual On-screen keypad,On-screen multitouch controls,give you smoother game experience;

    What’s New

    1.Performance optimization of Net-Play game
    2.Fix the bug of game button lost
    3.Fix other bugs

    App NameEmulator KOBox
    RequirementsAndroid 2.2 and up

    User reviews

    thai lan October 23, 2014
    Wrong spellings like ” Feedbeak ” it must be Feedback and Launch not Luanch, No Game not Not Game. The only question is, are you devs little kids or young people from 18 to 29 years old?! Misunderstooding but ist a great emuletor but do it supports my favorite Sega arcade game Daytona USA 2 or OutRun SP2? Please reply

    Majid Khan December 14, 2015
    But i cut two stars becouse my frnds are far away to me and i can’t play with them on same wifi network. So please fix it. I am using mobile data not wifi ?

    Jun Tenshi September 8, 2016
    Not working . Can’t understand a thing and it it’s all viruses on your phone. Automatically sends random data to their server. . Report this on Google.

    Ken Millin February 9, 2014
    I’m sure this is very good but I can’t read Japanese so don’t know how I’m supposed to add game’s. I know FC is Famicom (nes) & SFC is Super Famicom (snes) but I still don’t know how to add game’s, having to uninstall due to language issue’s, shame really…

    LittleOwl01 September 2, 2015

    Lanie Fajardo August 24, 2015
    When I get some game can possibly work here,, I already had this kobox but its still empty no games available after dowloading, what should I do to get a game for my kobox? Help me please

    Lee Cosgrove August 14, 2016
    Instantly asked to access my location (why?!), obviously I denied that so it decides to crash!What little of it I did see was ALL in (presumably) a dialect of Japanese – no disrespect but when submitting an app to a global market predominately used by ENGLISH SPEAKING beings, at least have a loosely translated version (using one of thousands of freely available online translation services) for the masses!

    Fûň Føř Ăłľ June 30, 2017
    What app that is amazing thanks for this not a bad app I love it because I play my favorite games on it without use my money or any lost butt I have request now you make a application psp who play all the games like gta fifa wwe and many more please I request you work on it and god bless you.

    Hunter Rasel January 26, 2016
    Plz here installed 2 mame emulator but so many mame game don’t supported if u install on it mame reloaded vertion then we can play every mame game plz fix it then all rate it 5* coz we can play all mame game multiplayer if u install mame reloaded vertion

    Vusumuzi Mkhwanazi August 10, 2014
    Thank you for creating such an awesome gaming platform,it was like a dream wen I downloaded Cadillac and dinasAurs 1 of my favourite all tym classic game and played it through the k.o game box,it deserves a 5 star from me thank u so much guys,it’s excellent,no complains,keep up the great work

    Wesley Black March 16, 2014
    Work’s great and nice design I would like a list of compatible mame roms thought most I download don’t work on it, And for people who don’t know FC is NES and SFC is SNES. I would love to see more emulators and net play for all emulators.

    yogee ndran January 23, 2016

    H.M.Moniruzzaman neer January 15, 2014
    It shows my roms unsupported which I used to play with previous version.. Pls fix this…games doesnt load. Also add the rom download option…

    Cyber Radious November 2, 2015
    You guys crushed my sudden dream of playing ARC and GBA games :/ well if this isnt fix then goodbye 5 Star and Hello Ugly Comments

    Xavier REEVIL September 29, 2015
    is Launch not Luanch , it need more emulators gameboy color ect…, it doesn’t scan my sd card , 100 mo is kinda a lot , and need a cheat enginefor all emulators

    Syed Faizan Gillani November 21, 2015
    I’ve downloaded it but it doesn’t have any built in game.. Now how can i play games which are shown in the screenshots? Please help.. Thanks

    Jairo Narvaez June 4, 2014
    The scan doesn’t find anything on the SD of a note 3, Retroarch works better. Please add a way to add paths or Roms manually

    Nikhil Konvicted July 2, 2014
    I dont think it plays any game tried so many roms but not playing everytime it shows its corrupted thats what it does on my samsung galaxy core.

    cian thompson February 4, 2014
    Why does no game work other that pre installed games. NEEDS MORE DRAGONBALL Z GAMES THAT ARE PLAYABLE AND IN OUR LANGUAGE

    Kyle Johnson February 1, 2016
    Now it just crashes when I try to open

    Naiem Ahmed September 8, 2015
    please change mame for droid emulator in this app. becouse mame for droid don’t support most of the mame rom and don’t support any bootleg mame should use a perfect mame emulator engine like tiger arcade which support all kind of mame rom.

    Jin Fa Xu March 26, 2014
    You need to add fast forward function in gba . Btw Can we play gameboy color in this emulator , if it could it would be perfect . Please please 这个可以玩 gbc 就太好了 ,呵呵 。。。。。。

    Mohamed Ramzi Ghanmi October 6, 2015
    This crappy app won’t even start

    Mzukisi Xhali November 20, 2016
    Plz make it suitable for android 5.1 and higher, now it won’t open on my phone I have uninstall and reinstalled it a dozen times still gives an error

    Jerry Cadigal June 3, 2014
    Please release me let me go for i dont love you any more,,please give me some metal slug x for games

    nathan GQ February 22, 2014
    Love this app until the rom store stopped loading? Pls fix ASAP I’m freaking out

    Parshant Chandaria January 3, 2017
    Check out the door and the Twoxjv Strings I don’t know what hkbvI’ll bight WY I don’t know what to do it again and again I will have the best thing that try to get it right to do that

    Walo Waffles September 3, 2015
    Doesn’t even start up

    Bavuyise Ntlabati December 6, 2015
    Android 5.1,1G RAM but still this thing won’t open…keeps saying it has stopped before it could even open

    Lebogang Gift August 9, 2015
    I can’t get the game I want …it says no game found….poor it’s a waste of data …just remove it from the play store

    Nimrokk Trollscream March 9, 2014
    I dont understand the language.. i wish it has english language option.. these games are the games of my childhood

    Emmanuel III Galleto June 24, 2015
    Im dissapointed.expecting this emu is working. Does not work on mame and gba..only works on snes.

    Carl Jim Boco January 8, 2016
    Pls help

    paul whitehurst February 25, 2015
    download tinygame install pre roms. the games u want. exit applacation and go to ko box .they suddenly appear like magic. uf u sont se nothin at first try puttin into landscape mode.

    Yash Sharma November 8, 2015
    Doesn’t work on lollipop and can anyone tell me the name of the games in screenshot

    Coolguy aman February 18, 2016
    I am able to play only 3 games but in the above pic is shows many games. How to open other games

    Saurabh Ghosh September 20, 2015
    Was working until i upgraded to lollipop, now it crashes each time it is opened.

    irene grace Engasta October 7, 2014
    I downloaded metal slug rom. after I finished it loading on the emulator it say unsupported? need help

    Suresh ShyAmdasani November 8, 2015
    Doesn’t work at all repair it nooooooowwwwwwwwww

    Prakash Mishra December 4, 2015
    It crashes every time i run this app!!! No ran even one time!!! I have moto x play