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Looks nice but not fun or challenging There is no real challenge since to beat each you must die multiple times, each time making your wall a bit far so you know what to do. They way the game works does allow you to beat it any other way due to the nature of the game. It’s becomes tedious and boring

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Screenshot Equinox

Equinox screenshot
Equinox screenshot
Equinox screenshot
Equinox screenshot

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    Equinox – it may seem that it is usually difficult platformer, but if you play it a little longer, you will understand that it is something more.

    ● 28 levels of different complexity;
    ● Addictive gameplay;
    ● The atmosphere that will keep you in suspense throughout the game;
    ● No in-game purchases;
    ● A lot of different objects that do not let you get bored;

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    What’s New

    • Improved performance.
    • Fixed some bugs.

    App NameEquinox
    DeveloperJust Tech Gaming
    RequirementsAndroid 4.0 and up

    User reviews

    John G December 2, 2016
    There is no real challenge since to beat each you must die multiple times, each time making your wall a bit far so you know what to do. They way the game works does allow you to beat it any other way due to the nature of the game. It’s becomes tedious and boring

    nk mrk December 8, 2016
    … extremelly difficult!!!… It seems not much thought has gotten into designing the levels. Each level has to be played many many times in order to pass it, until of course, you get eventually to the one that you’ll get stuck forever… and that will be soon… for me it is level 5! …

    Laurenths Maxairitsas April 1, 2017
    A masterpiece! There should be more games like this one! The controls are not perfect indeed; frustrating at first but, once you get used to them, you can handle it naturally.

    Ramon Alvarez November 26, 2016
    You have to try, I you will see this great game

    Sai Ayyappa November 26, 2016
    Try this for once. It’s worth giving a shot. Loved it.

    UnknownMarch 21, 2017
    Very fuddu game

    Mohammad Mahdi February 21, 2017
    Grate concept.

    Toby Scorer November 29, 2016

    James Willetts December 25, 2016

    Muhammad Mohebi November 23, 2016
    Liked it

    Justin Lu August 12, 2017
    Best game ever

    Pranav Pavithran March 26, 2017

    Touwa Erio June 21, 2016
    There’s a difference between anger and frustration and this game is definitely frustrating. there’s getting angry but to the point where you still want to play but with such sloppy controls and bad button placement it’s hard to keep wanting to play. Not sure how people find joy in playing a game with such bad controls and cheap death traps. I can understand that the game is meant to be hard, but when the game is difficult in terms of control then that really isn’t enjoyable and imo is just unfair.

    Doug Cutrell June 30, 2016
    The control is so limited that the game play is tedious.Anger alone does not make me want to play.The graphics are not rewarding enough to sustain interest in timing of button presses.

    Vitaly Chernushev March 29, 2016
    This game very hard, I broke my phone and now watching videos with my family from Nexus 7! So much fun, try it xD

    Diego F. Ruiz S. June 25, 2016
    The game is excellent and very hard, but this consume too battery. I began to play it with 65% of my battery, after 20 mins my battery was in 46% this was in a SGS5. I hope you can fix it… A lot of users said the same thing.

    Jeffrey Bruck October 15, 2016
    The controls are terrible. I understand the point of game difficulty but when you spend 15 minutes trying to jump on the first platform, there’s a problem.

    M. Rohit April 14, 2016
    It’s very hard and it’s outstanding!! If you are frustrated thenkeep the phone aside and come back later… And it’s been a while to this sort of games!!!

    Lancelot B June 9, 2016
    But I’m not going to quit!!

    Tanya B October 30, 2016
    No instructions, no guidance, just extremely difficult from the start. And then you’re forced to watch videos anyway.

    Rhys Evans October 19, 2016
    Controls are badly positioned. There was no tutorial and no ‘phase’into the harder levels. Just terrible. Don’t bother woth this.

    ajeet singh April 17, 2016
    Addictive… Killing game.. While playing don’t be angry ? ?

    Mohammad Sohail Hasan May 5, 2016
    But i dont understand how to compleat 1stage level 6.

    Rafio urbane Rijoy April 13, 2016
    Man, i have never played something like that! Outstanding!

    Wais prince April 15, 2016
    Y do u need access to my photos

    rokkastorm berzerker May 18, 2016
    Kinda hard. But that’s whats so fun

    Wiskie Sutra September 7, 2016
    Too hard to control.. not as responsive as I’d like

    ſnɹǝuʇɥ ɯoɿɐɹǝs August 24, 2016
    The game it’s very interesting and good, good job.

    Jaylen Thomas November 12, 2016
    Good game. I like hard platforming

    Nishan Pantha April 30, 2016
    Now, this is a unique game. Pretty awesome.

    Ricardus Jesus September 14, 2016
    Best game i have ever seen

    Macho Reus April 19, 2016
    Awesome idea of colour changing

    Thomas Nitin August 21, 2016
    Awesome game for stoners

    Sachin Modi November 1, 2016
    very very good

    Ammar Ahmed April 13, 2016

    Thomas WaterCaster June 18, 2016
    It is very hard, but that is what makes it fun. The game can send you into a rage, so put the phone aside and take a breather. Wonderful game

    Erebus WS April 13, 2016
    Love the concept!The only words i can describe it is a simple game with a unique concept for gameplay

    Byron Reigns May 25, 2016
    felipe Andrés es gay :v

    Se Nit April 24, 2016
    tournaments, PvP,Leaderboard etc.

    gayashan ratnayake May 24, 2016
    Very hard game