Falldown 2 Classic

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Not bad….. It is a great way to pass the time.Works fine on my Vodafone smart ultra 6.If there was one thing that I could change,and that would be to make it more obvious the invisible walls and sides,as there’s not much distinction between the colours apart from the walls and sides slightly thinner.Perhaps a colour change to represent the difference in abilities.Otherwise I would have given 5.Make this so and I will rate 5 stars for you.

User Rating: ( 6,299 ratings )

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From developers of Falldown Classic comes this new addictive game.

Falldown 2 Classic has even faster game play then original game. It has more bonus points and power ups, shifting and collapsing floors.

Use two new touch controls or the traditional tilt controls to race down the maze, dodge power downs that slow your ball and avoid being squeezed at the top.

If you like Falldown Classic then this game is for you!

Falldown Classic is downloaded 7 000 000+ on Android Market and 20 000 000+ on all markets. We just updated it with a lot of new features.

Enjoy these games!

What’s New

Added ball customization.

App Name Falldown 2 Classic
Developer Team 5 Soft
Requirements Android 1.6 and up
Package com.teamsoft.falldown2

User reviews

Dean Marshall December 25, 2016
It is a great way to pass the time.Works fine on my Vodafone smart ultra 6.If there was one thing that I could change,and that would be to make it more obvious the invisible walls and sides,as there’s not much distinction between the colours apart from the walls and sides slightly thinner.Perhaps a colour change to represent the difference in abilities.Otherwise I would have given 5.Make this so and I will rate 5 stars for you.

Diana Tachie-Mensah February 15, 2014
I don’t play this game often because its dumb. I play it when I’m bored. I know a game like this and its better. Its called: Labith Lite. That’s a game you want to play everyday. For those people who like a good game, get Labith Lite. For those people who just want a game to play I don’t know what to do with you. Some of you yes, some of you NOOOOOOOO! If you have a good taste in games, don’t get this game. If you don’t have a good taste in games get it or not.

Mathew Sullivan May 28, 2015
Which is insane, considering its from the team that brought us FallDown on my ancient Blackberry.. I guess I didnt realize how bad it was on blackberry as well LOL. Dont support this horribly amateur game. There are much more professional versions. Team 5 sucks!

Alan Andrade June 16, 2013
Sorry for the low rating but why does apple get all the good stuff? I was playing falldown on my cousins phone and after she left i downloaded this which is not even close to being as fun as hers. ?

Antonio Abreu April 19, 2017
I used to play this game a few years back during my commute, it was great. They changed the graphics for much worst, controls are awful and unplayable and there’s only one game mode. What a shame.

Brandon Baze October 6, 2013
The game is simple and addicting and overall works well. It holds my top high score but it doesn’t keep track of my second or third and it would be nice to be able to unlock additional background or rail or ball colors. Every once in a while the power ups simp ly do nothing as well.

Erin Smith November 23, 2014
I downloaded this as a game to pass some time and now im completely addicted! However would be better if you could add your own image background and a few more ball designes. Over all worth a down load.

Christina Jones July 1, 2013
Ive got a samsung galaxy note 10.1, and I have to change the settings to either touch or swipe the get the ball moving. Its does not work in tilt mode, the other settings are not as sensitive as the tilt so game get annoying. A fix for this would be nice. Wont play again until fixed.

Alice Zamarripa April 28, 2015
Its great to play if your bored or have nothing else to do. I usually pass my ph back n fourth w my son to see who gets the higher score..never had any issues w it.

jm dela vega June 3, 2014
Seriously how could release a game like this to access the side portal you need the “Pause-like” powerup, and the controls are really slow-responsive, I am not a mean commentor and as soon as you fix this expect a big 5 star rating from me or from everyone else who’s playing your game Thank YOU!

Akash Kapoor June 17, 2013
The game crashes after you hit “Play”. An update should’ve come out the day of this issue but I’ve had this bug for a few days now. It’s a fun game on my Mom’s iPhone, but its unplayable on my Nexus.

Matthew Castro February 9, 2014
Probably the worst made game I’ve played. I just played the ios version. No comparison. Disappointing really.. I wish more games were developed to the quality of games like super hexagon

Tom Barnes May 31, 2013
Was so looking forward to this as used to play on iOS. The graphics are fine but the game play is far to jittery. Running on Nexus 4 which I would have thought capable. Would love the game if it would run smoothly.

David Klein June 26, 2013
Not fun. Annoying. As the ball drops the board just speeds up keeping you at the same level or behind…. What’s the point?

Dylan Merry July 15, 2013
I was looking for regular fallout 2 but I got classic.Apparently droids don’t get the regular.Anyways, tilt controls are a bit delayed.Good enough for passing time if you’re willing to get angry.

Rick Malher June 12, 2013
The movement is very jerky and it is not my tablet every other app runs fine.I would not recommend this app. Sorry guys

Dara Furi June 17, 2013
I play this on my Iphone and it is amazingly smooth and fun! On the android version, its waayy to jittery, it is waayy to hard to control the ball… and it loses all the fun in the game! Get the game at your own risk!

Dustin Reimer January 9, 2015
It feels like it lags every time you fall, also you cant tell if the ball rolls or slides, still fun but it feels slower and sloppy. If it was smoother I would rate it better.

Mr Samsung January 18, 2015
First i hated it.But now i love it so except that the universe background dosent even look like the universe its just some blue dots and u call that the universe.but on the other hand i do like it very much

Haseeb Mateen December 16, 2014
I like nthis because I like play with balls and they give you 5 or 10 extra points.

v S June 19, 2013
Poxy stupid silly annoying addictive game!!! I love it, its simply addictive, nice to being able to customize. Oh I will just have one more go lol

Morgan McIver July 11, 2013
I play this game all retry the time when I’m bored. It’s not the greatest game ever but I mean it’s something do. If you don’t know what to do.So hey

Eric Molina April 22, 2014
This game is awesome it is the best im good at it and my score is 879 its fun the whole olanet should try it if you suck youll get better at it just try your best and get a new highscore like 879 or morejust play it youll like it!good luck!peace

Javier Elkin June 27, 2013
Good game, simple and light, non invasive however strange decision to have the points counter to be how many lines disappear at the top rather than where you fall onto and also that your 3rd high score is ALWAYS the last attempt

Isaac Lucero May 2, 2016
I could barely even move and when I could it would lagg mid fall and freeze up for a second, definitely a knock off of the real game.

Mitchell Beaudin June 11, 2013
I like the fall down on the iPod touch more because it don’t lag at all. I have a nexus 7 so the game should not lag at all but it still does and that needs to be fixed so the game runs smoother. Its a good android experience even if it is copied off the real iOS version.

Sumaiya Rahman June 14, 2014
It’s such a good game it can challenge you at a point so you better watch out. This is a feisty one:)

dftf October 2, 2015
Very addictive little game. However as the points you earn can vary depending on the random placement of bonus coins it’s not really one you’ll keep coming back to as it’s more pot-luck than skill. Love to see a future version with set level designs and tasks to do in them like collecting all one colour while avoiding others.

Gamex Simmonds June 15, 2013
This game is so trebb,it really addicting and everyone should buy it because it’s free just uh you know yeah the objective of the game is to just get the ball to the bottom of the screen and keep it there and keep it from getting to the top or else its game over So good

Erica Romo June 24, 2013
this is a really cool app I beated my friends high score its very challenging tho..but i gone reall far! ?

Arjun Thakkar July 7, 2013
Very laggy. Ios is a lot better they have a money system it doesn’t lag and just fine better overall

Andre Acevedo April 4, 2015
The ball is so terrible so is the game the first version. Is better than this stupid game so don’t download. This stupid game

Renn Morreaux June 13, 2013
Its a great time waster. There are no levels, no annoying music and it doesn’t frustrate me like other games I’ve played.

NY Fuzz July 6, 2013
It’s quite fun to use features like tilt and swipe but when playing for performance, touching left/right won’t always respond immediately.

David Lopez February 24, 2015

Michael Curtis January 11, 2014
The slow down power up completely breaks the game it is often unavoidable yet if you get it you have no chance of escaping half the time. Also the high score board keeps deleting scores, according to the game my third highest ever score is zero.

Sarah Pritchett July 16, 2013
This game was hard to play, impossible to get more than like two on. I don’t like it. I my pay just not know how to play it but it annoys me

Amaya Mothershed March 12, 2014
The Only Reason Why I Don’t Like This Game Is Because It Doesn’t Download Fast Enough It Takes About 20-30 Mins That’s Soooo Irritating…But Other Than That I Like The Game…Please Fix The Downloading Process Or I Won’t Play Or Rate This Game At All !!

UnknownJune 16, 2013
Controls are poor, tilt does not work. Unplayable.

Aqsa Riaz January 3, 2014
It is very good and really awesome fun!It isn’t better than the last version though!The last version was more fun but this one is more addictive!It is no more or no less than any other game!♥♡♥!


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