Falldown Multiball

A simple and addictive game with realistic physics


Why Why did i install… not for me… took longer to uninstall then took to realize it SUCKS. GAVE 3 stars cause thats my opinion.Ooh ya and if you read one of the reviews that say ” This is the best game ever” they have no live

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Screenshot Falldown Multiball

Falldown Multiball screenshot
Falldown Multiball screenshot
Falldown Multiball screenshot
Falldown Multiball screenshot

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    Falldown Multiball is a simple and addictive game. Tilt you device to control the ball. Fall through the holes to score points. Don’t let the ball touch the top of the screen. Collect more balls to score more points!


    – Realistic physics
    – Multiball bonus
    – 3 themes with different balls and bounce effects
    – Local High Scores
    – Global High Scores

    Keywords: fall down game multiball drop ball addictive addicting fun accelerometer andengine scoreloop highscore score

    What’s New

    Bug fix in the tilt (for tablets and landscape devices)

    App NameFalldown Multiball
    DeveloperAndroid Gameplay
    RequirementsAndroid 1.6 and up

    User reviews

    A Google User July 7, 2012
    Why did i install… not for me… took longer to uninstall then took to realize it SUCKS. GAVE 3 stars cause thats my opinion.Ooh ya and if you read one of the reviews that say ” This is the best game ever” they have no live

    A Google User October 13, 2012
    Its cool haha. I just woke up on a sunday and i’m usually lathargic half ov the day. This made me so active, it was so fast. So much for coffee… Lool…

    A Google User August 21, 2012
    It Cant Get Anyy Better Than This! THIS Could Be One Of The Most Fun And Addictive Games I Habe Ever Played In My Entire LIFE!! If Your Reading This Dont Think Twice Just Download It!!!

    A Google User November 8, 2015
    When I tilt my phone nothing happens so I end up dying in 2 seconds. Do not download is a waste of rime.

    A Google User October 22, 2012
    This game is so great I bought the full version so I could have different type balls in the same game.

    rasheed dillu September 18, 2013
    When am so bored this game is my best substitute for over coming stress……its so awesome !

    Patricia Jackson March 17, 2013
    This is a fun game to play I like it. I showed my daughter the game and she haven put it down yet.

    Marcelo Cdn March 27, 2016
    The perfect enemy of boredom. Take off one star because can’t submit my scores.

    Alan Metcalfe December 19, 2012
    Game plays well but trying to upgrade to pro, even when it is priced in £’s, the play store asks for card details when in credit as you can’t pay a $ price.

    A Google User October 7, 2012
    Can’t get enough of this game!!!! Download asap!!!! You wont regret it.

    A Google User September 4, 2012
    100% Perfect App ? But icnt make it past 7000 it gets Harder around there,Im tryna make it to 10000

    A Google User November 3, 2012
    This is a great game to play when you are bored. It is very responsive and you can submit your scores! I recommend this game definitely!

    feben mekonnen January 5, 2013
    Best game ever so addictive and a great way to pass time. I love it

    Desiree goll May 27, 2015
    Would give 5 stars if it saved the high score, great fun but I like to beat my own score and compete with my daughter not as much without that option. Fix that and I’ll give it 5 stars

    Jay Ferm March 21, 2015
    Tilt mechanism is not intuitive.

    A Google User August 16, 2012
    Omg soooo addictive download asap everyone. HTC Wildfire S

    Vishwa N July 26, 2013
    chhhhhhhhhoooooo sweet….

    Deanne Andrezze June 20, 2014
    There should be more than just 3 versions to play on if you dont pay for it and the controls are kind of hard but besides that i love it

    A Google User August 14, 2012
    This game is funn. But it would be funner if they had one that was totally free with the diffrent balls like this one cause some of us don’t have money to pay for it so ya should do a tatally free like they have other games

    A Google User November 25, 2012
    I like it, i mean its very challenging and it keeps you ocupied for a limited amount of time. once u loose u would want to keep trying.:))

    A Google User July 8, 2012
    Force closes, very disappointed. Ive had it on my phone before…. Very gd. now it doesnt work ? :-(pls pls fix!

    Jerry Mullins December 30, 2015
    Hard to put game down. Made me late to work one day.

    A Google User August 26, 2012
    Terrible. Every time I select the theme it crashes.

    A Google User July 4, 2012
    Not working on my Sony xperia X8 since last update ?

    Veronica Lang July 26, 2013
    P,o,s,+- wouldn’t even open, flashed the start screen once and then nothing, uninstall waste of time

    John Pyles July 4, 2014
    Simply a fun mindless game. Fun to challenge the kids for the high score

    Alondra Hernandez February 10, 2015
    Just got game and can’t get off of it very very very addicting love it keep making more games

    A Google User October 30, 2012
    It is so boring omg. Worst game ever

    Brittney Hunter June 24, 2013
    I cant stop playing sooooooo sleepy

    A Google User July 2, 2012
    Too cool adrenaline kicks in when speed picks up

    Jasmine Fuentes December 14, 2012
    Omg I got addicted to this game ? hah

    David Jeremy Ang May 31, 2014
    This game is awesome cool in fall down but multi yeah

    A Google User February 24, 2013
    Now this’s a good game! In fact it’s the best fall game I’ve found! Awesome free & the extra themes are well worth the price

    Qeery zeng December 2, 2012

    A Google User July 8, 2012
    Really awesome game to kill time. Good game play.

    A Google User September 8, 2012
    Better then the original but only let down is the amount of themes in the free version.

    A Google User July 14, 2012
    Works fine till you pick a theme then closes please fix… ericcson x8

    A Google User July 4, 2012
    I can’t stop playing but the speed is too fast. Uninstalled.

    A Google User August 26, 2012
    Pretty cool game. Wore my arms out the fourth time I did it. Great arm exercise and fun ,too. WOW.

    A Google User August 16, 2012
    Uh it’s completely useful if bored it could use a bit more material overall I love this game