Flower House

What will happen if you try to interbreed a Rose and an Iris?


I love this game, but WTH! Someone needs to explain to me what’s up with moving from level 4 seeds to level 5 seeds.How is it an improvement to go from making 8 seeds in an hour for 20 drops of nectar (2 half-hour sessions at 10 drops each) to making 5 seeds in an hour for 15 drops of nectar, and at the hard-earned cost of 10,000 coins.I’m already waaayyy behind on making seeds.How could waiting an extra half hour for 1 seed instead of 4 possibly be an improvement? NOT happy!

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Flower House screenshot
Flower House screenshot
Flower House screenshot
Flower House screenshot

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    What will happen if you try to interbreed a Rose and an Iris? What would a Jasmine Orchid look like? The Flower House game gives you a unique opportunity to create the most weird and wonderful flower hybrids. Here you can become a florist and a designer, here you can create your own window sill filled with flowers, grow exotic flowers, create colorful bouquets and gift them to your friends!

    You will meet various characters who require your help. Each flower you grow will open new stories to you – some funny, some romantic, and some quite intriguing. Get away from the buzz and fuss of the big city: find good neighbors, visit them and help each other grow new amazing plants!

    ✔ 139 unusual flowers you will never find in the real world
    ✔ 10 characters with their own tempers and life stories
    ✔ Trips to various places: a modern city, cozy suburbs, a sunny tropical island and mysterious Japan
    ✔ Various flowerpots, statuettes and posts which enable you to create a unique interior
    ✔ Ability to create colorful bouquets which you can gift to your friends in the game
    ✔ A flower stand where you can sell the flowers you grew
    ✔ Nice and relaxing music
    ✔ This game works in offline mode without Internet – play it on the plane, in subway or on the road. Enjoy!

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    What’s New

    Our game is one year old and we’d like to give out some presents! Enter the game daily for more pleasant surprises:
    – Accelerated Nectar replenishment
    – Great discounts in our game shop
    – A chance to get more Mood points and experience when you grow flowers and when they bloom
    – A fair with unique chests and amulets
    – Flower weekends
    Every day has something new in store. Mark, Miranda, Monsieur Buffon, Doctor Plant, Jessica and many others are waiting for you in the game!
    Happy birthday!

    App NameFlower House
    DeveloperGame Insight Classics
    RequirementsAndroid 4.0 and up

    User reviews

    Danyka Lewis May 2, 2015
    Someone needs to explain to me what’s up with moving from level 4 seeds to level 5 seeds.How is it an improvement to go from making 8 seeds in an hour for 20 drops of nectar (2 half-hour sessions at 10 drops each) to making 5 seeds in an hour for 15 drops of nectar, and at the hard-earned cost of 10,000 coins.I’m already waaayyy behind on making seeds.How could waiting an extra half hour for 1 seed instead of 4 possibly be an improvement? NOT happy!

    Maime Schemenauer January 11, 2017
    It’s a very nice and relaxing game to play, you can get to be addicted. I love all the different flower Creations that I can make.The only thing I don’t like about it is that you have to buy the Hawaiian theme. I was always under the impression that once I reached level 22 I could get it but I still had to pay 19.99 for it. I’ve learned that patience is the key to this game. I have only bought one window and I will buy nothing else because everything else is so expensive. Please make more flowers so more creations can be made. thank you

    ioana209 October 18, 2015
    Great game, playing since a year to level 42, but it takes over 10 min to open and now can’t open at all, loads to 60% and stops at “wiping leaves”. Please fix. EDIT: It is working! I went to settings, cleared cache and data of the game, it started all from the beginning, after a few levels (must be online!) I had a pop up asking if I want load my saved progress… back in the game, works perfect. Thanks! 5 stars.

    Hallie Martin April 30, 2016
    Nectar reload is too slow, best pots cost too many gems and the adds for free gems don’t work. I’ve done several times the surveys,the extra games and I don’t receive the gems afterwards. Also no where can I leave a message for a neighbor that I’ve watered the pots for them, or to request a specific item that they have extra of and could donate so i can complete a collection

    Rachel Oliver September 3, 2016
    I’ve just found this game after losing all of my previous progress. I’m ecstatic at finding it because I love it!!! Meanwhile the money I spent(nearly a hundred dollars, all in!) when the game first came out is lost, as the app doesn’t seem to remember me. Still a five star game, just smarts a little is all. Like my hand got slapped but it was worth it for the cookies.

    E Griff January 27, 2016
    The game itself has merit and can be fun but it’s set up in a way that in order to truly play you have to spend money. The price of water is way to high to really sit down and enjoy the game for any longer than 10 minutes.Basically it’s a good game if you want to spend real cash.If you don’t then look to spend a few moments here and there and you really can’t get into it.

    Shauna Edinger May 20, 2016
    Very fun andunique game! I play on my Samsung Galaxy cellphone and haven’t had any game playing problems at all. I do wish I cld play on my iPad but game closes as soon as I try to open the app. I contacted support for the app and was told no time frame for problems to be fixed and to pick another one of thegames that they have to play! So I guess I’m just playing this game on my cell for awhile! ?

    Daisy Dinsdale August 16, 2017
    Thank you for a GREAT game. Creating, growing, making bouquets for friends and giving gifts. What a GREAT concept. My only problem is the more I progress, the longer it takes to open the game. Even restarted game, then upgraded my tablet with no improvement. Still will play every day even if I must wait to start. Thanks!

    Jelita G January 27, 2016
    Its easy and relax game and the flowers beautiful. Many flower i don’t know before. But i want to ask something.Now i level 19 and i unlock 2 place with pot level 12. When i visit my neighbour at below or same level with me there is a beautiful flower they have but i don’t have it. I see their pot level its still not level 12 yet but why they have this beautiful flower and i don’t ? Is it because i jump to pot level 12 and don’t buy lower pot level ? Thankyou..

    Dua Özbilenler February 7, 2016
    I’ve been playing this game for a long time now and still loving it. It’s one of the most free to play friendly games I’ve ever seen on Android. Customer support is kind and helpful. Ads pop up less often now, so thanks for that. Hope you guys keep maintaining the game and add new content over time.

    siti amira syarina mohd kasim August 5, 2015
    Im in level 37 right now however no task or assignment is given to complete..i like the game soo much and the assignment given motivate me to play often.. and i also didnt get the daily bonus despite opening the game everyday.. please2 fix this and add more assignment.. thank u to the team for developing this really great game.. thumbs up!

    Kid Yo! April 30, 2015
    Hi, l love this game, but i still have the same issues. I have 16 friend requests from my fb notification, but I can’t see any of it once I clicked from fb notif. then the apps opened. Please sort out the number of flowers created from largest to smallest number of flower created by the users.

    Xi En July 2, 2017
    I’ve been cutting hyacinths, and yet all of the cuttings disappeared​. I did not do anything to them, I just cut them and they disappeared. There was a quest to cut hyacinths thrice, but every time I reach more than one my progress vanishes. Same goes for the other quest to cut irises five times. Could you please fix this bugs? The game is good otherwise though…

    Kirstine martin April 8, 2016
    I have really gotten into playing this game it’s pretty addicting . I don’t have any problems with regards to not being able to open the game as for me it’s loaded every time i turn it on. The only problem I have is that when i try to buy coins or diamonds it won’t come up with the screen to put in my google password. If that was fixed then in my eyes the game would be perfect.

    Brandy Divine September 6, 2016
    I love this game and check on it multiple times a day, HOWEVER, the makers have failed (in my opinion), for there to be better organization within the seed and flower inventory, and the mood points given for you to go into your neighbors game and collect. Having to figure out which neighbor you just got mood points from, when you have a big list, is too time consuming, and I rarely visit them because of that. Also, there needs to be “challenges.” That’s one of my favorite parts to the game.

    susan fann August 25, 2015
    For some reason it logged out of my Facebook and when I was able to log back in (after level 5) all my money was missing. I have contacted customer support multiple times and they keep telling me the problem is fixed but I never get my money back. Saying they will return it means nothing until they actually do it.

    Vanessa Layton June 27, 2015
    This is a really good game. It is easily playable without spending any real money as long as you are patient.My only complaint (hence not scoring it a 5) is that the only friends I am able to invite appear all to be Russian. Please change this and make it easier to invite friends from worldwide.

    Kitty Owens November 16, 2015
    This game is…was very fun. After a couple days it started freezing every couple minutes…of not more. I have to force close the app through app settings to get it unfroze. EDIT: its got worse.Freezes after the first tap. Unplayable now: (

    Dianna Pearson May 2, 2015
    I rate 2 stars because of my earliest review I had to start over which I REALLY hate doing! I also do not like ads popping up every few seconds! The game freezes every few seconds as well! Wish i could give more stars! After logging in this morning, I’ve lost all 12,000+ coins, 40+ gems! I was level 10 and now I’m 1! EVERYTHING GONE!!!! I even update this app, uninstalled and installed again to no avail!!!! GONE!!! Guess I’ll permanently uninstall, I refuse to start over!!

    Developer Game Insight Classics February 10, 2015 Please contact our support team for recovery of losses

    Shay baby December 13, 2016
    I like the graphics and all but the only thing is,is that there should be a way I can play more,as far as not having to use my gems for everything the coins can’t buy. I can’t earn any gems and I’ve taken all the surveys and all but I still don’t see any gems.

    Kaleigh Civis July 12, 2015
    I love the concept but I feel I’m ALWAYS short on nectar and gold. Also too much dependant on having friends to unlock shop items. Lastly WAY TOO MANY POP UPS. Not even ads, every few minutes I get pop ups for promotions in game trying to get me to buy cash currency. It so annoying!

    eka malta April 13, 2017
    I really like the concept and ideas behind this game. The graphics were really pleasant. BUT, it really hard to making any progress without pay some amounts of money. Every pots and seeds are really expensive. You need to spend a lot of gems and coin and before you know it you used all of them. The task rewarded some coins and gems but it wasn’t equivalent with the amount that we have to spend.

    April Shaver April 29, 2015
    I enjoy growing and the hybridizationprocess.It’s always exciting to see the new combinations.The only thing I would change would be if some of the specialty items necessary for collections and bouquets could be purchased with coins instead of jewels.

    shelina hwang January 6, 2017
    1. When is the daily cut off time? I didn’t receive any of my daily bonus even I am entitled as VIP 2.2. We use to have 1 gem collection after watching the clip as provided.Where is the function now??

    Alice Smith May 27, 2015
    I would certainly recommend playing this game because,so far,I have had no glitches, there are not many adverts and the game story is sweet and wonderful. My only complaint is that in the game,if you are not on face book,you can not make friends or neighbors.

    Kathy Shapiola May 8, 2015
    I play this game everyday and as with any game it can have its issues but EVERYtime I had a problem the company worked to resolve it and in a timely manner. I will keep playing this game and still to this day love it. Great work everyone!!?? ?

    Zero Mode June 12, 2016
    Very zen, only complaint is repeatedly crashes.. not sure if it’s just offline mode.Mainly happens when a flower blooms / quest for tutorial is completed.Please fix for 5 stars:)

    Beth Ayres March 17, 2017
    I’m disappointed that this game has cheated me out of gems I earned watching the vidoes. I’m probably owed about 20 gems that haven’t come through even though I watched the vidoes to the end.The game itself is fun , but the app needs work

    Alona Noneofyourbusiness July 4, 2015
    only reason it has 4 stars is you forced us to spend gems in tutorial by freezing timers……but it’s a great game!! similar to plant tycoon but you can have more than one “room” for flowers……i LOVE the hybrids

    Sweet Pea July 2, 2016
    The game is interesting, the graphics are superb. It is fun, when you play. Problem is you play for like five minutes before you have to wait an age again for nectar to replenish, seeds to mill, flowers to grow and make money. This is a neat game except for the fact stuff is too expensive and the various waiting periods are too long.

    Shirin S Singh April 29, 2015
    Love the game but what is going on?It turns one year old and it stops running. First it takes forever to load and when it reaches 100% it shuts down on its own and I’m returned to the home screen on my phone. What is going on

    Tammy Cooper February 12, 2016
    I just now bought gems, took my money but didn’t give me gems then immediately offered same deal with 10 free gems, won’t let me enter to try purchase, please refund or add my gems to account

    Mayet B March 2, 2016
    It takes a long time for flowers to grow and to be able to do things unless you purchase gems and coins :-(Just Uninstalled the game.Tired of waiting for flowers to bloom and tired of the buy coins or gems box popping up whenever I try to do something.You can’t do anything besides wait for flowers to bloom unless you put real money into this game.Not worth it.

    Becca Reedy January 24, 2017
    I liked this up until I went to dooffers for in game currency.Half a day later,still nothing. I have decided to just delete the game. It’s full of ads and pop-ups asking you to buy in game currency,but do not honor the offers for the free currency.

    shubhasis banerjee May 22, 2015
    It very nice game . everyone should download it. Its amazing. Is wonderful. Whoever say its bad or give one star don’t trust them and install it. Its beautiful as well as interesting . who ever made this game is creative. Believe me. Thanks for making this game. I’m grateful. Thank-you

    Natoya Giddings October 12, 2016
    I love this game and I am very addicted to it. The only problem is the loading time. On start up the game takes about 2 and a half minutes to load and always freezes at 60%. Plz fix this issue. I also wish we got more coins for completing tasks.

    Jo warburton February 15, 2017
    At the moment i’m loving the game, but why don’t i get my daily bonus?I’ve played this game every day too. Plus why is everything so expensive??You need to up the reward payout for doing the asignments.

    Flamingokacky July 29, 2016
    In order to grow flowers, an incredibly huge amount of nectar is needed. Nectar is bought with gems. Gems are expensive to buy with real money, but can be earned by watching vids. However, gems don’t always register & vids are limited, so you’ll have to wait a while before watching more vids to earn more gems to buy more nectar to grow more flowers. After several attemps, tech support-finally!-fixed problems. Don’t even bother with surveys to earn gems. They’re all scams. No gems, but lotsa spam emails!

    Paula McMurrin December 29, 2016
    These are very beautiful graphics and so realistic. It is addicting and motivational. However, I am having an issue where my progress is sometimes lost for awhile and I am playing two different games. My progress is lost and then after playing for awhile I am asked if I want to reload my progress. This is very confusing and frustrating. Please fix. My game is updated on my Samsung Galaxy S5. Thanx.

    Clayton Clark August 25, 2015
    The game played well until recently then all of a sudden the game won’t log in to daily bonus won’t let me add new friends and keeps saying there is suspicious activity on my account why please fix it